2016 Draft Discussion, April 4th

The 2016 draft discussion continues here.  These discussions will be accessible under the draft menu for reference.

Florida’s A.J. Puk’s start was moved from Saturday to Sunday.  Demotion?

Oklahoma’s Alec Hansen’s turn in the rotation was skipped this weekend.

Riley Pint hasn’t pitched, next start maybe April 4th.

Jason Groome’s first start on April 1st was postponed 4 days due to weather.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Odds are, 1.1 will be one of these 4 pitchers. It will be fascinating to see who has a dominating type season that you look for out of a #1 overall selection. Groome appears to have the highest upside, but may be the riskiest. I’m looking forward to see how this plays out.

  2. besides being in high school (as is Riley Pint), what makes Groome the riskiest of the four? I’ve read multiple reports/analysis saying that Groome, based on stuff alone, is the safest bet. However, now that Pint appears to have cleaned up his mechanics, it’s not unfathomable that he could slip into 1.1 if he can sustain the dominance he displayed in this first start this season.

    1. 100% agree. This has been my point all along. There is not one negative written about Groome. If he slips to the Braves at 3 we would all be pissed. He is an elite LHP starting pitcher and we should not let his age stop us so long as his season performance warrants the top pick.

      1. The only criticism I’ve read is that he needs to work on his command. For a high schooler, that’s just nitpicking. People forget that he’s only 17-18 and still has room to grow! That means more mph to an already mid-nineties fastball, and ideally better control/command of his pitches as time goes on. Given how dominant he is already, that’d just be unfair.

          1. That’s what impresses me the most about him. Obviously he has nice and advances array of pitches for a HS pitcher, but the kind of control he’s demonstrated at a young is what makes him so dam intriguing

  3. Has anyone watched Tennessee this year? Just wondering how Nick Senzel has looked and where he’s expected to go at the draft.

  4. Corey Ray went 1 for 4 with a BB and 2K’s in a win over Va Tech yesterday. His only hit was his 8th HR.

    And then there is Seth Beer. Beer enrolled early at Clemson and made himself ineligible for this year’s draft … UGH ! Yesterday, he extended his hitting streak to 23 games by homering off of Pitt’s TJ Zeuch (Zeuch is most likely going in the first three rounds this June). Beer is .430/.532/.942 . He has 8 doubles, 12 HR’s, 18 BB’s, 3 HBP, and only 9 K’s. He’s already the best player in college baseball in only his first semester in school.

    1. I assume Beer be eligible for the ’18 draft since he enrolled for the January semester?
      And perhaps he should change his first name from Seth to Suds.

      1. Yes, Beer will be available in the 2018 draft. I guess it’s not totally out of the question the Phillies end up with worst record next year (2017) and “draft Beer” (like the sound of that) in 2018.

        1. That could be a possibility. but in two years they may have a boat-load of these current prospects starting to do their thing….not good enough yet to finish in the playoffs, but good enough to finish in the middle of the pack.
          Now by then, the Brew Crew may ‘draft Beer’.

            1. I know romus but this team on paper looks really bad. I think we are in for a long long season. Just hope some of the kids come up to make it interesting to watch. Williams in outfield. and Quinn would be nice to see in June or July and maybe Crawford.

      2. Romus,

        Actually, Draft would make a better first name. Then we can have a Draft Beer movement.

        1. You got It Frank.
          I would think as a parent…I would want the pronunciation to come out like ‘behr’ vs the beverage. Sort of like Puk is ‘puck’ vs ‘puke’ And heard the broadcasters the other day, pronouncing Kilome name as ‘keel-oh-may’

      3. My son and I saw him play as a sophomore in the Georgia 6A high school championship game in 2014. As I recall, he was the starting pitcher, and played right field. Although he could throw lower 90’s, he gave up a few hard hits. The team he was playing had Dylan Cease, who went on to be taken by the Cubs in the 6th round (TJ pitcher, would have been a first round pick).

        Beer appearantly had a less than stellar 2015 summer showcase circuit for Evoshield, and his luster as a first round pick faded. I could be wrong, but I think he was older than most in his graduating class (I think he entered his senior year as a 19 year old).

        In any event, he is raking in college now, and will continue to be or the radar of scours for the next few years.

        1. Wes…you are correct , his age was slightly older then most HS seniors, since his birthdate is Sept ’96, and already 19.

