Updated 2016 Work Groups and the Roster Crunch

The Phillies made some roster changes last week.  They optioned a few players to their minor league affiliates, reassigned some non-roster invitees to minor league camp, and released a handful of players.  With all the bodies moving around, the minor league work groups were expanded to five, and some players were moved to new groups.  The most recent list was provided by Murray yesterday in a comments thread.  The list doesn’t include Stassi and Featherston.

The current groups can be found here in worksheet form.  I’ll update as necessary through the end of camp.

I’m not familiar with Google Sheets.  Hopefully you can print and download and make your own updates.  If so, here’s another worksheet.   This one includes the players who are still in major league camp.  The column titles have been edited to specify the team/affiliate that is generally connected with each group.  And contains the number of allowable roster spots in parenthesis.

As we try to guess the final rosters of all the teams, we are faced with this – a lot of players need to be added to DLs, traded, or released.  A few of the non-roster players have clauses in their contracts that grant then free agency if they aren’t on the ML roster by a certain date.  But the simple fact remains – there aren’t enough roster spots to go around.

I count 188 roster spots –

  • 25 on the major league roster
  • 24 Lehigh Valley
  • 24 Reading
  • 25 Clearwater
  • 25 Lakewood
  • 30 Williamsport
  • 35 GCL

The Phillies currently have 197 players in both camps, plus 12 other guys –

  • 21 catchers
  • 44 infielders
  • 33 outfielders
  • 99 pitchers
  • 10 guys who project to start the season on a DL (italics on the worksheet)
  • 1 guy who may be on loan to the Mexican League (italics on the worksheet)
  • 1 guy on a restricted list (italics on the worksheet)

If you project ahead to roughly 30 players signed out of the 2016 Amateur Draft, you come up with 239 players for 188 roster spots.

There are 23 players in Group 5.  Even if all 30 draft signees are assigned to the two rookie teams, they will still need a dozen players to fill out their rosters.  I don’t see 12 players in the other groups who can be/need to be assigned to the rookie teams again.

While some movement from left to right is certain, and while some additional players will be added to the various DLs, we are still looking at removing 2-3 dozen players from the current work groups.

I think most of the pain will be felt at the top of the organization from the Phillies list and Group 1.  But, finding 30 players to “process” is a difficult task.


21 thoughts on “Updated 2016 Work Groups and the Roster Crunch

  1. The numbers at OF are in fair balance. Except for the Allentown level, the IF also in fair balance. A few too many catchers and several excess pitchers at every level other than SS. There are quite a few totally expendable pitchers on these lists. A lot of less than great talent in the Allentown IF group. The toughest decisions are likely at catcher.

    1. agree on catcher. To that point where do u see Arencibia going? Having a great spring. In a perfect world would be him and Knapp on bigs, but what about Ruiz?

      1. The other JP will go to LHV as the first up catcher in case of injury and he’ll play some 1b, C and DH.

  2. This is so awesome. Is there anyone on any of these lists that we would consider org filler, and a non-prospect? Only a couple I would consider filler, but none that I would say is a complete non-prospect.

    1. what are the chances Stumpf sticks with the team? I think he may be worth taking a shot at.

      1. He reminds me of Jake Diekman in his delivery and mechanics.
        So far he has had only one below average outing.

        1. I think that’s true out of ST. I’m not sure he is able to stick with the team all year, but he’ll start with the Phillies and we’ll see how things go from there.

    2. Quite a few. Looking just at Group 1, I’d say Alonso, Fox, Tommy Joseph, Harold Martinez, K C Serna, Joel Fisher, Andrew Pullin, Jeremy Bleich, Greg Burke, Miguel Gonzales.

  3. Any chance some of these guys, like an Ortiz, go back to the Dominican academy? That could free up a bit of the logjam.

    1. NO! You just don’t send the $4 million man back to the Dominican Academy. That will be the fate of some others, who likely are just in ST for more intensive coaching from the states-based instructors and so that the whole organization can form an assessment of them. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see one of the young catchers and several pitchers head back to DSL when that league begins. Until then they will all just be part of the extended ST group at CLW, receiving intensive instruction.

      1. Actually I believe the Phillies now have two teams in the DSL…the old Ven league team is now there also. or maybe another team in another DR league.
        I could be wrong on that but I think that was their intention..

    2. It shouldnt have to be said, but Jhailyn Ortiz won’t spend 10 seconds in the DSL.

  4. I’m curious to see if they use 6 starters everywhere. Lots of arms so 6 could work

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