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Two weeks until the day that those on the 40 man roster (and a few others) have been waiting for, as the Phillies will be adding players to their roster come September 1.  With the Phils out of contention, the goal of the call ups is different this year.  Unlike most years where the September call ups add a few bats to the bench that will be used late in games or pitchers who will be called upon to eat up innings in blowouts, this September has the potential to be a try out camp of sorts for several.  Taking a look by positional area:

Catcher: Cameron Rupp is likely to be added as a third catcher come September.  He is already on the 40 and every team calls up a third catcher.  He has been awful offensively this year and taken a major step backwards on the prospect chart, but being surrounded by Chooch, et al, can only help him.

Corner Infield: I would be surprised if Maikel Franco were not called up and seeing considerable playing time in September.  Simply no reason not to.

Middle Infield: Expect to see both Cesar Hernandez and Freddy Galvis back in Philly in what will be a very crowded middle infield in September.  Both Galvis and Hernandez are out op options after this year and the Phils will have to keep them on the roster all year next year or risk losing them in waivers, a likely scenario if they try to sneak them through.

Outfield:  I see a slight chance of either Tony Gwynn Jr or Leandro Castro getting a call up, but both would need to be added to the 40 man roster. 

Starting Pitchers: None

Relievers:  This could really be a cast of characters getting added in the mix.  Assuming Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez’s arm hasnt fallen off by September 1st, I would like to see him go up.  For $4M a year, I hate to see him spending too much more time anchoring the Lehigh Valley bullpen next year.  Luis Garcia certainly deserves to go up based on his lights out performance for Lehigh Valley this year , and should be given perhaps a last shot to see if it translates to the bigs. Phillippe Aumont, Hector Neris, Ethan Martin and BJ Rosenberg are all only the 40 man roster as well and potentially could be called up.  I am perfectly satisfied that I have seen more than enough of Aumont in a Phillies uniform for one lifetime.  Martin continues to have the most upside and has pitched well as of late, so if I were to choose one of the three it would be Ethan Martin with Neris, and Rosenberg in back of him.  It is noteworthy that if my records are correct, both Aumont and Rosenberg will be out of options coming into 2015.


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  1. Since Franco isn’t on the 40 man, aren’t there service time considerations to be made if you bring him up? Or does that not apply in September?

    1. Dont think either is near ready yet…Dugan is closer but he only has 200 AB’s at AA. Just one mans opinion.

      1. He actually has almost 500 PAs at AA, counting last year. I don’t think it would hurt to call him up.

    1. Really hope you’re not implying Aumont doesn’t throw hard because if you are you should stop posting here…..forever…..

      They both throw hard, problem is Aumont has no clue where it’s going and Rosenberg throws it straight as an arrow with below average secondary stuff.

      I’d rather give the guy who has a chance to be something special if he figures it out another chance and stop holding the fact that he was traded for some guy we liked against him. Like he had a choice.

    1. I suspect we will see the ‘injury bug’ creep up on a few veterans that will need a week off or so.or even a stint on the 15-DL. I guess the rest couyldn’t hurt them, though it is at the end of the season.

  2. No rosenberg or aumont. Only AAA callups rupp and Franco. Would like to see Dugan or Altherr up. Also, Give Jake Fox a few AB’s just for his service time. Unfortunately he would have to be added to 40man which isn’t happening.

    1. Beating the drum for Jake Fox. You could put Cliff Lee on the 60 day DL to clear one spot for Franco. I’m sure there’s other detritus you could jettison to add Fox.

  3. I like to see more of Martin and see what he has to offer.
    Maybe he will get stretched out in ST for a possible starters role again.

  4. I really like Dugan. The only thing we’re not seeing right now is consistent power, but his minor leagues numbers and his beautiful swing suggest that it’s there. In any event, even if it’s only 50 power (12-18 homers a year), but he can combine that with a 60 hit tool and 60/65 plate discipline, if he can field his position well, he could still be a valuable player.

    As for Altherr, I like that he’s flashing some power now, but I’m still concerned about the hit tool – . 243 in Reading doesn’t translate well to Lehigh Valley, let alone the big leagues. I’m not saying he can’t adjust and improve, just that I’m not seeing it yet and it’s a big concern. Of course, his athleticism and good second half give cause for hope. He’s certainly a big time athlete and if he’s fleet enough to play center competently, he won’t need to hit as much to justify a place in the line-up.

