Box Score Recap – 8/28/2014

Maikel Franco again – this time, not as good a story. He was pulled in the fifth inning of last night’s game. Not called up, as some had speculated, but rather pulled by his manager for unknown reasons. Speculation on Twitter was that it was related to his dropping a pop-up, though he wasn’t even charged with an error, so unless he dropped it because he didn’t hustle to get to it, I don’t know. Didn’t see it. At least he wasn’t pulled for throwing food items at a team employee, like some people.

MAG struck out five in 1.2 IP, but he did allow two of Phillippe Aumont’s runners he inherited to score. Cesar Hernandez had four hits and a walk, and Cam Perkins had three plus a walk. Cesar was a home run short of the cycle, while Perkins is back about .200 on the year, and has hit in five straight, including a three-hit game at the beginning of that run. I imagine it’ll be a good boost for his off-season if he hits a bunch over this weekend, too. Hoby Milner proving once again why wins are especially dumb in the minors – he allowed seven hits and walked five in six innings for the win. Do you want that kind of performance to be counted as “good”? I don’t. Good for him that he managed to work around all that mess and allow only one run, but even David Blaine couldn’t keep up that act over a full season.

Roman Quinn was back in the lineup after a late scratch the night before. So that’s nice. Hope you all have been reading Jim Peyton’s reports from CLR and GCL all year. He wrapped CLR up yesterday evening, and GCL yesterday afternoon, as CLR is done with home games and GCL is just done. Franklyn Kilome pitched well for GCL – he’s one to watch.

Willians Astudillo pushing for the SAL batting title is now hitting .340 after a 3-4 yesterday. He’s got something like nine hundred singles this month, and four doubles, no triples or no homers. I was criticized in the comments for calling him a “singles hitter”. He does have 35 XBH on the year, and Lakewood is a low power environment, so maybe we’ll see some more homers next year in CLR, but the guy is ISOing .104 – that’s Jose Altuve territory. Not exactly a slugger. I hope we see him behind the plate as much as possible, wherever he’s playing, as that’s where he’s got a chance to add value to a team.

And finally, a really nice night from Ricardo Pinto. I’ve mentioned him before, but this one was really impressive. 1R 1HR 3H 3BB 9K in 7IP. And to drive home my point from earlier – he got the loss. He’s struck out 48 and walked just 15 in 47 IP for WIL this year and he’s got a 1-5 W/L record. WINS ARE DUMB, is my point. I know for most of you I’m preaching to the choir. Just something I saw last week got me amped up about pitcher wins again. To be honest, I can’t even remember what it was anymore.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-28-14 boxscores

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  1. Although I mostly like what the Phillies did in the draft, I am disappointed that we do not have any high upside high school picks coming to Lakewood or Williamsport next year from GCL. Why cant we draft good college players and sign 2-3 high school guys to overslot deals? Is that too much to ask. Why does it have to be one or the other? Sorry for the rant.

    1. Seriously? That has been the Phillies draft philosophy for like…5 years now. Literally exactly what you just said.

    2. No high upside guys there, just Sandberg, Tromp, Pinto, Garcia, Kilome, Encarnacion, Grullon, Pujols, McWilliams, Alezones, J Hernandez

      Instead of high upside high school guys what you are going to see are some toolsy college kids and a huge influx of latin players with big ceilings. And Williamsport gets half filled from the draft anyway

      1. Matt, all I am saying is the more the merrier. We had a chance to draft an sign some high schoolers in the sixth to tenth rds and we did not. How many of those guys u listed are doing well? Tromp on his second time through ?

        1. In terms of ability all of them have stepped forward this year (maybe not on a stat line). The Latin pitchers have been absolutely dominant.
          As for the draft they had to go underslot in the 9th and 10th round to pay Oliver, a second round talent they got in the 4th round. They took a HSer in the 8th, in the 6th and 7th they went safe, a lot of guys like Marerro and Leibrandt could be a steal if he finds 1-2 mph. It wasn’t like they just didn’t take guys because they didn’t want. After failing to convince any of the HS guys late to sign they have turned around have spent that money on some live armed college guys, a couple of which are very interesting.

  2. Garett its the Phillies way. Why when we didn’t have first round draft choice, didn’t we spend money in latin or Cuban market?? same thing. I really wish John Middleton takes over and buys this team.

      1. Yes and no. The Phillies never went over-slot for an early-round draftee. The slot suggestions were the 11th Commandment for them. They were often willing to go $300-800K for a guy in later rounds, but usually ‘earned’ that money through under-slot (compared to ‘suggested slot’ — I realize this pre-dated the present hard slots) in the first 10 rounds, with some truly waste college senior early signings.

