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Hot or Not

Second to last edition of Hot or Not for 2015, with a look back at August 5th-15.  I would like to see Kelly Dugan spend the last two weeks in Lehigh Valley…Freddy Galvis, 5 tool player?…Getting excited about Andrew Pullin who has been very consistent since early May…Cameron Perkins has fallen below the Mendoza line, approaching 200 AAA AB’s…Adam Loewen has shown me enough to scare me if the Phils dont give him some sort of opportunity.  He could end up in another organization and have success…I expected to see Dan Child in Reading at some point this year.  Instead, he was just demoted back to the GCL. 

Hot Hitters: (Min 18 AB’s)  Kelly Dugan (.441, 5R 6RBI); Willians Astudillo (.423); Malquin Canelo (.412); Tim Zier (.395, 7R 9RBI); Freddy Galvis (.366, 10R 3HR 8RBI); Carlos Duran (.361, 6R 4SB); Andrew Pullin (.353); Zach Collier (.348, 7R 4HR 6RBI);  Russ Canzler (.342, 6R 2HR 8RBI); Rhys Hoskins (.333, 8R 2HR 6RBI); Brian Pointer (.333); Anthony Phillips (.333).

Not Hot Hitters: Gabrial Lino (.107); Leandro Castro (.114); Cameron Perkins (.121); Carlos Alonso (.120); Emmanuel Marrero (.125); Deivi Gruillon (.125);  Derek Campbell (.138); Angelo Mora (.138); Chris Serritella (.143); Art Charles (.156); Dylan Cozens (.161) Continue reading Hot or Not

Box Score Recap – 8/14/2014

Kelly Dugan with another multi-hit game. He’s got six of those in his last ten games. OPSing .835 on the year. If only he hadn’t gotten hurt again this year. Injuries are dumb and bad and we should get rid of them. A pretty good night for Severino Gonzalez – 2R on 4H 3BB and 10K in 7IP. He seems to have benefited from skipping a start and resting. We’ll see how he holds up through the rest of the year. Also, depending when he throws, maybe I can slip out to see him next week in Bowie as well. Probably not. Also for Reading, a nice night from KC Serna, just a triple short of the cycle. He remains an interesting pick-up from the Indy leagues. We’ll see if they think enough of him to bring him back and give him regular time next year again. I would think they would.

Roman Quinn’s not been on base as much lately, and so he’s not been stealing as much. He’s right around the number of PAs he had in each of his last two years, and his steal total is just a couple shy of those other years (30, 32, 26, all at similarly good rates, though this year is the lowest). Still, with as well as he was doing the last month, I’m very satisfied about his return from injury. Brian Pointer drew three walks – half way through this month and he’s OPSing .926. He remains intriguing.

Aaron Brown was 2-4 with a double in his Low-A debut, and Andrew Pullin matched that line. Malquin Canelo hit his first home run of the year. Nice start from Ricardo Pinto – he’s been pretty good in his stateside debut, with a pretty good K Rate and a reasonable BB rate. The Phillies did sign another UDFA, Jason Zgardowski from Angelo State. Here’s the article from his school announcing the signing. He threw a scoreless inning for GCL in his debut. Sounds like he found some velo after the college season (up to 94-95) and pitched well in summer league.

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