  5. A.J. Puk started today vs Texas A&M. Looked great in 1st inning with 2 K’s and a 3-1 grounder. Throwing 95-97.

    Then getting the first batter in the 2nd to pop up, the HC and trainer came out immediately to see him. Replays kind of indicate some back issue. Nothing with the arm it appears. Took him out. Probably the safe move.

  6. The 2017 draft Phils should have a top 8 pick somewhere if things go as projected. Now in 2018 the Phils top pick maybe in the 15+ range if things go well as I am hoping.

    Puk’s stock has been falling recently – can’t wait for Groome’s season to start

  7. I have no clue but my money is on Groome! First the draft then hopefully a huge July 2nd. Could push our system up from 4th!

  8. Every one should know who I want the Phillies to take (If you haven’t seen any of my draft post it is Groome who I want to see us pick) but you really won’t be able to go by how they throw is spring, at least the high school guys. Pint and Groome will blow their competition away so def don’t go off of numbers bc they are going to be good regardless. I keep looking at what Groome did last year (and from seeing him in person). Kid goes to one of the best athletic high schools in the country (same place Aiken went and a number of other athletes) and dominated. Yes it’s HS and I just said you can’t go by that but he wasn’t throwing against kids who he will this year. He was playing against some of the best HS players in the country and dominated. Also and I’m not sure why people don’t talk about this more but he decided to go down there to challenge himself, who does that at 16? That shows me a lot. It shows me even more that he wanted to come back his Sr season and try to win a championship with kids he grew up with. He is also really down to earth and grounded, speaking to him you’d have no clue that he was about to be a millionaire. I’m telling you the mental make up is 1-1 along with the stuff.

      1. They need to stop the small market pick. Damm st Louis has two in round 1a. No wonder they are always good . with all the extra picks. They aren’t a small market.

        1. rocco…agree.
          Voice your displeasure to MLB @ :
          Robert D. Manfred Jr., Commissioner
          :245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
          New York, State: NY Zip Code: 10167
          Phone: 212-931-7800
          …..go right to the top.

        2. But those aren’t competitive balance picks, right? Those are picks for having two free agents decline a one-year tender – and that any other team could have if they have a player who receives the tender and then signs a FA contract. I’m not surprised by the Heyward pick, but, man, getting a first round pick for giving an offer to John Lackey – that was pretty well played. You’ve got to give it to the Cardinals, they know what they are doing.

          1. But I agree that previous awards of competitive balance picks to the Cardinals seem patently unfair to a perennial baseball powerhouse – the rules should be revised to prevent this sort of thing. It would be like giving the San Antonio Spurs or the Green Bay Packers extra picks in their respective sports.

            1. Makes no sense anymore with the way baseball revenue from TV is so bountiful.
              Plus…the FA market has changed. Previously the small market teams were at a disadvantage in signing MLB FAs…that is not the case anymore.
              Nevertheless, here are the 2016 selections for June, which were determined by lottery between the clubs that fell among the ten smallest markets and/or the ten smallest revenue pools league-wide. Other teams that participate in revenue sharing are also eligible, but only for the second round.

              Round A (selections occur after first round)

              1. Reds… 2. Athletics…. 3. Rockies…. 4. D-Backs…. 5. Marlins… 6. Pirates

              Round B (selections occur after second round)

              1. Padres… 2. Indians… 3. Twins…. 4. Brewers… 5. O’s…. 6. Rays

              ….. the Cardinals, Royals, and Mariners failed to receive a pick despite being eligible. With some restrictions, the picks can be traded — and have been in recent seasons.

  9. Oh I am watching tape on some top 100 players for draft I am in love with a kid kiebloom. third basemen. power with great bat speed. I think he is a second round choice possibility

  10. For those of you that listen to podcasts, The Scale by 20/80 baseball talks about Pint vs Groome on their 3/9 show. Saying Pint was up to 102 recently. Groome has an easy motion like he’s playing catch, will only be 17 and a half at the draft, and they even threw a Kershaw comp

          1. Dusty Baker?
            He didn’t coach the Cubs until 2003…Wood started blowing the elbow first in August ’98…as a sprain…. then the spring of ’99 it tore, then he had the TJ surgery..

      1. Thus far and most recently Grant Holmes is pretty close…

        The thing that sux about 1:1 is you have to decide over 29 other clubs who the best player is. All the other clubs may have done the same thing at 1:1 but you and I would never know.

