Box Score Recap – 8/13/2014

Maikel Franco was 2-5 with his 11th home run – he’s cooled off a little bit in July, OPSing just .723 even aided by the spike from last night. If he finishes in that neighborhood for the month, he’ll likely not quite make it to .700 for the year, but after the two horrific months he had earlier, even an average August after that monster of a July would be a good sign in my book. Aaron Nola put up easily his worst start since his debut – 3R on 6 H 3HR 1BB 2K in 4IP. Kelly Dugan was 4-8 with a triple and Aaron Altherr was 3-6 with a home run (13) plus a walk and his tenth steal. Altherr’s got four homers in his last six games, and Dugan’s OPSing 1.038 in August. Dugan especially should be an Arizona Fall League candidate. Colt Murray got roughed up in his inning – he gave up two inherited runs and four of his own – they were his first earned runs since July 4, so credit where it’s due, that was a heck of a streak – around 17 IP.

Roman Quinn hit his fifth home run of the year, and Brian Pointer was 2-5. JPC did not play. Hopefully he’s back in action tonight, as Jim Peyton doesn’t indicate it was more than a night off in his game report, (which includes GCL notes as well – so don’t miss it). For Lakewood, Pullin, Astudillo (back in left field again) and Walding all had multi-hit games. Walding hit his sixth home run. Cozens and Knapp were also both on base twice with a single and a walk a piece. Jia Tromp had three hits as WIL was swept in their double header. Austin Davis allowed three hits and struck out three in 2.1 scoreless IP for GCL. He’s got 22:6 K:BB in 23.1 IP. Pretty good. Would be better if he were doing it against reasonable competition for a college junior, but I’m not going to complain too much about nice numbers. We’ll see where they place him in the spring. LKW would be the easy guess, but CLR would not be out of the question if he performs well in camp.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-13-14 boxscores

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  1. Pretty good night for the O on the farm last night. Franco, Quinn and Altherr all go yard. It’ll be interesting where Altherr is placed next year. Maybe this late surge gets him to AAA. Keys continues to pitch very good in the GCL. I mentioned this before but I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to LWood next year considering it’s his 2nd year in the GCL.

  2. The squeaky toy, William Cuicas, has been on fire in the GCL. .583 in his last 10 games. .311 on the season. And when he’s not hitting the ball, he’s walking. He has a .655 OBP in his last 10 and .436 on the year.

  3. Franco making a strong case lately to be called up in September. Nola did not pitch great, but his numbers could have been worse. It is probably good that he faces some adversity anyway. Of course we all want him to pitch great each time out, but that’s unrealistic for any pitcher. Hopefully he learned some things last night and is ready to make some adjustments and build on this.

    I think everyone is waiting for Altherr to put up some consistent numbers and really turn some heads. The tools are there and he has potential to be a good player. He’s swinging a hot bat of late and could be turning the corner. I think he will be starting in AAA next season and hopefully spends some time in the big leagues by seasons end. I really like his potential to be a good everyday player in philly, but if he can’t be consistent he may end up being the next John Mayberry Jr. IMO.

    Mr. aSTUDillo (cheesy knee slapper for everyone this morning) only reached base five times yesterday…..I think that’s more than Howard has had all month. Looks like they are just going to find him a position to play and get his bat in the lineup. Hopefully this young man continues to let his bat carry him up the ladder.

  4. Kelly Dugan is showing that he has the skills to be a productive hitter even when the ball is not going over the fence. #6 prospect in our system IMO.

    1. JPC
    2. Franco
    3. Nola
    4. Quinn
    5. Altherr
    6. Dugan
    7. Tocci
    8. Biddle
    9. Cozens
    10. Grullon

    1. How does Cozens rank as high as ninth? Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Cozens, and he probably is a guy in the mid teens, but this season looks to me like a (slight) step back for him, and we’ve added at least a couple guys from the most recent draft who rank ahead of him.

