2016 Spring Training and the Affiliates’ Rosters, April 1st

Spring training is grinding to its conclusion.  The Phillies blew a 9th inning lead against Baltimore at CBP and the minor leaguers played their last games at the Complex and in Dunedin.  Saturday, the second Futures Game, the final game before the start of regular season games, will be played at CBP.

The minor league camp will have practice and maybe a couple intrasquad games before camp breaks Saturday and the players head for the airport for Lakewood, Reading, and Lehigh Valley.  The Threshers will cross the Complex fields and take up residence in Bright House Field.

About 60 players will remain in Clearwater for Extended Spring Training (XST).  Tuesday another 20 players will arrive from the Dominican Academy to join the players at the Carpenter Complex.

After camp days on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, XST games begin on Monday, April 11th. For the next 9 weeks, weekday games are scheduled at 1:00PM, 10:00AM on Saturdays.  Wednesdays are camp days, and Sundays are off days.   According to the schedule, the Blue Jays are looking for games on Wednesdays, so maybe some more games make it onto the schedule.

2016 XST schedule – page 1

2016 XST schedule – page 2

The new minor league rosters were available at the Complex.  They are current as of March 31st.  However, they are subject to change.  Each team has more than their allotted number of active players, and there are still a couple more decisions to be made at the major league level.  We can also expect a bunch of players to go on the 15- and 60- day Disabled Lists (DL) from the Phillies roster and the 7-day DL in the minors.  Still, even with recent transactions, Cody Forsythe, Calvin Rayburn, and Reggie Wilson are unaccounted for. (Update: the Phillies announced transactions after Friday’s game that indicate that the document I received and circulated via twitter this afternoon was accurate.  All changes on the worksheet are correct as of 4/1/2016.)

I have updated the rosters with this most recent information here.

I watched Group 3 play for a while before drifting over to the Group 4 game to watch Bailey Falter pitch.

Falter wind up 4-1-2016
Bailey Falter winds up 4/1/2016.

Team 3: cf – Zach Coppola, ss-Drew Stankiewicz, 2b – Josh Tobias, dh – Kyle Martin, c – Deivy Grullon, lf – Cornelius Randolph, 3b – Luke Williams, 1b – Damek Tomscha, rf – Carlos Duran, dh – Wilson Garcia.  Venn Biter, Grenny Cumana, and Austin Bossart on the bench.Shane Watson started.

Falter follow through 4-1-2016
… and the pitch 4/1/2016.

Team 4: cf – Enmanuel Garcia, c – Gregori Rivero, dh – Luis Encarnacion, 1b – Brendon Hayden, rf – Jhailyn Ortiz, 3b – Jan Hernandez, ss – Emmanuel Marrero,  2b – Daniel Brito, dh –  Edwin Rodriguez, lf – Jesus Alastre.  Luis Espiritu and Rodolfo Duran on the bench. Tyler Gilbert started.


  • Josh Tobias ripped a ground double over the first base bag in his first at bat
  • “C” Randolph lined a lead off single to center on a 2-1 pitch.
  • Randolph missed a fly ball that became a double.  It appeared he may have lost it in the sun.  He was looking directly into it and others had similar difficulties through out the game.
  • Watson followed the Randolph play with a HBP and a HR.
  • Watson didn’t look to be particularly sharp.  He was hit pretty hard.  Even the outs.
  • Some of the people I stood with thought I should add the word “again” to the above.
  • Gandy Stubblefield replaced Watson and got hit around a little for the first time I saw this spring.
  • In his second at bat, Randolph flared a double down the left field line.
  • Duran grounded an RBI single to center.
  • Wilson Garcia followed with a hard ground single to center.
  • Alberto Tirado came on and struck out 3 batters – 2 looking on a FB and a CB, and one swinging at a FB.  They weren’t recording velocity on this field, so no velo on Tirado.
  • Over with Team 4, Bailey Falter was called in with runners on first and second with 2 outs.  He retired the batter on one pitch.  He followed that with a strong inning, allowing one base runner, throwing at 89 mph on the one reading we saw, and ended the inning with a backward K on what looked like a beautiful slider.

