2016 Spring Training, March 19th

Rainy day here in Florida.  The Phillies 1:00PM start against the Blue Jays in Dunedin was cancelled.  Today out will be their last day off down here barring another rain out.  Over at the Carpenter Complex, the minor league games were moved up to 10:00AM to beat the weather.  Nice try.  A lightning strike in the distance over Bright House Field signaled the end of baseball before 11:00AM.  

Rain 3-19-16This is what sadness looks like in Clearwater.  This is the fully-tarped infield on Steve Carlton Field.  Just a quarter hour before I took this picture, Yacksel Rios was throwing well on this field.

Groups 4 and 5 made the bus trip across the causeway to Tampa.  Groups 1 and 2 were scheduled to play the Yankees. Group 5 was set to play a South Florida Winter League team.  It’s a scout team made up of players age 19 to 25.

The Phillies rearranged their work groups when they created work group 5.  The groups are closer to being aligned along affiliate lines, but the Lehigh Valley coaches were still with the parent club this morning.  Just remember that these group assignments are still fluid, and are sometimes just a suggestion.  Today, Seranthony Dominguez and “C” Randolph were with Group 5 rather than their assigned Group 4.  You can view the current work groups here.

Some other roster transactions:

  • Brock Stassi was reassigned to minor league camp today.  Tayler Featherston was optioned to Lehigh Valley.   Neither has been assigned to a group, yet.  Expect both to be in Group 1.
  • There are 5 unassigned pitchers at the bottom of Group 5 – Andrew Anderson, Austin Davis, Scott Harris, Brandon Leibrandt, Mark Leiter.  Probably injured.
  • Jesus (Manuel) Chavez, who has been on loan to the Mexican League the past 2 years, has dropped off the work group list.  He had been in Group 2 originally.  No explanation.
  • There are still almost 2 dozen players in the major league camp who have to be optioned, reassigned, traded, or released.  Of the 48 players still in camp, not including injured Matt Harrison (back) and Aaron Altherr (wrist), three are likely to start the season on the DL if they remain on the 40-man – Cody Asche (oblique) who is only now trying to play the field but not batting, Mario Hollands who is rehabbing from TJ surgery, and Michael Mariot who hasn’t pitched an inning yet this spring.

I did manage to watch some baseball.  The starters were Alec Asher (G1), Yacksel Rios (G2), and Seranthony Dominguez (G5).  In the only video I have, Yacksel Rios strikes out a Yankee batter.

Rios was throwing his fastball at 92-93 mph.  He got the K in the video on a 92 mph FB.  He got another K swinging on an 82 mph slider.  In between Mitch Walding made a nice play charging a ball to complete an out at first base.

Meanwhile, Asher gave up a home run over in the Group 1 game.

Back in the Group 5 game, Dominguez was throwing a lot of pitches in his two innings. Carlos Indriago was brought in before Dominguez could finish his scheduled second inning.  Dominguez threw 92-94, T95.

I remained at the Group 5 game to watch three young prospects bat.

  • “C” Randolph started in left field and grounded out to second in his only at bat.  He looked fine.
  • Jhailyn Ortiz stroked a hard hit, line drive single to left.
  • Lucas Williams struck out.

It was during Williams at bat that I saw the lightning strike in the distance beyond Bright House Field.  When the Phillies half-inning was over, the umpires called the game.

Only 2 other items of note.

  • Quinn was written down as the lead off hitter and starting center fielder.  He was scratched and replaced by KC Serna.  No explanation.
  • Harold Martinez must have reached some sort of big name status.  He was listed on the line up card simply as Harold.

Sunday’s games against the Pirates are scheduled to start at 1:00PM.  Both Class A teams are scheduled to be at the Complex.

12 thoughts on “2016 Spring Training, March 19th

  1. I was hoping they pulled Quinn because they knew it was going to rain soon and they didn’t want a guy with leg injuries playing on a wet field. Just a guess. He looked fine walking around after they pulled hm out. Also in the Joe Jordan interview over at Phillies Nation he says that Liebrandt and Leiter are rehabbing and due back in May plus Anderson is also rehabbing but is ahead of the other two. He also mentioned Anderson looks very good so fingers crossed on a guy I liked a few years ago.

  2. Two things I notice from the video you provided. One is pjous has a quick bat. but is really thin. which everyone knows. Secon from the video my man Nick Fanti looks small, nice easy motion. But I really don’t know his velocity. wish I did. But with fanti its all based on what I read about him when he was in high school.

  3. Jay Floyd (@PhoulBallz) ……3/19/16, 10:13 PM
    Kenny Giles this spring for Houston…0-2 record, 9.00 ERA, .313 batting avg against, 2K, 3BB, 4IP. #mlb
    …..still early for Giles to get straightened out…..but in business it really is not a good idea to skunk someone in a deal.

    1. This comment in no way a negative reflection of Giles (who I love), but we won the deal the moment Velasquez was included. The addition of Appel made it a laughable steal. This is the same position I contended on the day of the trade

      1. I more or less agree, though Jonathan Arauz could be a second base factor for them in 3/4 years…Jose Altuve will be 28 years old in his FA year of 2018 and probably will command big bucks , and they will also have to pay Carlos Correa, plus a few pitchers, so I could see Arauz, ‘IF’ he progresses like many think he can, coming in to their middle infield and vying for their future second baseman.

    1. Good view of the severe Perkins’ bat waggle I tweeted/wrote about when he made his Grapefruit League appearance with the Phillies. I likened it to a “buggy whip”.

  4. I have not seen much discussion about Caesar Hernandez this spring so far so I thought I would post his numbers

    BA .351
    AB 37
    Hits 13
    SB 5
    OBP .442
    OPS ,901

    This does not include his first inning home run today. I am thinking Hernandez is an everyday second baseman. He just keeps getting better. Remember he won a batting title and stole 32 bases at Lehigh valley in 2013. The guy can hit and run.

    Hit .272 with 19 SBs last year for the big club. Don’t sleep on him.

    1. I talked about him last year. But all the saber guys think he cant hit, I just don’t understand when you look at him . and then Sweeney how can you think Sweeney is anything special.

      1. rocco……from his minor league metrics contact ability was not an issue….14% Krate which is good,and an average BB rate of 8% with a 294/359 BA/OBP, with close to 2700PAs, however he didn’t have much power..his ISO didn’t scream loud.

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