      Yeah, I know that a lot of people on this site seem to think this is some wort of breakout year for him, but the performance just doesn’t support it. He has basically taken a step backwards as a hitter pretty much across the board.

      Dugan I like – though he still needs to bump his power back up if he is going to be a major league regular.

        1. Wouldn’t go that far with the steals. Adam Dunn stole 24 bases in 29 attempts when he was his age.

      1. I actually like Cozens better than Tocci and Altherr, but I’d probably put Imhoff ahead of him, so I’d have him #8. It seems pretty clear now that he’ll stick in RF at least into his late 20s, which is huge. The power numbers are down a little, but Lakewood is a tough hitters park. My biggest concern is he’s not walking as much, but I think overall it’s been a good year for him.

      2. I will make the bullish case for Cozens.

        he is only 20 and was a dual sport player until he was drafted. so still learning the game. every report on him is that he is still learning the game.

        that being said, he has already demonstrated in game power and speed tools, not just raw tools. he has also demonstrated an ability to take a walk at a respectable rate.

        Some stats that i like in his first full season:
        * 37% of hits have been XHB
        * his walk rate is decent 8%
        * his OB% in second half is .340
        * he is equally effective against RHP and LHP
        * he has a very strong arm too.

        his power tool is a carrying tool. I don’t think that he will be a high average hitter, but I do think that he can be a .310 – .320 OB% hitter with 25+ HR power, and a strong arm in right.

        1. See, you could have made a similar but even more bullish case after last season. And I do buy it to some extent – as I said, I LIKE him. Maybe we’re quibbling over (almost) nothing – he was #11 last year according to the fan rankings. With two guys from the 2014 draft in front of him, putting him 8th or 9th means you’re jumping him over 5 or 6 guys … based on what I’m not sure.

          The best case I can make for 2014 being a reason to rank him higher is increased belief that he can stick in RF. And if he can,that certainly does help his ranking considerably.

          1. And just like that they push him to left field last night in favor of Brown…insignificant, perhaps, as Brown was a pitcher and so you’d expect him to have a gun and maybe be showcased out there.

            There sure is a lot of talent in the OF right now. Get a couple of those guys to break through and we’ll have something going in a couple years.

    2. I bash Amaro constantly, but this is a much stronger list than in previous years. There’s even some very exciting prospects outside of the top 10. That being said, Amaro needs to go.


      1. The improvement in our prospect list is less about Amaro (who doesn’t make the picks) and more about us having high draft picks the past few years. 2 more years of high draft picks and we will have one of the top 3 farms in baseball.

        1. JPC and Nola aside, still better than the Trevor May’s and Sebastian Valle’s of the world. That’s my point. I’m refering to a list of names and not just 2 guys in the top 10 mentioned. And yes, drafts are in a way tied to the GM bc of the Scouts and strategy they have in place. Let’s hope maybe they can continue to develop these kids into actual MLB players? And maybe before the age of 25 or so?


  5. If you can find room on the 40 man, you need to call up Jake Fox in September just to see what you have, right?

      1. I think Fox is a career AAAA guy, but it would be a class thing for the Phils to do. With nobody really that deserving in AA/AAA (either too young, or just not good enough), it would be nice to give him a cup of coffee and get him a check. Everything I hear is he’s been a great influence on the young guys. Not many guys in their 30’s would be smiling to play at AA, but it seems that he really enjoys it.

    1. That sure makes for a crowded OF in LWood. Hiciano is having trouble getting playing time already. Maybe this is a sign that Greene will start to be phased out.

