Box Score Recap – 8/8/2014

Zach Collier hit two more home runs. He hit eight homers for Reading last year in about 500PAs. He has seven in his last 25PAs. At that pace, he would have hit 140 last year. I think that might have gotten him promoted. Can we start calling him “Whack Ballier”. Hmm…that sounds…not quite right.

Others going deep: J.P. Crawford (5,6 – wait, that’s TWO IN ONE GAME ALSO!!!); Aaron Altherr (11, second in two games); Angelo Mora (3); Brian Pointer (12); Mitch Walding (5, grand slam); Rhys Hoskins (6, he was 4-4).

Also, there were some nice pitching performances in there – my favorite, Ranfi Casimiro – 1R on 6H 1BB and 7K in 5 innings for Lakewood.

Enjoy your Saturday. Charlie Manuel’s Wall of Fame induction is tonight. If you’ve got nothing else going and are around town, it should be a beautiful night – 84 degrees with no noticeable humidity. Good night for a game. Those of us living out of town will be disgusted by you if you don’t go. Well, not disgusted, so much as…*sighs*…disappointed. *shakes head, sighs again, pauses, shakes head again, turns slowly, walks away with Wawa bag in one hand.*

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-8-14 boxscores

39 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/8/2014

    1. Yesterday’s was also 8/4.

      I assume it’s part of a bid to trick Collier into thinking it’s early August forever, or at least until he passes Bonds.

  1. Walding showing some life. I must admit a few weeks ago I was close to putting him in L. Greene status as a non prospect and hoping he doesn’t take PT from someone who should be getting it. The last few weeks he’s been producing, though. It’ll make for an interesting year next year with him and Z. Green both likely in CWater together. This year it seems Green is playing mostly first / DH but I thought it was because of his injury.

  2. I have an odd question- how come some days the box scores are fuzzy on this recap? All of the comments and replies are crystal clear. If I go to the MiLB site, they’re fine. Just wondering…..

    1. Been happening to me for about a week now. Box scores start clear and get fuzzy after about a minute…..

  3. Interesting day with Walding, collier, and pointer doing well. Three guys we were high on two years ago, not so much anymore but all three are fighting for their baseball lives.

    1. Also great to see Franco, Dugan, Quinn, and Crawford with good games. July and August have been much better than June

    2. Walding and Pointer will be playing for the Phils for a long long time, only 21 and 22 years old. Your starting to see the potential and talent. Why do you want to rush these young kids ?

      1. Because the big team is so bad right now so people want results . But for the most part people are patient on this site unless you are a complete disaster like LG JR

  4. Glad to see players at all levels really starting to turn it up. Franco, Dugan Quinn JP and a handful of lake and will guys. If they can finish month strong. It will give us something to look forward to. God knows we need something now.

  5. I think a fire has definitely been lit under Collier. He is on some kind of tear right now and it is very nice to see. I’m not getting overly excited, but he has gotten my attention a bit as a guy to look for in the box score. It goes without saying how good Crawford has been. He hasn’t been hitting as many doubles since his promotion, but the long balls have been. I like that I have seen an increase in power, but it hasn’t really changed his other numbers much. He still draws some walks and isn’t striking out a ton. Amazed by the progress of such a young kid. He should start at AA next season, but if not he will make his way there quickly. There’s room for improvement with Crawford, but if he keeps this pace up 2016 is looking like a possibility IMO. Very excited to see him and Quinn causing havoc at the top of the order and on the bases for Reading next season.

    Anyone know when we will find out who we are getting back for Roberto Hernandez?

  6. apparently it was reported (not sure where) that collier credits the breakout to picking up a heavier bat at the suggestion of Jake fox

      1. I remember hearing Jake say that he wants to play in Japan one day but after that I would love to see him in the org. as a coach

  7. J.P. Crawford in 196 A+ plate appearances: 6 HR
    Larry Greene Jr. in 956 professional plate appearances over three seasons: 7 HR

    1. Yea, but those numbers aren’t including batting practice so they are skewed quite a bit……..

  8. I really want to like Jose Pujols, but he has soooo many strikeouts. Hopefully he can cut down on them – he’s still young.

    1. The power is certainly there (.181 ISO last year and .200 this year), but yeah, that K-rate … I’m far more optimistic about Encarnacion, who is nearly two years younger in the same league and is keeping his head firmly above water (.664 OPS).

      In fact, I just looked it up: Today’s Encarnacion’s 17th birthday. I can’t tell you what I was doing when I turned 17, but I certainly didn’t have 136 professional plate appearances under my belt.

    2. Pujols is young, but not so young for his level. He’s one month younger than Tocci.

      I’m very concerned about his strikeout rate.

  9. Didn’t Collier go on run like this few years ago in Arizona Fall League. I am not biting….yet. Walding…back on board few weeks ago.

  10. Imhof with a gem last night.
    With Nola and if Biddle stays mentally healthy and if Pettibone and Morgan can come back, could be five quality arms coming up in a year or two to CBP.

    1. I was thinking romus, if we don’t make those bad trades , we have Trevor may, Cosart and Workman. ready for big leagues. Three cheap pitchers, and would have money for right handed bats, if one becomes available. Workman still gets me pissed not to give me 75000 as a third round choice, stupid

      1. Plenty of questionable decisions by the Phillies FO in the past few years …but what can you do now, ‘spilled milk’.

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