Falter retired this batter on one pitch with 2 inherited runners.  The fielder’s choice was induced against a right-handed batter.

A few more transactions: 

  • 3/31 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released LHP Edgar Ibarra.
  • 3/31 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released RHP Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez.
  • 3/31 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released RHP Greg Burke.
  • 3/31 – Lakewood BlueClaws released LF Chase Harris.
  • 3/31 – The Phillies reportedly released Ken Roberts.

I’ll be on hiatus for a while.  I’ll see that the Draft and Open discussions post over the next couple days.  I can schedule them to publish, but the content will be scaled back.  I hope to retrurn when the Threshers season begins.  See you later.


38 thoughts on “2016 Spring Training and the Affiliates’ Rosters, April 1st

  1. Thanks Jim for all your work on this site. Sleep in and take some long naps because the season will be upon us very quickly.

  2. I looked over the rosters. I know they’re subject to change but this is pretty close to how they’ll open the season. Some comments:

    The big league roster shouldn’t scare anyone. Outside of Herrera and Franco, I’d pitch to anyone on that roster, any time. I’m not sure there is anyone who can close a game on the roster. There could be a fair amount of pitching duels that go against the Phillies when the relievers show up.

    The AAA starting rotation is pretty impressive. AA too. Asher was fighting for a big league job and he slipped onto the AA roster. The first call up, if necessary, would be Morgan and then Buchanan (I assume). A+ has some upside arms and a lot of question marks in the rotation. That’s just what you’d assume would happen.

    Relievers meh. Biggest shocker is Tirado’s fall to LKW. Based on Top 30 discussions, some wanted him in AAA. I guess getting the ball over the plate trumps (please don’t let me use this word) how hard you throw it. I guess the heat is what makes him a prospect and if he gets it over the plate, then he’s a pitcher.

    AAA infielders don’t have much ion the way of prospects. Stassi is getting long in the tooth. Joseph’s on his last legs in the organization and must produce. Not sure when that could occur. I’m assuming Stassi gets most of the reps @ 1B. That’s Joseph’s only position. AA has the infield prospects. Hope to see some of them in AAA and possibly higher this year. I love that infield @ A+. Wait… Mitch Walding is still around? I’m hoping some of the LKW guys push the guys above them. Noticeably absent from ‘A’ is Encarnacion. I thought he should be pushed here but short-season ball will be his home.

    The AAA OF has some AAAA guys and some prospects. Hoping Nick Williams can push his way onto the big club by August. Other guys will get called up before him but hoping he’s ready when called. Quinn, Cozens and Aaron Brown should be fun to watch in AA. I love the A+ OF. Pullin can’t seem to break into AA but should be productive. I patiently wait for Tocci to explode and Rodriguez and Sandberg should show us whether they belong or not. ‘C’ should have some fun at LKW and start pushing some CLW guys.

  3. JP…..what is your take on Bailey Falter from his first year…last season to now, going into his second season? Any gun readings?
    I like to think in 4/5 years from now, barring pitcher ailments, he is our version of Blake Snell.

    1. Blake Snell? Their GCL years are eerily similar. I think I only saw Falter twice last summer. His FB was 86-89 as reported by Chris KIng. He was in and around the zone, stingy with walks, and got some strike outs. He seemed to have more than just a two-pitch repertoire, but that’s hard to assess on just a couple short outings.

      On and off the mound he exhibits solid make up. (He is one of the players who I engaged in conversation last summer. So, consider that, although I got some firsthand comments from him, I might also harbor an unintentional bias in his favor when writing about him.) He didn’t pitch much this spring. He felt a twinge in his thigh while performing his running drills the day of a start, and the medicos pulled him to be on the safe side. They decided to shut him down until XST, so I was surprised to see him walk to the mound yesterday.

      We only saw the radar gun clearly on one pitch and that was the 89 mph fastball I reported above. It could have been his highest or lowest reading. In either case, in what was likely his first appearance of the spring, he is no worse than the top of his range from last season.

