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Report Card, Outfielders–Lower Half

The report card on all outfielders who finished the year at Lakewood, Williamsport or the GCL. A reminder that grades are based on pre-season expectations against that same individual player, NOT against each other. Next up will be starting pitchers (Lehigh Valley, Reading and Clearwater)


Carlos Tocci, 18, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .209/.261/.249 in 421 AB’s; 0HR 26RBI; 6/13 SB; .223 vs. LHP; .203 vs. RHP; .227 with RISP; .169 since Aug 1; 5%BB/17% K rate; 117 games in the OF with 4 errors (.987); 10 OF assists; Tocci played with guys 2-3 years older than him and mostly held his own, especially in the field where he is an excellent outfielder. He has the build of a 17 year old and was wholly without power this year.  His production dwindled further as the year went on and the “grind” wore him down. Grade: C; Tocci did no more or no less than I thought this year; I just can’t make myself give a grade higher than that to someone who hit .180 for half the year(.179 post all star break)…let the criticism begin.  2014: Tocci clearly has alot of potential…let him realize it and experience success through another year in Lakewood.; Prospect Ranking: 11 Continue reading Report Card, Outfielders–Lower Half