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Box Score Recap – 9/4/2013

Malquin Canelo wins “Worst Season Ending Game” this year. His prize? A fancy metallic Mexican hat. Nice night from Shane Martin. He had a passable season, though you’d like to see him miss more bats – he struck out just 44 in 70.2 IP, or 5.6/9IP, though he only walked 16, which is just a shade over 2/9IP. That’s quite good. His assignment in the spring will tell us plenty about what the team thinks of him, as a double jump would be a big sign of confidence.

It’s been a fun year for me, and I hope you all have enjoyed yourselves. I don’t have immediate plans to not return in 2014, so I guess we’ll start this up again in April. I will be around this fall and winter posting AFL stat updates a couple times a week starting in October, other random thoughts, probably the head-to-head prospect ranking discussions like I did last year, and weekly general discussions (when I remember – feel free to tweet at me if I forget – @bxe1234). Continue reading Box Score Recap – 9/4/2013

Report Card–Corner Infielders

Before we get started, a couple of notes to try to keep the discussion on track. Each player that is on a final minor league roster or has less than 130 major league at bats, 50 innings pitched or 45 days on a major league roster will be graded.  As far as grading goes, players will be graded against their own pre-season expectations as opposed to grading them against others in the organization.  While I will be positing Top 40 rankings attached to the appropriate players, a final Top 40 list will be published for discussion when the report cards are done.  To be considered for the Top 40, the same rules apply as above (less than 130 major league AB’s; 50IP and 45 days or less on ML roster). My hope is to get a new article out every three days or so, finishing up the entire system by mid October.

Lehigh Valley

Josh Fields, 30, SIgned as a free agent in 2013; .289/.337/.406 in 377 AB’s; 4HR 45RBI; 10SB; .348 vs. LHP, .264 vs. RHP; .330 with RISP; .258 Post All STar Break; 7%bb/27% k rates; 31 games at 1B with 3 errors (.987); 7.29 R/F; 12 games at 3B with 1 error (.964); 10 games in the OF without an error. Fields had a very good year with the bat, showed his versatility, and was a good guy to have in the clubhouse.  Grade: B+. 2014 projection: Another organization.  I am sure that from Fields perspective having been left out of the callups, he needs to focus his career on a situation where he may be able to get some roster time at the major league level. Continue reading Report Card–Corner Infielders