      He looks like he knows how to pitch. He got several called strikes on off-speed pitches. Our angle wasn’t great for the final called strike, but it looked like it was on the outside corner against a right-handed batter. It was hard to judge left-right, right-left movement, but it appeared to drop about 12+ inches. A real nice pitch. I wish I had it on video. I thought I heard one of the pitchers or coaches confirm slider from behind the backstop.

      1. Thanks Jim….yes Blake Snell is something of a wishful thinking for a ceiling I would think

  4. Jim INCREDIBLE JOB this spring! LV bullpen could easily be Phils Bullpen…surprised they took Neris over Bailey.

  5. What is the deal with Venn Biter and Mark Laird staying back for XST? I thought for sure both of those guys would be assigned to either Lakewood or Clearwater.

  6. This should probably go into tomorrow’s General Discussion, but the Phils BP looks like it could be a bit of a problem, and I am not seeing more than 65 wins.

  7. I see 14 guys in minor league rehab. I think both LHV and Reading have a great chance to win their league championship.

  8. I see Anthony Hewitt and Greg Golson both signed with the New Britian Bees of the Atlantic League, so you may see them if you go see York or Lancaster.

  9. And there it is, with no fanfare, MAG is released. What once was a pretty celebrated $12MM signing that became a nail in the coffin of RAJ.

    1. This is the other side of those big international signings many call for on this site. For every one that hits, there are a number that do not.

      If you are in the camp that call for the Phillies to bust the cap and spend big $$$ for International players, you have to be willing to accept this side of it as well.

  10. Great work in putting this graph together. I see Lino being sent back to Clrwtr in order to let Knapp play a lot at AAA LV. Since we see that moving players during the season is part of their recent history, we will see which performances urge movement up. During the season I can see 3-5 move up to the big club sometime …./Williams, Knapp, Thompson being the most likely. A system that is well worth watching as has not been in the past. Hoping that those who have minor lg TV can tell us what they’ve seen…to keep us updated. Also—I’d love to see hard and good competition between Valentin and Kingery as real promises for 2b.

    1. And the Big Guy stole a base.

      My favorite power hitter has been Rhys Hoskins, but I’ll be glad if Cozens and/or Alfaro overtake him. If those guys reach their potential and join Franco we won’t be talking about a lack of power in CBP.

      My favorite Opening Day decision: Keeping Cedric Hunter. I really liked seeing him this spring and hope that he’s finally where the former Number One prospect should be and not just a Spring Training flash.

      1. Cozens easily stole a base on Ruiz during an intrasquad game this week. Although he led the Threshers with 18 stolen bases (in 23 attempts), I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t at least a partial indictment against Ruiz’ arm.

  11. Lakewood roster has little surprises.
    But anxious to see how Randolph does early on against more advanced pitching.
    And Kilome’s performance will be under a microscope for sure.
    And perhaps Grullon will get a mid-season to CLW promo if he does well.
    Pitchers (13 active) – Harold Arauz, Alejandro Arteaga, Tyler Gilbert, Mitch Gueller, Franklyn Kilome, Kenny Koplove, Luke Leftwich, Zach Morris, Robert Tasin, Jose Taveras, Alberto Tirado, Jacob Waguespack, Shane Watson.
    Catchers (2 active) – Austin Bossart, Deivi Grullon
    Infielders (5 active) – Grenny Cumana, Brendon Hayden, Jan Hernandez, Emmanuel Marrero, Josh Tobias
    Outfielders (5 active) – Zach Coppola, Jose Pujols, Cornelius Randolph, Damek Tomscha, Jiandido Tromp

      1. rocco…..my uneducated guess, no…they could let him stay and gain confidence at LKW. And if he struggles, mid season starts in June at WLMSPT, so he heads there.
        I do think Grullon and Tirado get bumped up if they rake in Apr-June. Watson they may want to get moving also, but his shoulder issues could still rear up again.

