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Box Score Recap – 8/8/2014

Zach Collier hit two more home runs. He hit eight homers for Reading last year in about 500PAs. He has seven in his last 25PAs. At that pace, he would have hit 140 last year. I think that might have gotten him promoted. Can we start calling him “Whack Ballier”. Hmm…that sounds…not quite right.

Others going deep: J.P. Crawford (5,6 – wait, that’s TWO IN ONE GAME ALSO!!!); Aaron Altherr (11, second in two games); Angelo Mora (3); Brian Pointer (12); Mitch Walding (5, grand slam); Rhys Hoskins (6, he was 4-4).

Also, there were some nice pitching performances in there – my favorite, Ranfi Casimiro – 1R on 6H 1BB and 7K in 5 innings for Lakewood.

Enjoy your Saturday. Charlie Manuel’s Wall of Fame induction is tonight. If you’ve got nothing else going and are around town, it should be a beautiful night – 84 degrees with no noticeable humidity. Good night for a game. Those of us living out of town will be disgusted by you if you don’t go. Well, not disgusted, so much as…*sighs*…disappointed. *shakes head, sighs again, pauses, shakes head again, turns slowly, walks away with Wawa bag in one hand.*

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