    Meanwhile, little Ben Revere is justifying his existence. Ben is one of the oddest players I can recall; he’s a player of extremes. But when push comes to shove, Ben has to continue improving his fielding. He can’t be a -1 defensive WAR player and have a long career. Rather, if he plays to his potential, he should be a plus 1 defensive WAR player and a plus 1-2 offensive WAR player (due in large part to his outstanding baserunning), which would make him a useful player and viable starter. Still odd, but useful.

    1. Just a side note…when you factor in Ben’s 4 CS as outs, in conjunction with his ABs, his BA sits at .29976. Also I guess his circuitous routes to balls has declined from last year, so that is a plus, and his arm has improved a bit.

      1. That’s not a fair assessment (subtracting CS from his BA) because he’s a highly successful base runner – his steals make up for his caught stealing and then some – he’s a serious net positive as a base runner – one of the best in baseball.

        1. I give him credit for working on things, however. I was at a game the other week and was really shocked at how much his throwing has improved. Improving arm strength involves a lot of very disciplined, serious hard work – it’s a long process. And, also not yet noticed is that Ben is really hitting the ball much harder (even sometimes driving it to the opposite field). He doesn’t need to hit a bunch of home runs, but if he improves his gap power, it keeps fielders honest in their positioning (thereby likely improving his BA) and will probably result in pitchers pitching more carefully to him (thereby increasing walks and improving his OBP).

        2. Not trying to judge his production or the player, just that it all goes into WAR eval.
          And his CS is very low, which I like.

    2. The only thing I take issue with is the commentary about Dugan’s power. For a guy who has dealt with oblique issues for much of the season, this is to be somewhat expected. In lieu of this, he has vastly improved his plate discipline (2013: 2.2 BB% vs. 23.9 K%; 2014: 10.2 BB% vs. 18.9 K%) and has gotten on base at a tremendous rate (.394 OBP). To me, this screams of a guy who is letting the game come to him, rather than swinging for the fences when he’s just not quite at that point. He already has 8 XBHs in August, so that power is starting to resurface already. He’s a shoo-in for the AFL, but I’d personally love to see him in Philly come September (yes, I’m very high on him…maybe too much so, but we’ll see).

  5. If it were me making the call hell yeah I’m bringing a bunch of these guys up starting with Franco playing just about every day taking Howards AB’s. He is a better 3B than Asche and at some point he probably takes Asche’s spot but I still want Asche in the line-up everyday in hopes that it finally clicks for him.

    MAG is a given as well as a few other BP arms to slow down the the use of Diekman and Giles.

    Give me Biddle also I’m done babying that kid and absolutely give me Dugan. Give me Galvis and Hernandez not because I think they are the future but maybe they catch a little fire and create some trade value in the off season.

    Eff that MLB service clock we are a big market team and if a kid can play we should have no problem paying them when the time is right.

    Chase Jimmy and Marlon you guys can take the rest of the season off for the most part and we’ll plug you back in for the last series of the season maybe.

  6. I would bring up both Altherr and Dugan, it can only help them and it’s not like they have anything else to do in September.

    1. Bringing up MAG is a joke. Last 10 outings-0-2- 5.11 Era-What a waste of $4 million on a 28 year old AA and AAA pitcher.

      1. They took a chance on him. At least they didnt give him the initial contract they were going to give him. Pitchers are so up and down. One year good, one year bad. This guy has not even pitched a full year, give him a chance. He has his fastball up now at least.

  7. The OF is a mess. IDK who gets called up.
    MAG and Martin have the greatest potential in RP.
    Rosenberg and Garcia should get another look, while Aumont has little future ahead.
    Neris as another arm.
    Mag, Martin, Rosenberg, and Garcia should get the call, Neris next, and Aumont last.

    1. The hope is that Aumont can have these last few weeks and do well so he may be a chip in some sort of a trade package. September may be the last and only time he has to showcase any unearthed potential for opposing team scouts.

  8. Agree with a lot of what you guys are saying. Except lost in this shuffle is the case of Darin Ruf. When does he get an opportunity? I would like to see him play for 2 weeks. I hear comments he can’t do this and he can’t do that, but in reality he doesn’t get the opportunity to show what he can do. IMO he is a better defensive 1B than the imcumbent. If he gets a couple hits he gets benched. If he hits a dinger, he gets to pinch hit three games down the road. Give him a chance, trade him, or let him become a FA.