  12. Observations of two enjoyable Futures games:
    Cozens looks great – he hit and threw well but his OF play on balls hit to him looked poor
    JP – smooth glove but still needs work on his arm
    Quinn – needs at bats plus he still needs to improve his OF play. Tocci looks much smoother in the OF
    Williams – he looks close!
    Alfaro – exciting prospect, what an arm
    Hoskins – has to learn to lay off the slider away but boy does the ball jump off his bat
    Thompson looks very close
    Pinto – still my dark horse for top pitching prospect, he looked great
    What a fun experiment, I sure they hope they do it again next year.

    1. Pinto looks like he could be real good. I am lost on cozens. I Think he lacks bat speed. but has great power. On the fence imo , Hoskins has got a shot to be another ruf from the little I saw. Thompson I don’t see his stuff being more than a 4, or 5. love Williams. Jp just needs more time in minors. and love Quinn, hope he stays healthy

      1. rocco….remember with Cozens…he was that two-sport guy, so less exposure to baseball….and he is a year or so younger then all the positional players on that team. As for his bat speed…he will never have Williams’ bat speed, but i do not see much difference between him and Ryan Howard’s bat speed.
        He is still just a babe!

  13. Nick Williams entered rarified territory this week for me. I can only remember two Phillies positional players that made me swoon the first game I saw them play: Scott Rolen and Chase Utley. That swing is just gorgeous. How he generates that much power with those skinny arms, wow.

    And Quinn is just crazy fast.

    1. As fast as Quinn is, I’m a convert to the fact that Tocci is a better CF defensively. Tocci is very smooth out there, like a Maddox. Cozens is playing with confidence and looks improved.
      Let’s get started with our daily box scores!

  14. Hi All,

    First-time, longtime as they say is radio terms. I’m a daily reader of the post’s/comments here and just want to thank you guys as an outsider for what you bring to us special breed of Phillies fans.

    Was able to get down to the Futures game yesterday and was able to catch some nice clips of some of our top guys which I will post below.

    Not that my opinion holds much weight, but as a former player, current student/coach of the game, here are some things I noticed from yesterday:

    **Apologies if this is considered off-topic or should go in another thread, figured this one was most appropriate**

    JP Crawford- Plus instincts in the field were evident. Reads a ball off the bat in his sleep. Looks every bit the first division SS that we have been hearing he is. At the plate he looked very comfortable. You can tell he will be a guy that rarely will give an AB away. His eventual power output will probably determine his ultimate ceiling, but even if he is a 12-15 HR guy (which might be a tad conservative), hes got a very good chance to be a top 5 SS.

    Roman Quinn- Not too much on this day at the plate. Always have been a huge fan of this guy and even when he isn’t squaring the ball up, his speed is a tool that will show up at the ballpark everyday. This guy speed wise isn’t far off from a Juan Pierre and there is considerable more juice in the bat, plus an arm that grades at least 3 or 4 grades above Pierre’s. Could be wrong on him (I was admittedly a Gillies guy), but if he stays healthy, it is hard not to picture a very productive MLB future with a ceiling for more.

    Nick Williams- It has taken me a little longer than most to come around on this guy, but there becomes a point where a guy with his innate bat to ball skills, combined with tremendous wrist strength and ability to generate backspin become impossible to discredit. On this day, he showed it all against Morton, who I thought looked pretty sharp at times himself. The thing with Williams is that he sees the ball so deep, and trusts his hands so much, that he is a weapon regardless of what the count is or what a guy has in his arsenal. I’m not sure what a 70+ bat grade looks like, but he can’t be far off. His ability to lift the ball also bodes well for future power output (no reason not to dream on 60+ here). Looked fine in LF for me with limited looks.

    Jorge Alfaro- Very impressive overall. Obviously, if there is one guy to dream on in the entire system with regards to highest potential ceiling, it may be a three horse race between Crawford/Kilome/Alfaro. Reports that I heard about his “quieter” pre-pitch setup looked to be accurate and his game swings looked very comfortable/powerful/compact. Hard to believe he is that far off from “getting it” at the plate. Just missed one to left center and layed off a couple tempting breaking balls. Didn’t get too see much defensively, although his receiving looked fine too me and his throws to 2nd in between innings garnered a couple “oohs and ahhs”. Sprinted out (and actually made it somewhat close) a one hopper back to the mound, which was refreshing to see. Really excited to follow him this year.

