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Box Score Recap – 8/28/2014

Maikel Franco again – this time, not as good a story. He was pulled in the fifth inning of last night’s game. Not called up, as some had speculated, but rather pulled by his manager for unknown reasons. Speculation on Twitter was that it was related to his dropping a pop-up, though he wasn’t even charged with an error, so unless he dropped it because he didn’t hustle to get to it, I don’t know. Didn’t see it. At least he wasn’t pulled for throwing food items at a team employee, like some people.

MAG struck out five in 1.2 IP, but he did allow two of Phillippe Aumont’s runners he inherited to score. Cesar Hernandez had four hits and a walk, and Cam Perkins had three plus a walk. Cesar was a home run short of the cycle, while Perkins is back about .200 on the year, and has hit in five straight, including a three-hit game at the beginning of that run. I imagine it’ll be a good boost for his off-season if he hits a bunch over this weekend, too. Hoby Milner proving once again why wins are especially dumb in the minors – he allowed seven hits and walked five in six innings for the win. Do you want that kind of performance to be counted as “good”? I don’t. Good for him that he managed to work around all that mess and allow only one run, but even David Blaine couldn’t keep up that act over a full season.

Roman Quinn was back in the lineup after a late scratch the night before. So that’s nice. Hope you all have been reading Jim Peyton’s reports from CLR and GCL all year. He wrapped CLR up yesterday evening, and GCL yesterday afternoon, as CLR is done with home games and GCL is just done. Franklyn Kilome pitched well for GCL – he’s one to watch.

Willians Astudillo pushing for the SAL batting title is now hitting .340 after a 3-4 yesterday. He’s got something like nine hundred singles this month, and four doubles, no triples or no homers. I was criticized in the comments for calling him a “singles hitter”. He does have 35 XBH on the year, and Lakewood is a low power environment, so maybe we’ll see some more homers next year in CLR, but the guy is ISOing .104 – that’s Jose Altuve territory. Not exactly a slugger. I hope we see him behind the plate as much as possible, wherever he’s playing, as that’s where he’s got a chance to add value to a team.

And finally, a really nice night from Ricardo Pinto. I’ve mentioned him before, but this one was really impressive. 1R 1HR 3H 3BB 9K in 7IP. And to drive home my point from earlier – he got the loss. He’s struck out 48 and walked just 15 in 47 IP for WIL this year and he’s got a 1-5 W/L record. WINS ARE DUMB, is my point. I know for most of you I’m preaching to the choir. Just something I saw last week got me amped up about pitcher wins again. To be honest, I can’t even remember what it was anymore.

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Threshers Close Home Schedule With 8-2 Loss; August 28, 2014

The Threshers finished their home schedule with a loss to the Tampa Yankees that lowered their home record to 21-51.  With three road games in Lakeland this weekend they can improve on their 25-38 road record.  Tonight, Colin Kleven got the start.  The big righty has been effective this season.  He came into the game with the fourth lowest walks per 9 innings in the FSL with 29 walks in 130.2 innings for a ratio of 2.0 walks per game.

The first batter Kleven faced seemed to set the pattern for his evening.  The lead off batter worked an 8-pitch at bat before lining a double to center field.  Kleven would continue to run deep counts through the first two innings.  At the conclusion of the second inning, he had already thrown 42 pitches to nine batters.  Kleven continued to battle until the Yankees got to him in the sixth inning.  His final line and pitching stats – Continue reading Threshers Close Home Schedule With 8-2 Loss; August 28, 2014