  3. I saw MAG’s outing on MILB.TV archives this morning.

    As for the hit, it was a bleeder past the second baseman on a very good curve ball – just an old fashioned seeing eye hit on a good pitche – no failing on the part of MAG.

    As for MAG he looked really good. Under the assumption that the LhV gun is about 1-2 MPH slow I added 1 MPH to his pitches. His fastball sat 92-95; touching 96 – it’s a good pitch that really becomes special (truly has extra life) when it hits about 95. I’d say it’s above average bordering on plus. When he locates it well, it’s pretty much a plus pitch. He varies speed on the pitch intentionally as a good starter would do (i.e. not like Rosenberg, who throws one 94 MPH fastball after another). His curve is also an above average pitch which can flash plus.

    His most interesting sequence was during the last batter he faced. He threw a 95 MPH on the outside black of the plate. It was a strike (he was walking off the field) but was called a ball. He next threw another 95 MPH fastball on the insider of the plate – it probably missed by a hair and was called a ball too as he was again walking off the field. He was really pissed and glared at the ump – probably not a good thing. There was a mound conference to calm him down and on the next pitch he threw an awesome curve that struck out the batter – it was one of his best pitches of the night.

    MAG is a competitor. The dude is a man. When you’ve had to wait all your life to defect, I assume that facing a hitter in a AAA game is not all that scary. Ultimately, he probably does have starter stuff if he can retain his velocity more than an inning or two, but if he’s in the back end of the bullpen he’s agot a lot of upside too. This may be a very good signing yet.

    1. I actually had written him off towards the beginning of the year, this turn around has been remarkable. Good for him (and the phillies!)

      1. Me too. So even if he becomes a bullpen piece for $4M a year ($6M if you want to count this years price towards the deal), having him with diekman, Giles and Papelbon could make us a real shut down pen.

        If he dominates, I’d have no problem trading Papelbon, making MAG the closer and if he does well, trade him too. That way we’d get some prospects and salary relief for two closers. And we’d also keep Giles’ arbitration prices a little lower if he was a setup man during the rebuilding years.

        1. Giles is much more suited to the closer role than MAG but MAG could be very very useful

          1. I think MAG could have a nice role as a setup man for Giles.

            If the Phillies want him to start I think he needs some time in AAA to adjust. I am not going to include his first three outings in Clearwater which skew his entire stat line but he has had a fantastic year from the bullpen.

            Outside of those outings his longest time on the mound has been two innings so I am not sure they are looking at him as a starter anymore.

            1. Everyone is forgetting that he was hurt to start the year. They brought him back too early and he didn’t do well. They brought him back again but this time he was healthy. That’s the difference not relieving or starting.

              The Phils have flat out said that they just wanted to get him on the mound this year and that’s why he’s in the pen while his arm continues to build strength. There is no reason he can’t be stretched out over the offseason and given a chance to start next year.

            2. I am hoping that he ends up as one of the setup men in the bullpen, a strength on this team, while the team pursues some down on their luck options for the back of the rotation like the Cubs have done over the past few years.

              The bullpen could be a real strength next year which would help the starting pitching.

              If they decide to stretch him out as a starter do they start him in LV or with the Phillies and what is the backup plan if he stumbles early?

          2. I believe he was saying to use MAG as the closer to build up his trade value and also to keep Giles value down for when arbitration comes up. At least that’s how I read it. Giles is def the closer of the future.

        2. I’d have no problem trading Papelbon regardless of what MAG does, if the Phillies could get anything the least bit worthwhile in return.

          This team does NOT need a high-priced relief pitcher.

          1. I think if somebody just wanted to take Paps and his bloated salary and then give a bag of balls or some doughnuts in exchange the Phils would have done it

            1. It think it comes down to what Amaro wanted in return. Everyone at the deadline said that he wanted MLB ready guys for his players.

              I think Gillick tried to teach him how to sell with the Hernandez trade. Hopefully we get more of them this offseason.

              Even if we get just an A level prospect to remove the $13 million is a big deal.

    2. Catch – no doubt re Mag. And at 3.5 mil for a potential 7th or 8th inning guy, that’s a bargain if he can perform well. he doesn’t need to be a starter for the Phils to recoup some sort of value. And if he does perform well at that salary, he may even become a valuable trade commodity

  4. Also very happy to see some life from Cam Perkins, who I still have some hope for. Ge has hit at every level, and had a very hard time at AAA, but finishing with some positives, I hope. Looking for him to adapt next year and have a very good AAA season.

  5. Really nice start from Mecias. Nice to see at least one of last year’s pitching arm injuries recovering.

  6. Travis D’Arnaut our former prospect is having concussion issues. The Mets are considering moving him from catcher to Left Field to prevent concussions. Hope the young man can stay healthy.