  6. I went to the Lakewood-Greensboro game yesterday, thought I’d share some observations from my untrained eye.

    -I enjoyed watching Astudillo handle the bat. As noted by JJ Cooper and Josh Norris from BA (,, he did a great job of spoiling pitches until he got one to hit. He looked very comfortable at the plate, and all of his hits were solidly struck. Showed good awareness on the basepaths too, taking an extra base when the ball rolled away from the 2nd baseman and the pitcher didn’t hustle to retrieve it. He was not happy about being thrown out at the plate on a questionable call trying to tag up on a pop-up in the top of the 10th, and was still grumbling about it to Tocci in the bottom of the inning. In fairness, he was safe according to Norris, so that grumbling was probably justified. I also liked his aggressiveness and awareness in going on that play – the 2nd baseman had all of his momentum going to the outfield and was 25 or so feet out in the grass. Shame he was not rewarded with a run scored.

    -Cozens is a large human being, but a proportionate one. He doesn’t look fat, or overly muscular. Lined a ball to left relatively hard, but right at the LF. Sad I didn’t get to see him really put a charge into a ball. He was also caught stealing relatively easily after he walked – the ball beat him to the base by a couple feet.

    -Tocci clearly is getting stronger: he broke 2 bats yesterday! /s

    -In all seriousness, Tocci looked ok at the plate. Overmatched in his first AB (struck out on 3 pitches) but lined a first-pitch fastball into the LF corner in his second or third AB. Couldn’t get around on a 94ish fastball in the top of the 10th and weakly popped out to deep 2nd (the aforementioned questionable call play). He didn’t look as small as he did last year when I went out there, but that may have been me seeing what I wanted to see. No concerns defensively – that’s his bread and butter, as y’all well know.

    -The Walding HR was an opposite field shot – directly over the 365 sign in left-center. Didn’t see what the pitch speed was, as I was too busy watching the ball fly out. He followed that up with a nice play at 3rd in the bottom of the inning.

    -Nothing terribly interesting from any of the pitchers. Rios almost made it through 6, but lost his last batter on a walk (questionable call, IIRC). Was consistently at 89-91 throughout his outing. DeNato lost the strike zone for a couple batters but was helped by a double play.

    1. Thanks.
      Good report.
      Astudillo is a contact hitter of great magnttude.
      He may need one locker alone for all the gloves he will need.

      1. I think I’ll withhold excitement over Walding until next year. If he continues then ok, but he has been nothing but streaky and this is actually the best he’s played since he was drafted 3 years ago.

  7. I saw that Jason Marquis pitched for Lehigh Valley last night so how much longer before he is up in Philadelphia?

    1. They’ll probably give Jerome Williams another start and then go from there. I’m guessing Marquis was signed as insurance if they lost Burnett, Kendrick, etc.

  8. Doesn’t Burnett need 6 more starts before his 2015 option kicks in? Are we really going to have him back next year?

    1. It’s a tricky situation with Burnett from the way I understand it. I think he has a vesting 12.5 mill option but the Phils can buy him out at 7.5 mill. In reality it comes down to is Burnett worth 5 mill? Considering only having Hamels and a questionable lee under contract next year, I think the Phils may just bring him back.

      1. There are escalators in his player option. The $1M buyout is in place if one side declines the option and he makes under 30 starts (he’s at 26). He’s already passed the first escalator on his player option ($8.5M at 24 starts), and that goes up to $10M at 27 starts, $11.75M at 30 starts, and $12.75M at 32 starts. Plus there’s this from Cot’s “annual performance bonuses: $0.5M each for 24, 27 GS. $0.75M for 30 GS”.

        So if A.J. gets to 30 starts this year, (likely), his option is $11.75M and there is no longer an opportunity for a buyout, as I read it. Add in two more starts, and it’s $12.75M and if he pitches all year next year another $1.75M in bonuses gets him to $14.5M. If the option is mutually exercised, it’s $15M, from how I read it. And then add on the bonuses for # of starts, could get him to $16.75M, I do believe.

        There’s also deferred signing bonus money in there, but that’s paid no matter his contract situation as it was essentially the second half of his 2014 salary.

        Honestly I can’t recall seeing a more complex two year deal on Cot’s before.

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