Box Score Recap – 8/14/2014

Kelly Dugan with another multi-hit game. He’s got six of those in his last ten games. OPSing .835 on the year. If only he hadn’t gotten hurt again this year. Injuries are dumb and bad and we should get rid of them. A pretty good night for Severino Gonzalez – 2R on 4H 3BB and 10K in 7IP. He seems to have benefited from skipping a start and resting. We’ll see how he holds up through the rest of the year. Also, depending when he throws, maybe I can slip out to see him next week in Bowie as well. Probably not. Also for Reading, a nice night from KC Serna, just a triple short of the cycle. He remains an interesting pick-up from the Indy leagues. We’ll see if they think enough of him to bring him back and give him regular time next year again. I would think they would.

Roman Quinn’s not been on base as much lately, and so he’s not been stealing as much. He’s right around the number of PAs he had in each of his last two years, and his steal total is just a couple shy of those other years (30, 32, 26, all at similarly good rates, though this year is the lowest). Still, with as well as he was doing the last month, I’m very satisfied about his return from injury. Brian Pointer drew three walks – half way through this month and he’s OPSing .926. He remains intriguing.

Aaron Brown was 2-4 with a double in his Low-A debut, and Andrew Pullin matched that line. Malquin Canelo hit his first home run of the year. Nice start from Ricardo Pinto – he’s been pretty good in his stateside debut, with a pretty good K Rate and a reasonable BB rate. The Phillies did sign another UDFA, Jason Zgardowski from Angelo State. Here’s the article from his school announcing the signing. He threw a scoreless inning for GCL in his debut. Sounds like he found some velo after the college season (up to 94-95) and pitched well in summer league.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-14-14 boxscores

24 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/14/2014

  1. Is there any minor league player, with over 1000 PAs, to have a lower K rate then Willians Astudillo’s 3.3%?

  2. If the Phils trade Byrd, any chance Dugan skips AAA and starts the year with the Phils? When healthy his play has been solid. I imagine their initial plans were for him to play this whole year in AA/AAA, and then get a shot in the spring of next year. Injuries, have again derailed this plan (Although, maybe the Phils aren’t the type of team to make “plans” based on recent Amaro comments). A year in AAA wouldn’t hurt, but do you think an MLB April start is possible for Dugan?

    1. Dugan would have to really open some eyes in spring training for that to happen. He would have to seriously rip in order for him to bypass Lehigh.

      1. I agree. And barring a Free Agent outfield pickup, if we don’t have Byrd, our outfield is Revere, Brown, and ? Seems like Dugan is more respectable than Castro. Maybe not.

    2. He’s missed a lot of developmental time with injuries. They’d probably like to see him get through a season @ AAA healthy before they anointed him starting OF on the MLB club.

    3. This really shouldn’t happen. Dugan is a guy who has moved up, at most, a level per season — he has repeated at two levels, largely due to time lost because of injury. This hasn’t been a full season for him, again because of injury. Because of injury — this is getting repetitive — he has really yet to show the sort of HR power one expects from a corner OF who isn’t super-speedy. He is a guy who would be very well served by a season in AAA.

      1. Dugan needs that full season at AAA. For whatever reason. some players seem to get injured frequently. I hope Dugan has overcome that,

  3. On a positive note, its nice to see the Phils finally moved up Aaron Brown to see what he can do against Low A pitching. We already know LGJ couldn’t hit water from a boat so that experiment had gone from ridiculous to ludicrous. (Space Balls anyone??)

    Any reason why Astudillo hasn’t been promoted other than they feel they’ve got a catcher @ Reading in Lino?? Figure Astudillo could catch every few days and DH in between?? He’s shown more than enough @ Lakewood IMO.

    1. Brown was promoted because of Hiciano’s injury. LGj is still siphoning playing time.

      I agree with promoting Astudillo. He may not have power or the ability to take a walk but his bat is good enough for Lakewood. He could play the utility man role in Clearwater too, and it would have opened up another spot in Lakewood to get Hiciano everyday at-bats. It’s a little late for that now though.

      1. I also like Astudillo and has contact ability.
        He may have, historically, the best K rate in all minor leagues, though have to temper that with the fact he has faced low-A pitching so far in his 1100PAs, and he is older for the levels he has been at.

    2. because he doesn’t have DH power and can’t catch everyday. That makes him a non prospect who is enjoying himself in AAA.

      1. That’s not neccessarily true. He can play 1b and LF so if he hits .326 at every level including the majors, he most certainly is a prospect. I will take a .326 average from any player at any position.

  4. Look at that Hockenberry having some success. Not hard to pull for the kid out of the last class of Temple baseball.

    1. I attended and graduated from Temple University from the mid seventies to early eighties and saw some of their home games. At that time they had a good baseball program under Skip Wilson, remember seeing Joe Kerrigan pitch great and they actually went to the College World Series one year. .

  5. Omg I take a Xanax ever time I have to watch him pitch. I just cant believe we have nothing better at higher level than those two.

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