    Rhys Hoskins- Limited but impressive look. Ball certainly jumps off his bat, and I am a fan of the simplicity of his swing. The bar is obviously so high offensively for guys with his profile, and this year will most likely tell us the most about his realistic future.

    Dylan Cozens- Have never been his #1 fan mostly because I think (and still do) that the floor is pretty low compared to the other guys listed here. At the plate it’s easy to picture the power potential (he’s the size of a TE) and he shows reasons to be optimistic about his defensive future (very impressive toss from RF in game, great carry and didn’t lose much steam at end) but in the end I still need to see his bat-to-ball skills improve in order to make up for average bat-speed to completely buy in.

    Andrew Knapp- One of the guys I have not seen a lot of (either in person or on video). Wasn’t his best day at the plate or behind it, but nothing jumped out at me as problematic either. After the shortest of sample sizes, I would probably list Alfaro above Knapp at this point because of the ceiling, but having two guys like this who are relatively close is a luxury not many organizations have.

    Carlos Tocci- Very limited look, although he did not look very comfortable in the AB I saw.

    Jake Thompson- Feel confident in projecting a quality future MLB starter here. On this day, he looked a little more like a 3/4 than a 2/3 (generates fantastic leverage/plane on some pitches, but not all and the flat ones are cupcakes) but certainly has a 200+ inning look/profile. Strikeout pitch is definitely the slider, which certainly has the look of a potential plus MLB offering. A very useful and valuable piece to a future rotation but anything above a 3 would be a little too optimistic in IMO right now.

    Ricardo Pinto- Another guy who I have limited looks on but came away very impressed with. Hard not to get excited about a guy who combines his stuff/feel/delivery at this age. I see future plus command potential here, as he stays very compact, maintains a consistent release point, and already shows a feel for utilizing strike-zone quadrants with multiple pitches. The change-up is the breadwinner here, a very encouraging sign for a pitching prospect his age.

    Tyler Goeddel- Profile/Tools/Aptitude all on display here. He looks physically like hes cut from the same cloth as Werth/Pence and the tools don’t do a ton to discredit it. Obviously, it is impossible to project him hitting a ceiling that high right now but I am certainly a fan of the swing as he keeps the barrel through the strike-zone for an extended period of time, increasing the chances of hard contact to all fields. If the wiry strength look can produce the power that has been reported in the past, this could be looking like another nice Rule 5 get.

    >Side Note- Charlie Morton was very sharp, showcasing a FB 92-95 with good run/sink, and a multi-plane breaking ball which featured sharp spin and hard horizontal and vertical tilt. Very much a fan of this signing and wouldn’t be surprised to see some success this year from Morton. Could look like a shrewd move come the end of July.

    Videos (apologies for the shaky camera work here):

    #1- Jake Thompson in-between innings warm-ups with Knapp throw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuL8y8cTLOs

    #2- JP Crawford AB #1- Infield single:

    #3- JP Crawford AB #2- Infield single:

    #4- Nick Williams 2nd Plate Appearance- Line drive to CF resulting in sac-fly:

    #5- Rhys Hoskins Oppo Home Run:

    #6- Jorge Alfaro throw down to 2nd between innings:

    #7- Jorge Alfaro AB #1- Just missed one to deep LCF.:

    #8- Ricardo Pinto Vs. Tyler Goeddel- Goeddel base hit to RF:

    #9- Jorge Alfaro AB #2- Groundout to P:

    #10- Ricardo Pinto between innings with Jorge Alfaro throw:

    Going to be a fun summer!

    1. Joe Roaconstrictor has got to be one of the best handles I’ve seen on here in a long time. Great report!

  15. Nice job I think LV , Reading, Clearwater , Will all have better records then the Phillies . Mackanin should say there’s a lot of on the farm I ‘m looking forward to coaching them.

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