  11. I’ll be working down by Groome’s HS on Thursday & Friday. Is there any way to find out when and where if he will be pitching. Even if its an away game his Shore League division is pretty much in a 20 mile circle

  12. You gotta like that Groome’s delivery is smooth and “effortless.” To me, that seems like a recipe for fewer arm problems and a likely extension of his durability for many years of pitching. Yes he is a HS guy and MLB is far away…but he, to me, would be worth the wait. His delivery for the sake of comparison :Cole Hamels?He also seems to be a guy with a “good head” on his shoulders and non-assuming. So, IMO, draft him 1.1 and go for a college pitcher in the 2nd round.

    Question: should we INCLUDE the free agency of Int’l players with whom there may be deals in place…?…or to be competed for with a larger check-book and how that might affect the June draft?
    And could performances of our “pharm-hands” between now and June influence those choices ?

  13. My son just handed me a Topps Jeff Jackson draft pick card. And wow, did he look like an elite prospect coming out of high school. Ran a 60-yard dash in 6.6 seconds. His pitching stats were lights out, so he probably had a plus or better arm. He had 16 homers and 45 xbh in 119 ABs as a senior. And a 29-7 walk to SO ratio. His slugging was 1.227 his senior year. I know he did it against Chicago HS kids, but wow, that looks like a 5-tool kid coming out. I can see how you miss on him.

    1. Opening up old wounds…Philies going with the HS toolsy guy and a few picks later WSox took Auburn’s Frank Thomas.

    2. Good reminder for when people try to compare Groome’s numbers to Puk’s or Hanson’s.

  14. I understand that guys like anon do not want Groome, and want a bat at 1.1. My question has been, of all the reports that I have read, there are very few negatives about his projection or ceiling or his stuff or his demeanor. The criticism is, “don’t take a HS Pitcher at 1.1”. Are there concerns, aside from that that I have missed?

    1. If you are a gambling man, it is a tough choice to make at 1.1 with a HS pitcher.
      Three lefties and two have failed and one is still an unknown in the Indians system.
      Of course, the odds are that one could end up being ‘da man’.

    2. As Romus notes, the concern is that the track record for high school pitchers taken 1st overall isn’t promising. Also, top college players have faced better competition so there is more of a track record to see. Personally, I’m not opposed to taking Groome if he is determined to be the best player.

      Financially, it’s usually harder to get a HS player to accept underslot money. If the goal is try to save some $$$ with the 1st overall pick to allow extra spending in later rounds, they might have greater success with one of the college guys.

  15. For me, (barring an injury) I’m set on Groome at 1.1 . At this point, I’m thinking about 2.1 . I would love to land Cal Quantrill there. Keith Law said in a recent chat the Phillies could work out a deal with him that would force him to fall to them (like the Astros did with Daz Cameron last year). Then I read this from March 18 chat at Perfect Game.org …

    Comment From Nate
    Does Cal Quantrill still have enough time to make his case to be 1-1, especially with Puk and Hansen having issues?

    andrew krause:
    It’s highly unlikely in my opinion…he hasn’t pitched in a year and the road back from TJ is very unpredictable even with all of the advances made in the last decade or so. I’m not sure he goes in the 1st round with the injury/rehab question still lingering, much less 1st overall

    If not Quantrill, I love HS third baseman Joe Rizzo. He’s not tall (5’11”), but he is stout. He is one of the best hitters in the draft. I’ve seen him comp’ed to Nolan Arenado.

    Rizzo with the bat:

    Rizzo with the glove:

    I also like Reggie Lawson (HS RHP pitcher) who may or may not fall to 2.1 .

    1. Hansen was shout down for a while last year for arm woes. I wouldn’t consider him. I’m also beginning to wonder if Puk has an arm problem. Both seem riskier than they did before this season started.

      1. with no clear cut Harper like bat, I have to take Groome unless he has a bad spring. Stinks that there is no concensus can’t miss 1.1

    1. Great stuff, v1 ! Thanks for posting it. Just confirms what (seems like) most believe … Groome is the #1 prospect in this draft.

  16. I’m not there but about 30 miles north and its only in the 40’s here with a strong breeze. So for him to hit 94 on his first outing in this weather says he’ll be used to the cooler weather on opening day when he gets to the Bank. With all the bigshots in the stands, he isn’t trying to overthrow, delivery on that video does look smooth and easy.

  17. Jon heyman posted the following on Twitter: GM (not phillies gm, who picks first): “if (groome) doesn’t go No. 1, something’s wrong.” bonus: from philly area

  18. Here’s the tough thing about scouting baseball – or one of the tough things.. If Groome strikes out 2/3 of the hitters, what does that really mean? I don’t know how many college players will be in the lineups he faces – I would suspect a handful over the course of the season. So, if he goes out and dominates, not sure what that really means. At the same time, you can’t hold that against him.

