33 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/9/2014

  1. At some point in the very near future, Collier has to show that he can hit for a full season, not just one month. His on-again-off-again performance is quite puzzling. He has teased us, but he has never performed on a whole season. One can watch him during his hot periods and conclude ‘he definitely can hit, I’m watching him do it, and he looks really good, and over a period of multiple weeks’, then a new year rolls around and he is mired at the Mendoza line with little power for 3 or 4 months to start the season.

    1. It is definitely puzzling, but he’s never shown this type of power before. Let’s see if he can finish off August in the same fashion. If he does, it’s going to be hard not to protect him on the 40 man. But, yeah, nobody really knows what to make of him.

    2. He’s had hot stretches before, but never like this. He’s never shown this sort of power before. His overall line for the year is now up to 110 wRC+, the highest mark of his career.

      I really don’t know what to make of it. I guess we’ll see how he does the next few weeks. Sometimes the light does just go on for a prospect, particularly one who’s still fairly young and has the tools.

      1. I would like to see him just keep pitching well in Lakewood. He has been pitching well and there isn’t a need to rush him IMO. I’d prefer to start him in clearwater next season, but if he gets to clearwater before this season ends I wouldn’t necessarily mind either. 18ip at lakewood 16H 2BB 20K with a 3.00era. Really looking forward to following him as he progresses. If he can add some weigh to his frame and refine his off speed stuff he could become a very good pitcher.

        LGJ is now at .188 and showing no signs of life. I know high schoolers are risky moves when taken in the draft, but this guy hasn’t even come close to looking like a prospect. At least people can argue about Tocci being a prospect or not. This guy has done nothing with the bat since day 1.

        1. LGJ should probably be released and allowed to go back to trying to be a linebacker for Nick Sabean , could you imagine if he showed up to football practice as out of shape he was when he arrived at the phillies, Sabean would run him until he either fell over or until he cried and quit

  2. I cant get the box score to open on my computer, however at the bottom of the screen there is a link with Kate Upton having a personal wet t-shirt contest and WoW is all I have to say about that

  3. Solid start for Colin Kleven yesterday. He did an interview for PhoulBallz the other day and said he throws a fastball in the 90-95 mph range, a changeup in the 79-83 range (in previous years the change was more 86-87) and has a slider also.

  4. Imhof fast ball was sitting around 89-90. Idk if that speed is that good for the majors. Hope he can get it up a few ticks. Both starts i saw him that was what he was hitting

    1. I’d imagine he has to get it in the 92 -93 range to ultimately succeed. Especially, since its his 1 above pitch so far. Maybe fatigue is setting in. He’s probably pitched more innings than he ever has before.

      1. Yeah he may just not have the life on his fastball he had earlier in the year. Working on arm strength and getting used to pitching a lot of innings each year should help. Being able to stick around at 90-93 with good location will certainly be good enough to get him by. Filling out as he gets older should help with velocity too. If for some reason he stays at 88-90 they will probably teach him a cutter to help get the ball in on the hands of righties. I am not really concerned about his velocity as much as I am about him getting his change up and slider to at least average scouting grades.

        1. Just talked with Aaron Fultz about this a week ago. Even though he’s 89-90, Fultz said he gets such good, hard, downward plane to it, and he’s got a natural cut on it that he gets swings on the pitch like he’s throwing 93-94. So while a couple MPH would be nice, he can compete with that fastball.

          1. Deception is a very nice asset for a pitcher to have. The ball may only be clocked at say 88-90, but it gets on the hitter quickly because its hard to pick up. Nice to hear that his ball has some cut on it. Good information Mitch!

      1. It seems like the Phils org has a decent recent track record of finding college pitchers who they can get throwing harder than was previously thought . Morgan is an example. maybe even Wright although I don’t quite remember his report pre-draft

  5. Cozens really has improved in the second half of the season. I think he has to be top 10 easily now in the organization. he has made adjustments and is starting to walk more and more.

      1. and no mention of the pucha shells necklace he always used to wear but Bud the dud Selig made him stop wearing them and took away his mojo

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