    No lost sleep on taking Aumont and Rosenberg off the 40. Why do we need to see Hernandez and Galvis? You don’t know by now what you have there? Notwithstanding the trade value point, which has merit. But, the same point could be made with Ruf.

    Altherr maybe. Dugan isn’t ready (not a negative, just not his time).

    1. I am not high on Ruf, but his bat can/should play. Ryne’s lineup construction has been miserable this year and his management of the bullpen hasn’t been any better.

      On Dugan: why exactly is he “not ready” and why is it “just not his time”? He’s 23, can play above average defense in RF, and gets on base at a tremendous rate to go along with some gap power. I understand if you’re saying that you’d rather he finished the year in the minors and just went to the AFL because of some of the early season injury issues, but to arbitrarily say that it’s “just not his time” is disingenuous.

      1. Look, I too like the guy a lot, I would like to see him finish the year in the minors. I also, would like to see how he handles AAA. I am anxious to follow his development in the AFL.

        I agree with you also on the management of the Phillies bullpen. I think that they ruin a lot of potentially good arms. Geary and Stutes are two examples of the past. One of the 2, I think logged 55-65 games one year. Diekman, I think 5 or 6 games straight at one point this year. Bottalico this past week mentioned that managers don’t understand the stress they put on the pens arms. I believe that is true with the Phils.

        1. BP burn out Its not just a phillies problem it is a league wide problem just ask Joe Girardi and the Yankees. When your starting pitching goes down not much a manager can do to save the BP other than shuffle guys up and down.

          Even more difficult if you are a team in the hunt.

          1. Back in the day, teams would have a “long man” to come inro the game (if the starting pitcher went out early) and pitch a few innings. The Phillies really need someone like that the way they have used the bullpen in recent years. Having a “long man” also allows the manager to give the starter the early hook if he doesn’t have it that day. Instead, starters often give up 5 or 6 runs before being removed. What the Phillies have is a plethora of hard-throwing relievers, most of them left-handed by the way, who can generally only pitch one inning or at most two. This type of bullpen seems to me to be a throwback to the days when we had four ace starters who almost always went into the seventh inning. Newsflash! We don’t have that anymore.

            1. Well, I think that was supposed to be the Jefferson Manship’s role, but he couldn’t keep runs off the board well enough. Maybe Brad Lincoln can be that guy.

            2. Manship certainly did not pitch well, but even when he was having good outings, he usually only went 1 or 2 innings.

        2. If the managers don’t understand the stress they are putting on the bullpen arms, as per Bottalico, don’t the pitching coaches have input?

    2. Galvis and Hernandez are both only 24; I don’t think we have a complete picture on either yet. Galvis isn’t as bad as his trial earlier this year would indicate. Not to say we should project either guy as a starter, but I also don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t be called up.

      Also, to believe that Dugan isn’t ready is one thing, but what makes you say Altherr gets a maybe while Dugan gets a definite no? Ability to be a defensive replacement in CF? I’d give Dugan a look, even though he’s probably going to open next season in AAA no matter what. It would give him some exposure to a level he’ll hopefully reach next year and lets hit recoup some of the ABs he lost while injured this year.

  9. I really wish Ruben would just admit that Howards contract was a bad move and play Ruf at first. Ruf may not be an all-star caliber player, but he has power. They have given Brown plenty of playing time and given him every opportunity to win a starting job. Why hasn’t Ruf be given his chance at least? We know Howard will eventually be released, Why not throw Ruf in and see if he can put up decent numbers? At least he could be a piece moving forward or build some trade value. Sandberg can’t play him because Ruben lives in fantasy land and its hurting the organization. He deserves to start either in LF or 1st everyday! You can’t tell me that his defense is worse than Howard or Brown.

    I am looking forward to seeing Franco get called up. IMO he should spend some time at first and leave Asche at third. Asche’s defense has come along nicely and I think his bat has potential. I see Asche being able to hit around .265 with 20 or so home runs in the future. Not crazy good numbers at third, but definitely an upgrade over guys like Polanco, Pedro Feliz, Nunez, Bell etc.

    MAG and Martin are 2 guys to keep an eye on. They both are capable of starting or coming out of the pen so it will be interesting to see what happens with them between now and the end of spring training.

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