    I suspect many conclusions were formed based on his junior season and summer showcase events. I suspect the scouts are trying to further confirm their prior conclusions, and hopefully see additional advancement.

    The elite showcases probably make it easier to handpick talent. Going back to a prior post, perhaps Jeff Jackson would not have happened had the summer showcase events existed in the late 80’s / early 90’s.

      1. How cool would it be to be on face Groome? Say you are a senior – with no pro asperarations, maybe a small college opportunity, and you get to see a lower 90’s fastball, followed by that hook. I would probably talk about that for 20 years.

        The best pitcher I saw (as a player) had what seemed like a legit professional curve. He only threw lower 80’s, and was right handed, but he had a solid 12/6 curve – or so it seemed to me at least. It was a moral victory if you put the ball in play, let alone squared it up.

        1. I got to face Brett Laxton and Scott Schoeneweis, among others in various regular season and all star games as a junior and senior. Laxton threw constantly in the mid-90s as he showed as a freshman @ LSU when he pitched them to the national title but I had significantly less of an issue with him than I did with Scott.

          He was a lefty (as am I) and the first time I faced him I thought he threw behind my head. To say my knees buckled is an understatement as the pitch sharply bit across my entire body and ended squarely in the catchers mitt for a strike.

          Got a chance to talk to him several times (as a first baseman I was always chatty with opposing players) and he was just a cool dude. Starred at Duke before winning a WS with the Angels. My claim to fame – taking Laxton deep and getting Schoeneweis to make me look like a grade schooler. LOL.

          1. Jersey’s Camden, Gloucester and Burlington county HS leagues produce some outstanding baseball players. The majors are littered with them from decades ago.

    1. It’s Groome’s to lose at this point. They keep harping on his “make up” in additional to the size/ build and arsenal.

      Never understood the hype surrounding Puk but that seems to have ceased at this point in the game.

    1. Well I made Groomes first start yesterday and it was a circus haha I actually thought about getting there early bc of that but then thought to myself there’s no way it’s going to be THAT bad. It was. Anyways there really isn’t much to say about what he did yesterday, I think most reports had him topping out at 95 but I saw a few guns that had 97 a few times, where he looked effortless doing. I love the way the kid seems to handle everything, you’d think the nerves would get to him with that many on hand to see him pitch. Also you have to give the high school coach credit, not many limit pitch counts anymore. 60 for a first start is perfect.

  19. from klaw:

    “.. Jason Groome is the top pitching prospect in this draft class, prep or college, and that’s not just due to the tragicomic rate of attrition of arms this year..The curveball was the standout pitch, however, easily plus, a 65 or 70 grade (on the 20-80 scouting scale) if you’re a generous grader (and I am when the curveball looks like this). He also threw two changeups that were both at worst solid-average, with some downward fade on the harder one at 82 mph. At whatever effort level Groome was throwing on Tuesday, his delivery looked great, as he stays over the rubber a long time, takes a long step-over stride, and gets some extension over his front side. He threw strikes all day, and his command of the curveball was especially impressive and further along than his command of the fastball.”


    1. So the question I guess now is….will Groome sign for the full $9M (approx.) as the 1.1 in June…or go underslot?
      ……….2015….the No. 1 overall pick belonged to Arizona and was valued at $8,6M.

      1. You never know what is important to a young man and his family. Is $7 mil that materially different than $9? If Klentak can save $2 million that can go a long way in Rd2.

        1. DMAR…..we all know what Moms want…..education before money All we all know what Dads want, ‘show me the money’. I have to figure though he will sign underslot and also get the paid college tuition if he cares to ever use it.
          Yes that money would really go a long way for the 2.1(42nd)….someone like a Quantrill could be there if they play their cards right.

  20. He will not sign undershot . why should he?? He know how good he is and if the Phillies wont pay. The other teams will. The Phillies cant afford to draft him and have another top pick not sign. Like our friend did j.d. drew. But how crazy is it to give a hs kid 9 million to sign. He never has to pitch in the majors. and is set for life.

    1. “He know how good he is and if the Phillies wont pay. The other teams will.”

      Except that other teams can’t pay that much this year without busting their draft budget. His only chance for a bigger payday is to wait 3 years, and be one of the top few picks then (allowing for the signing bonus scale increasing faster than inflation). And that will only happen if he’s very effective during his college time and has no arm troubles. Maybe he will take that risk, and maybe he won’t, but it’s not risk free for him.

