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Top 30 Accountability: 26-30

I started this series with players who didn’t make the list, and now will be stepping through the list 5 at a time.  The list itself can be found here https://phuturephillies.com/top-30-prospects/mattwinks-top-30/2013-top-30/

30. Gabriel Lino 

This is a tools pick, it came down to three catchers for the last spot in Lino, Grullon, and Rupp.  I aimed high on the projection because he is a pure boom or bust player.  Lino has huge holes on offense and defense that are not allowing his monster tools to appear in game action.  Lino is still very young so there is time, but there is a lot that can go wrong here. Continue reading Top 30 Accountability: 26-30