    1. d’Arnaud is a lot like Joseph. His bat players up behind the plate but once he’s at first or in left, he’s not very interesting. d’Arnaud would have to really get his OBP close to .350 and have a good slugging percentage to stay in left. And that assumes he’d be a good fielder which is enitrely unknown.

      1. I’m guessing their hope is that a year away from catching might solve the concussion problem. I agree with you, neither D’Arnaud nor Joseph is the least bit interesting at a position other than catching.

        1. correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t D’arnaud’s offensive profile like a 5 hole hitter. I read that a little while ago.

    2. Unless I missed some news, d’Arnaud is currently healthy, catching and playing well. I saw the report that they were considering a move, but it seems unlikely and more preventative than reactionary.

      He’s actually hit quite well since July, with a notable amount of power. It’s too bad it’s with the Mets, but it’s good to see he’s having success.

  7. What is with the Pitchers and wins rant beavis I mean Brad. We’re all on your side with that one.

    I know I know if you’re beavis that makes Larry Butthead

  8. I also am hoping that Cam Perkins can carry some momentum into next season. As we are seeing with Franco, it can take some time to make the jump from AA to AAA.

    I recall reading the Middleton has the first option to buy the Buck shares. I don’t know for certain, though.

  9. 97.5 The Fanatic reported yesterday that Monty is stepping down indefinitely because of health problems and Gillick is taking his place. While I would never celebrate a decent guy’s health problems especially when it’s cancer (I believe I read somewhere that is the case), this does give me some hope for the future. I believe that Monty may have been holding Rube back. I’m not sure, but I have a hunch.

    That would also explain the recent haul for Fausto. Gillick steps in and directs Rube on which players to grab and what’s a decent return. If Gillick is going to micromanage Rube through this offseason and next trade deadline, I’m actually ok with us not firing him for another year. I can’t believe I just typed those words but Gillick is a god in my eyes.

    1. Gillick is a good GM, even a HOF GM however the World Series team should be credited more to Ed Wade then Gillick. Wade built that team. He also built Houston’s farm system as well. His issue here was that he didn’t have any money to work with (which was kinda the same in Houston). I’d actually be interested to see what he could do as a GM with deep pockets. Wade is a really good talent evaluator.

      1. Whoa….you may have very well opened up Pandora’s Box with that Ed Wade analysis. There are some on here who do not feel that way.
        I thought he didn’t get enough credit for the Rollins/Utley/Howard/Chooch/Hamels acquisitions, but then again he did trade Schilling and Rolen and came up short on return value.

        1. Look back on trades of players who have basically demanded trades . . . Where other GMs knew that the trading GM was in a corner, you’ll never get great value outta those trades.

          And not for nothing but Polanco put up decent numbers during his first stint
          2002 – .296/.353/.427
          2003 – .289/.352/.447
          2004 – .298/.345/.441
          2005 – .316/.376/.418

          Timlin posted an ERA under 4 as well. Bud Smith who didn’t pitch for the Phillies was a top 50 prospect in baseball 2 years prior to being in that trade. So maybe he didn’t get a huge haul for Rolen, I’d say it was ok ESP for it being known that Rolen wanted out.

          In the Schilling trade they got Padilla who actually was above league average (ERA+) 3 years with the Phillies with an All Star appearance and an ERA under 4 during his tenure. Travis Lee was looked at as a player who needed a change of scenery (he was a top 10 prospect in baseball). Figueroa was well haha but wait he pitched to above league average as well. And Omar Daal was Omar Daal.

          1. But when push comes to shove…..who got the better of the deals….Arizona (Curt SChilling)/Cardinals(Scott Rolen) or the Phillies?

            1. Oh obviously. I don’t think there was any doubt that whoever got those guys would have got the better of the deal. I mean Rolen was arguably one of the best 3B in the game at that point. And Schilling was one of the best RHP too. I was just saying its rare to get a haul when it’s known that you are trading someone.

        2. That is a re-writing of history. Wade deserves credit for not trading the Howards, Utleys and Rollinses He was horrible at trades. We traded top players in Rolen and Shilling. In addition, don’t you recall his famous “add terrible Relievers at the Trade Deadline” 3 straight years, when the team needed a boost? And, with the Farm System, how much was Arbuckle?

        1. If Monty cannot come back, then there can be a scenario where Giillick, steps down after 6/9 months and Ruben gets promoted to the President’s position.
          Then he turns to his friendy Ed Wade and wallah….our new GM.

          1. The new GM if there is one will come from another organization mostly for the fan base appeasement.

    2. You are a fool to see Gillick as a god. He’s not much different than RAJ. Same kind of shunning of statistics in favor of traditional scouting. Only difference is Amaro was known for trying to make big splashes. Gillick has made some of the worst moves in the history of the franchise. Including the Adam Eaton signing and the trade for Freddy Garcia. In no way was Gillick responsible for the true core of the Phillies 08 world championship (although he did add Werth in).

