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Who’s Going Up

Two weeks until the day that those on the 40 man roster (and a few others) have been waiting for, as the Phillies will be adding players to their roster come September 1.  With the Phils out of contention, the goal of the call ups is different this year.  Unlike most years where the September call ups add a few bats to the bench that will be used late in games or pitchers who will be called upon to eat up innings in blowouts, this September has the potential to be a try out camp of sorts for several.  Taking a look by positional area:

Catcher: Cameron Rupp is likely to be added as a third catcher come September.  He is already on the 40 and every team calls up a third catcher.  He has been awful offensively this year and taken a major step backwards on the prospect chart, but being surrounded by Chooch, et al, can only help him.

Corner Infield: I would be surprised if Maikel Franco were not called up and seeing considerable playing time in September.  Simply no reason not to.

Middle Infield: Expect to see both Cesar Hernandez and Freddy Galvis back in Philly in what will be a very crowded middle infield in September.  Both Galvis and Hernandez are out op options after this year and the Phils will have to keep them on the roster all year next year or risk losing them in waivers, a likely scenario if they try to sneak them through.

Outfield:  I see a slight chance of either Tony Gwynn Jr or Leandro Castro getting a call up, but both would need to be added to the 40 man roster. 

Starting Pitchers: None

Relievers:  This could really be a cast of characters getting added in the mix.  Assuming Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez’s arm hasnt fallen off by September 1st, I would like to see him go up.  For $4M a year, I hate to see him spending too much more time anchoring the Lehigh Valley bullpen next year.  Luis Garcia certainly deserves to go up based on his lights out performance for Lehigh Valley this year , and should be given perhaps a last shot to see if it translates to the bigs. Phillippe Aumont, Hector Neris, Ethan Martin and BJ Rosenberg are all only the 40 man roster as well and potentially could be called up.  I am perfectly satisfied that I have seen more than enough of Aumont in a Phillies uniform for one lifetime.  Martin continues to have the most upside and has pitched well as of late, so if I were to choose one of the three it would be Ethan Martin with Neris, and Rosenberg in back of him.  It is noteworthy that if my records are correct, both Aumont and Rosenberg will be out of options coming into 2015.


General Discussion – Week of 8-14-14 – Aaron Brown Promotion Edition

Per a couple different sources on Twitter, notably Steven Falk (@smfalk) who detailed them all, WIL’s Aaron Brown has been promoted to Lakewood, along with Jesen Therrien and Nick Rodesky (from GCL). Dan Child has been sent from LKW to GCL, reliever Aaron Baker was sent from LKW to CLR, and Sam Hiciano was put on the DL.

The big club is off today. Sounds like Ruben Amaro did the Ice Bucket Thing for ALS but it’s only on Facebook. Not enough reason to get me to sign into my Facebook. Someone let me know if he falls on the ice. That would do it.


Box Score Recap – 8/13/2014

Maikel Franco was 2-5 with his 11th home run – he’s cooled off a little bit in July, OPSing just .723 even aided by the spike from last night. If he finishes in that neighborhood for the month, he’ll likely not quite make it to .700 for the year, but after the two horrific months he had earlier, even an average August after that monster of a July would be a good sign in my book. Aaron Nola put up easily his worst start since his debut – 3R on 6 H 3HR 1BB 2K in 4IP. Kelly Dugan was 4-8 with a triple and Aaron Altherr was 3-6 with a home run (13) plus a walk and his tenth steal. Altherr’s got four homers in his last six games, and Dugan’s OPSing 1.038 in August. Dugan especially should be an Arizona Fall League candidate. Colt Murray got roughed up in his inning – he gave up two inherited runs and four of his own – they were his first earned runs since July 4, so credit where it’s due, that was a heck of a streak – around 17 IP.

Roman Quinn hit his fifth home run of the year, and Brian Pointer was 2-5. JPC did not play. Hopefully he’s back in action tonight, as Jim Peyton doesn’t indicate it was more than a night off in his game report, (which includes GCL notes as well – so don’t miss it). For Lakewood, Pullin, Astudillo (back in left field again) and Walding all had multi-hit games. Walding hit his sixth home run. Cozens and Knapp were also both on base twice with a single and a walk a piece. Jia Tromp had three hits as WIL was swept in their double header. Austin Davis allowed three hits and struck out three in 2.1 scoreless IP for GCL. He’s got 22:6 K:BB in 23.1 IP. Pretty good. Would be better if he were doing it against reasonable competition for a college junior, but I’m not going to complain too much about nice numbers. We’ll see where they place him in the spring. LKW would be the easy guess, but CLR would not be out of the question if he performs well in camp.

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GCL, FSL, and Biddle; August 13, 2014

I attended my first GCL game in several weeks today.  Denton Keys pitched a solid 5 innings against the GCL Pirates.  He scattered 5 hits, 2 walks, and a hit batter allowing 2 runs, only one of them earned.  The defense was a little shaky all day.  The 3 errors charged were a little generous.  A couple more could have been charged.

Austin Davis and undrafted free agent Kyle Bogese combined to pitch the final 4 innings.  Davis allowed 3 hits in 2.1 innings but was aided by a pick off and a caught stealing.  Bogese got the win with 1.2 innings of no-hit ball.  Each reliever recorded 3 strikes out.  The Phillies won 3-2. Continue reading GCL, FSL, and Biddle; August 13, 2014