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2016 Spring Training and the Affiliates’ Rosters, April 1st

Spring training is grinding to its conclusion.  The Phillies blew a 9th inning lead against Baltimore at CBP and the minor leaguers played their last games at the Complex and in Dunedin.  Saturday, the second Futures Game, the final game before the start of regular season games, will be played at CBP. Continue reading 2016 Spring Training and the Affiliates’ Rosters, April 1st

2016 Spring Training, March 31st

Spring training continues with the Futures Game in Reading tonight (the Futures got pounded 19-4 in seven innings), a game against Baltimore tomorrow, and another Futures Game at CBP on Saturday.  With 26 prospects up north for the futures games, I was curious how those left in Clearwater would make up the 4 teams for today’s minor league games. Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 31st

2016 Spring Training, March 30th

The Phillies’ spring training in Clearwater came to an end today.  Many of my friends and acquaintances are saddened by this occurrence.  Not me.  Now, I can return to my normal routine.  I can park at the Carpenter Complex instead of at the tennis courts a mile away.  Go north you Phillies.  Take your fans with you and let me get back to watching and reporting on the players at the low levels of the stateside affiliates. Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 30th

2016 Spring Training, March 29th (and the Future’s Roster)

The Phillies had a 7-1 loss washed off the books when the game was halted after four innings.  The minor league games against the Blue Jays, on the other hand, were moved up to 10:00AM because the guys in charge can do that without worrying about advance ticket sales.  ‘Cause there are none.  It’s left to us minor league fans to scramble when the phone/tweet tree spreads the news of a change in start time. Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 29th (and the Future’s Roster)

2016 Spring Training, March 28th

The Phillies lost another game, 2-1 to the Blue Jays in Dunedin.  Darin Ruf crushed his 4th HR to center field, and  Vince Velasquez pitched 6.0, 2-hit innings allowing 3 BB and 8 K. But, the bullpen blew another late lead on a 2-out, 2-run HR in the eighth inning.

The minor league games were cancelled, so there were 2 intrasquad games at the Complex.  I watched the game between Teams 1 and 2,  mostly AAA and AA guys with a few A+ guys tossed in.  I won’t get to see guys like Quinn, Crawford, Hoskins, and Knapp once they go north.  So I opted to watch this game without regard for the pitchers. Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 28th

2016 Spring Training, March 23rd

The Phillies lost a game in Kissimmee to the Astros, their last trip there since the Astros are moving to another Florida location next spring.  Some guy named Giles got the save.

We had large crowds at the Carpenter Complex yesterday and today.  I have short reports on the action both days, and a little video.   Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 23rd

2016 Spring Training, March 21st

The Phillies traveled to Lakeland’s Joker Marchant Stadium Monday to take on Detroit Tigers.  Aaron Nola gave up one run in 6.0, 2-hit innings and the Phillies won 4-3.  They only managed 3 hits, but 8 walks and a Cedric Hunter 2-run home run paved the way to a   4-1 lead in the top of the seventh inning.  The bullpen managed to hold on for the win.

With the Phillies on the road, there was a larger than normal crowd at the Carpenter Complex.   Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 21st

2016 Spring Training, March 20th

While the Phillies were beating the Astros in Bright House Field, several pitchers who missed facing live hitters due to Saturday’s cancellation got their work pitching for Groups 3 and 4 against the Pirates.  This was to the chagrin of most observers who would rather that the young pitchers in the organization not lose 6-7 innings to pitchers who are likely to be released or end up in Lehigh Valley.
Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 20th

Updated 2016 Work Groups and the Roster Crunch

The Phillies made some roster changes last week.  They optioned a few players to their minor league affiliates, reassigned some non-roster invitees to minor league camp, and released a handful of players.  With all the bodies moving around, the minor league work groups were expanded to five, and some players were moved to new groups.  The most recent list was provided by Murray yesterday in a comments thread.  The list doesn’t include Stassi and Featherston. Continue reading Updated 2016 Work Groups and the Roster Crunch

2016 Spring Training, March 19th

Rainy day here in Florida.  The Phillies 1:00PM start against the Blue Jays in Dunedin was cancelled.  Today out will be their last day off down here barring another rain out.  Over at the Carpenter Complex, the minor league games were moved up to 10:00AM to beat the weather.  Nice try.  A lightning strike in the distance over Bright House Field signaled the end of baseball before 11:00AM.   Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 19th