    2. rocco……if he doesn’t sign…goes to Vandy and blows his shoulder or needs TJ within three years, then what? I think he will go under…..maybe 10/15%.

      1. And Vandy can’t pay the premium I’m sure that is highly frowned upon by NCAA rules.

        Look at us trying to plan the kids life after HS! We’re shameless behind a keyboard!

        1. DMAR…..shameless!
          .on June 22nd…..there will a line of agents waiting to get his signature on a contract…with the Boras Inc right up there in the front.

      2. Gotta disagree. The Phillies are in no position for the PR catastrophe that would follow with not being able to sign the 1.1 pick b/c they were trying to save money.

        Groome – or whomever – holds all the cards. He won’t sign for underslot nor should he.

    3. There’s no way Groome or any other player is getting full slot at 1.1. The 1.2 slot is going to be roughly 7.8. That is the most the 1.1 player will get. If I had to guess, the Phillies will pay Groome between 7 – 7.5 million. I’m sure they’ll have it negotiated before they draft him. If the choice is collect a check for 7 million dollars or go pitch for Vanderbilt for three years, the choice is pretty simple.

      1. Though in 2011….the Pirates, paid a record $8 million to No. 1 overall choice Gerrit Cole and $5 million to second-rounder Josh Bell. Though Cole was a college pitcher.

          1. Cole was picked in 2011, before the current collective bargaining agreement – so that is apples to oranges.

            No way pick 1:1 is full slot. That pick has no real leverage, other than saying he wants to go to college. It would take someone to be REALLY committed to college to pass up what would be offered. Too much risk. You are basically betting on staying healthy, continuing to dominate, and hope that there is no sure fire number 1 in three years. If you did not go #1 overall three years down the road, financially, you lose (one caveat – the collectiv bargaining agreement will be renegotiated, so details will change with the next agreement).

            Pick 1 slot is 9mm. Pick 2 slot is 7.8. So, if you are a possible pick tell the picking team you want full slot or you are not going to sign, you run the risk of a team passing on you, and then the #2 team tries to negotiate an under slot deal themselves. Unless you are a Harper or or similar talent (i.e. Once a decade at best), good luck getting full slot.

            You can look at Buxton as an example. As I recall, he was generally considered the pick at 1:1. No idea what the negotiations lead to, but the Astros took Correa at a steep discount, and had $$ for McCullers as a result.

            What did Aiken look at signing for (pre-MRI)? Wasn’t it 6 and change when slot was something like 7.5? I would expect 1:1 to get 7.5, or a tick higher.

  21. Sorry most of us would be set with 9 million. Romus makes that in a year. so don’t count him

  22. Thanks v1, and that begs the question for KLaw. What, exactly is wrong with Groome that the Phils wouldn’t take him at 1.1. I have never understood it, and am even more confused now. Other than the “don’t draft a HS pitcher”, this kid seems like a terrific prospect with Ace upside, a great demeanor, is coachable, by all accounts a really great kid, and oh by the way, terrific stuff .

  23. Anyone know if Scott Boras was also one of the 150 baseball people at Groome’s 2016 debut yesterday? He seems to be a likely candidate to represent the youngster.

    1. Honestly I don’t think Boras would be caught dead in the crowd there unless he (Groome) was already committed to go with him.

      Boras is sending $500 gift baskets to the house with a note “hey Ja…call me”

        1. I get what the new rule is 🙂 I was saying that Boras sees himself as above this type of pandering. His ego is larger than a 777.

            1. I’m not sure if anyone said this or not but he already has an agent and it’s not Boras. Can’t remember off the top of my head who it was tho. Also I would assume if for some reason he wasn’t able to strike a deal, he might go back to IMG and then back into the draft next year. Why risk 3 years when you only have to do 1 (or at a JUCO) esp when you can’t really get any better then you are now draft position wise

            2. Former MLB pitcher and local DELCO product Jeff Randazzo is his ‘adviser’….Jeff is owner of the gym he trained at this winter in Concord.
              Not sure right now if he will be negotiating his contract come June..

            3. Jeff Randazzo is with the Ballengee Group…..if Groome decides to stay with them, then that will be a good thing for the Phillies.

  24. Nola pitched a great game the bp comes though again. Hinojosa has given up 9 runs in 4 ings in his last 5 outings.Brett Oberholtzer didn’t give up a run all Spring just saying.Mack doesn’t have many good options right now he brings Hernandez right back tonight.on a development stand point I’d rather have seen Goebbel bat 2nd in front Herrera and Franco he would see better pitches then 8th.we know what Galvis can do already.