      1. That is a little harsh. While Gillick may not be a stat nerd he has a very good eye for talent and helped build the Blue Jays World Series teams in 1992 and 1993 along with the Phillies in 2008.

        Every GM has made good and bad signings over their career. Gillick is no different.

        The exception is that Gillick has built multiple championship teams while Amaro dismantled one.

        1. Amaro didn’t dismantle a championship team. He improved on it until the championship caliber core got too old. This likely would have been the same fate the team faced had Gillick stuck around for the same period of time, although maybe he wouldn’t have made the big trades for Lee or Halladay.

          1. Oh really? Mostly everyone on this site blames players outside the “core” for our horrible play. Last I checked, Gillick had a way of finding those diamond in the rough type players that contribute

        2. I don’t understand your down votes. People on this site refuse to acknowledge how bad we have been the last 3 seasons. Morons

            1. David, when you start your tenure at the summit of Mount Everest there is no direction but downward- no matter how you look at it. It is too bad we did not have the fountain of youth for our star players and that they age just like the rest of us.

            2. Who was the GM when we won the World Series? Gillick or Amaro? Just curious how we got better under Amaro’s first three years.

              Yes he added players but at the cost of depleting the farm system and he never won a World Series.

              From the World Series win it has been a steady downward progression.

            3. David, can you tell us who Amaro traded away that has become an truly outstanding player? D’Arnaurd and Cosart have had their moments this year but I can’t think of anyone else who has been consistently good. Lastly, how can you go any higher than being the World Series Champion in baseball? The Cardinals and Giants are going through the same cycle. The Phillies just held on to their main players far too long without replacing them with younger players for whatever reason.

      2. And victorino I believe? Plus an adequate bench and bullpen. He put together TEAMS, not NAMES

  10. Gillick does have a pretty good eye for finding good prospects but in the old school way…by observation which often is not revealing of his worth without factoring in today’s stat analysis. IF Gillick is about to operate the team in place of Montgomery, does that lessen the chance that the franchise will be sold….?

    Though investment in the future via prospects selection seems to be under way, the real problem has been not paying out to sign prospects like solar….reflecting Cubs’ Epstein determination to lift that franchise to post season play.

    NOW, it is an absolute MUST that they sign that other Cuban OFer. That could set the pace for a better future and fill one big hole in the lineup. And, getting smart with opening the wallet, signing 2-3 other outstanding LA prospects..

    If they did that NOW, we could look forward to better baseball times sooner rather than later. The Cuban OFer would join the other worthies of Crawford, Valentin, Quinn, Franco and Nola as the core of a competitive team and with the further development of Asche. So, 6 in the bag ,add the Cuban push for a better future sooner.


    1. I agree that we need to strike in terms of getting the Cuban outfielder. It would be a huge upgrade but at the same time we need to make some decisions regarding Byrd, Brown, and Ruf.

      If we sign Tomas the outfield will look feature Revere and Tomas with Byrd, Brown, Mayberry, and Ruf fighting for the final spot.

      I would love to see them bite the bullet and move Byrd allowing Brown one last shot at a starting role. If he falters you can work Ruf into the mix and look for a replacement in the offseason until one of the prospects pushes for a role.

      I would not move Revere yet. I have liked him since the start of the year before it was cool. A lot of stat people do not like him because he is a contact hitter but or his salary he brings good value. Is his defense a little suspect? Yeah but it is not like you are paying $10 million for him. He gets paid $2.9 million which is good value for his bat and stolen bases.

      If Howard did more from the four spot boy would he look great.

    2. Some good points, but IMO I do not put Valentin up there with Franco, Nola, Quinn and Crawford (Tomas, the cuban OF as well) . There is a chance Valentin could be an everyday second baseman, but I am not overly excited about him as of now. I think he could be a nice utility guy. Asche is a nice ball player who works hard, but I do not know where he fits in long term. If he can adequately play LF he may be able to stick there, but he needs to be able to hit over .250 consistently and drive the ball more.

      1. 1. It is Asche’s rookie year.

        2. He has hit from the 7 or 8 spot the entire year. These are the positions where you put the poorest hitters, usually guys near the Mendoza line.

        What do people expect from the 8 spot?

        1. 3B is not the position you bat 7th or 8th. I don’t think there are many people to think his bat plays at third long term. I think Asche is going to get better, but I don’t think he has solidified himself as a piece moving forward. Franco could come up and impress so people in the last month of the season. By the end of the next spring training Franco may win the 3B job. Asche may end up in LF next season where if he can hit .260 or so with 15+ home runs and have a decent OBP theres value. That would certainly be an upgrade over the offensive production we’ve gotten this year.

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