Daily Archives: March 31, 2016

2016 Spring Training, March 31st

Spring training continues with the Futures Game in Reading tonight (the Futures got pounded 19-4 in seven innings), a game against Baltimore tomorrow, and another Futures Game at CBP on Saturday.  With 26 prospects up north for the futures games, I was curious how those left in Clearwater would make up the 4 teams for today’s minor league games. Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 31st

And the Survey Says … (March 2016)

I occasionally receive and respond to survey requests.  My location in Clearwater, my ability to attend a lot of baseball activities from February thru November, and my continued involvement with Phuture Phillies provides me with the opportunity to actually see the players in person whom I write about.

Recently I received a request Continue reading And the Survey Says … (March 2016)

2016 Spring Training, March 30th

The Phillies’ spring training in Clearwater came to an end today.  Many of my friends and acquaintances are saddened by this occurrence.  Not me.  Now, I can return to my normal routine.  I can park at the Carpenter Complex instead of at the tennis courts a mile away.  Go north you Phillies.  Take your fans with you and let me get back to watching and reporting on the players at the low levels of the stateside affiliates. Continue reading 2016 Spring Training, March 30th