  25. Everything is going to be just fine. The bigger issue is not the BP we knew that was going to struggle its the hitting approach.

    After Franco’s HR every subsequent AB was awful. Many opportunities to get a BB and they were going out of the zone and getting themselves out. That’s not what led them to a successful spring.

    1. That why spring means nothing. You are seeing the bad bullpen we talked about. and The terrible at bats by the great , cant miss. you cant get him in a trade boujous. he stinks. That kid takes so many good pitches it horrible. I don’t care how good a outfielder he is he stinks, Wont be long before Williams is up.

      1. rocco…Franco is a slow starter most years, but its only been two games anywho!
        …..and Boston Globe’s Carfardo has picked him as this years break out player in the NL.

      2. Agreed Roccom, Bourjos is just a terrible player. Williams will be up by mid-summer if not sooner.

    1. DMAr….the poster, formally known as Hinkie,is still drafting his letter of resignation. 🙂

      1. Actually he should have more time now to post since he’s no longer spending his time trying to trade any player who shows any sign of talent for a future #2…

  26. Meant to post these Q and A’s from Keith Law’s chat this week:

    James: How would you compare Groome to Allard and Aiken?
    Klaw: Better than Allard – more physical, more present velocity, less effort. Aiken was more advanced, showing three (arguably four) pitches and better command, but bear in mind Tuesday was not a full effort outing.

    David: I know previously you said the Phillies were not interested in a HS pitcher at #1, but with Groome’s ability and polish, and the relative disappointment of the college crop, is Groome now the odds on favorite at #1?
    Klaw: No. There is no “odds on favorite” this year. There’s no Harper or Strasburg or even Cole. I do think Groome is the best prospect in the class now, having talked to a lot of folks about how Ray has looked this year, but that doesn’t make him the odds-on anything.

    1. KLaw …June 2009, Mike Trout:
      ‘Trout is a surefire bet to be selected on the first day of the draft — Scouts Inc.’s Keith Law projects him to go to the Brewers at pick No. 26 in the latest mock draft — but he easily could wait and attend East Carolina. Law, who spent nearly five years in the Toronto Blue Jays front office assisting the general manager, likes Trout’s plate discipline, fielding range and foot speed. “He’s taken BP with wood [bat] and even done it left-handed for scouts, which absolutely earns a player bonus points when it comes time for teams to set up their draft boards. He’s a first-round talent and isn’t likely to get out of the top 20 picks,” Law said.
      And from an East Coast scout:
      “He’s only beginning to reach his potential,” He has five tools and is rising up the draft boards.”

      ….bottom-line….its good to get the best appraisal as the consensus number one pick…but doesn’t always work out that way however.

  27. Now KLaw thinks that Groome is the best prospect in the class, but previously he said no way would the Phils take him 1.1. Never a single negative thing about Groome, and I think he is, even more so, the Phils’ pick. 2.1 is almost as important, and I know a few of you have mentioned certain guys, like maybe, Quantrill falling. The draft is replacing the trade deadline from last year as the main focus for the Major League team because the actual team may be worse than last year.

    1. Speaking of trade deadline, ESPN’s Jim Bowden ranks Jeremy Hellickson the #9 deadline trade target …

      “The Phillies acquired Hellickson in an offseason trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Sam McWilliams, and the early returns have been really positive for the Phillies. In four impressive starts during spring training, Hellickson punched out 20 hitters in 16 1/3 innings pitched and allowed just 10 hits. If the 29-year-old can pitch that well during the regular season, then he should help the back end of a starting rotation on a contending team and hopefully bring back a decent prospect package for the Phillies. Hellickson, who is represented by Scott Boras, makes $7 million this year and is a free agent at the end of the year.”


      1. Hellickson, if he continues to do well an stays healthy, becomes a valued rental to a contender down the stretch, and that could be an advantage for the Phillies.
        A prospect of some note could be had.

  28. Wow this kid beer at Clemson is really looking good. We need to keep losing for at least two more years. Which with this team is easy.

  29. The Phillies minor league pitches today are getting hammered and can’t find the strike zone .Pivetta, Watson, maybe the colddoesn’t help. GALVIS leading off .281 on base % lifetime . It’s going to around 20 degrees tonight for the Phillies game.

  30. Will Groome be able to pitch again this year after being ruled ineligible ? I’m seeing conflicting reports as some say he is done for the year and others saying he will only miss 1 star.

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