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Around the System–Starting Pitching, Lakewood, Williamsport, GCL

A look at Starting Pitching at the lower levels of the organization.


Ranfi Casimiro, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2010; 22 starts, 4-9 with a 5.21ERA; 107IP 116H 55BB 77K; 11HR allowed; 1.34 GO/AO; .269; 1.60 WHIP; 4.6BB/6.5K per 9; .265 vs. LH, .273 vs. RH; .299 with RISP; 2-4 with a 5.48ERA in 9 starts post all star game.  Pretty consistent mediocrity for Casimiro all season.

Tyler Viza, 19, Phils 32nd round pick in 2013; 21 starts; 3-14 with a 5.27ERA; 110IP 151H 21BB 63K; 8HR allowed; 1.7BB/5.1K per 9; 1.14 GO/AO; .322 opp avg; 1.56 WHIP; .307 vs. LH, .338 vs. RH, .271 with RISP; I have no idea why the Phils stuck Viza in Lakewood as a 19 year old all year.  He was hit around consistently and would have been better served to gain some confidence in Williamsport mid season

Jon Prosinski, 23, Phils 10th round pick in 2013; 22 starts, 4-8 with a 5.22ERA between Clearwater and Lakewood; 120.2IP 152H 27BB 68H 8HR allowed; 1.48 WHIP; 2.0BB/5.1K per 9; 1.58 GO/AO; .305 opp. avg; For Lakewood: 13 starts, 4-4 with a 4.33 ERA, 1.40 WHIP.  Generally a very disappointing season for Prosinski where he was demoted mid season and been slightly above average for Lakewood. Continue reading Around the System–Starting Pitching, Lakewood, Williamsport, GCL