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Report Card, Starting Pitchers, Top Half

The report card on starting pitchers at the upper levels. Next up: Starting pitchers at Lakewood, Williamsport and the GCL on Thursday or Friday.

Lehigh Valley

Adam Morgan, 23, Phils 3rd round pick in 2011 draft; 16 starts; 2-7 with a 4.04ERA; 71.1IP 84H 26BB 49K; 10HR allowed; 0.73 GO/AO; .296 opp. avg., .284 vs. LH; .300 vs. RH, .266 with RISP; 3.3BB/6.2K per 9; 1.54 WHIP; Since Aug 1: 1-2 with a a3.18 ERA in 6 starts. A disappointing year for Morgan who spent a good portion of it on the DL with shoulder issues. When he came back, his ERA was good but he was pitching in and out of trouble in each start never lasting more than 5 innings.  I am concerned that he was still hurt at the end of the year. Grade: D+; 2014: Lehigh Valley rotation; Prospect Ranking: 8

David Buchanan, 23, Phils 7th round pick in 2010 draft; 28 starts between Reading and Lehigh Valley; 10-13 with a 4.40ERA; 169.2IP 178H 53BB 108K; 1.10GO/AO; .274 opp. avg; 1.36 WHIP; 2.8BB/5.7K per 9; In 6 starts with Lehigh Valley: 4-2 with a 3.00ERA; 1.23 WHIP; and .250 opp. avg. Buchanan really opened some eyes during his call up to Lehigh Valley at the end of the year pitching very well with a lot of innings already on his arm this year.  Coming back from a significant injury in 2012, Buchanan substantially raised his profile with his final month of the season.  Grade: B; 2014: Lehigh Valley rotation and a 40 man roster spot; Prospect Ranking: 38 Continue reading Report Card, Starting Pitchers, Top Half

General Discussion – Week of 9-16-2013

The young guys have looked pretty good with the big club, especially Cody Asche. I was out at the game Saturday in DC and he made a tough play and a good throw home with the bases loaded. His defense certainly passes the eye test for now, though if I were to identify a potential problem right now, I’d say he leaves a lot of throws low. Anyone else notice this? Could be just me, and really, better to leave your 1B with a chance to pick a ball than sail one five feet over his head.

BJ Rosenberg touched 96 on the stadium gun that same night, (might have been the same inning), and his off-speed stuff has been working since his most recent recall from AAA. He’s looking like the guy people hoped he might become before injuries slowed him down a few years back. Also, tomorrow is his 28th birthday. So good for him or whatever.


Top 30 Accountability: 6 – 10

This is a retrospective back on the Top 30 prospects list I wrote before the start of the season.  My opinion is that anyone who puts their opinion out there should be accountable for that opinion, in this case rather than just ask whether I was right or wrong, but more why was it right or wrong.  The goal is to explore things in the development of a prospect that can point to growth or regression.  Additionally just because a prospect fails to live up to or exceeds expectations does it mean the base analysis was wrong when it was written.

When I wrote up the Top 30 I had Biddle and Morgan in their own tier followed by Quinn and then a bunch of names you could have argued in any order.  In that scenario I find the ranking to not provide a lot of information, because at the time the difference between 3 and 7, and as far down to Tocci at 10 was miniscule.  It is the problem with doing a numerical ranking is that you create an artificial hierarchy where none exists.  So the emphasis is much more on the reports and analysis than the order in which the names appear.  As always the initial list can be found here https://phuturephillies.com/top-30-prospects/mattwinks-top-30/2013-top-30/

10. Shane Watson

Watson is very polished with two plus pitches and an average changeup under development.  He should easily handle a full season assignment and could move quickly through the system.  Watson’s limited debut due to diabetes should be behind him and he impressed in instructs.  With a good year Watson could be near the top of this list. Continue reading Top 30 Accountability: 6 – 10