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Baseball Prospectus Phillies Top 10

I have to run to work so I will fill in some details later, but BP released their Phillies Top 10 today, you can read it here,  For now I will leave the names and projection (OFP and what it means) and tools (if there is a * it is a potential not an actualized tool)

1. Jesse Biddle (6, #3 starter, moderate risk)

Tools: 5+ FB, 6* CB, 5+ CH

2. Maikel Franco (6, first division player, high risk)

Tools: 5+* hit, 6 raw power, 6+ arm

3. Adam Morgan (6, #3 starter, moderate risk)

Tools: 5+ FB, 6 SL, 5+* CH, 5* CB

4. Roman Quinn (6, first division player, high risk)

Tools: 8 speed, 5+* hit, 5+ arm

5. Tommy Joseph (hi 5, solid-average regular, moderate risk)

Tools: 6 power, 6+ arm Continue reading Baseball Prospectus Phillies Top 10

What to Expect in 2013: Middle Infield

Up the middle positions (catcher, short, second, and center field) are some of the hardest positions to fill because the defensive requirements force many players off to the corners.  Shortstop and second base have been filled at the major league level for the past decade by Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley, but they have moved past their prime and the organization needs to look to future at the positions.

Again for those that haven’t read it or would like to refresh themselves on the end of season discussion, here is gregg’s end of season report card

Second Base:

Second base is a tweener position, often second baseman are short stops that don’t have the range or arm or third baseman who have the defense to play second and do not have the offensive profile for third.  Teams recently have been moving players in from the outfield to second base early in their careers with some success.  Second baseman have to hit, because there are no back up second baseman on the major league level.  In order to be a back up a player has to be able to handle short stop to have a utility profile. Continue reading What to Expect in 2013: Middle Infield

Freddy Galvis to start at 2B on Opening Day

Well, this is some way to start your Monday, eh? The news on Chase Utley isn’t good, and it appears the team is ready to turn to Galvis at 2B, a position he hasn’t played much at all outside of a few spring training appearances. So what should we expect from him? It’s hard to say. As I covered in my Top 30 writeup on Galvis, his 2011 offensive performance essentially came out of nowhere, as he made big gains in all areas. Normally when you see steady growth, you expect bumps along the way, but the grow Galvis experienced in 2011 was sudden. Could he continue to grow rapidly, even at the major league level? It’s possible. There will certainly be a learning curve here, and he’ll go through rough stretches as he adjusts. But we know he’s one of the best defenders in the minor leagues, and his reactions, soft hands, and solid arm should play well at 2B. I think it’s likely that he’s nothing more than a .240-.250 hitter early on, but capable of driving the ball in the gaps and as he adjusts, his numbers should tick up. More importantly, for a team that will need to save runs, his glove could be a difference maker.

For those of you new to the site looking for info on Galvis, you can see his profile page here and also my writeup on him in my Top 30 prospects list.

Phillies ask to have Freddy Galvis sent home early

As noted in this article, the Phillies are asking that Freddy Galvis be released from his winter ball team on December 1, citing his workload in 2011 and also his minor wrist injury he recently suffered and came back from. There are two obvious explanations here. The Phillies are legitimately worried about burning him out at a young age or they are worried he won’t be 100% fresh in spring training, where they’ll expect him to compete for the starting SS position with Rollins out the door. Considering Galvis has logged 500+ AB in 3 of his last 4 seasons, I’m not sure the “burnout” explanation fits. While we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves, this does seem to be an indication that the Phillies think he has a shot to be part of the team in 2012, possibly even from Day 1.

Implications of Rollins possibly hitting the DL

I received a number of e-mails today asking me if I thought the Phillies would entertain the idea of Freddy Galvis coming up from AA to play SS should Rollins go on the DL. My immediate reaction was “no chance”, and even after I started to actually think about it more, and wonder if it was plausible, my response is still the same; no chance. Galvis turned 20 in November, and though he reached AA last year, his career batting line in the minors is .235/.284/.288. Yes, his glove is big league ready. Yes, he wouldn’t be expected to carry the slack for Rollins offensively. But he’s not ready to hit major league pitching, and despite his solid start at Reading, I don’t know many people who thought he was even ready to hit AA pitching, let alone MLB pitching. While its likely that he’d be very good defensively, the Phillies signed Juan Castro because they believed he could legitimately hold down SS if something happened to Rollins. Galvis doesn’t have to be placed on the 40 man roster till after the 2010 season. Calling him up now adds him to the 40 man, and it would burn up his first option year. It just doesn’t make sense.

Bocock would seem like the most logical choice to fill the bench MI spot. Galvis is where he belongs right now, getting regular AB’s and trying to adjust to AA pitching.

Three Phillies in the FSL Top 20

Yesterday BA put their Top 20 in the Florida State League up, and the Phillies are again well represented. Domonic Brown (3rd), Kyle Drabek (5th) and Freddy Galvis (19th) all made the top 20. In a 12 team league, having 3 guys is pretty solid. Brown was the 2nd outfielder behind Mike Stanton (Marlins), Drabek was the top pitching prospect, and Galvis was one of only 2 shortstops on the list of 20. As I said before, please do not post the full scouting reports.

Freddy Galvis promoted to AA

According to Todd Zolecki’s twitter, Freddy Galvis has been promoted to AA Reading. The reasoning for this escapse my grasp. Even if you concede that Galvis is a defensive wiz, he’s only 19, and he wasn’t hitting all that much in the FSL, where he was 2 years younger than the average prospect. Now he moves to AA, making one of the biggest jumps for a hitter, from A ball to AA. Your guess is as good (or better) as mine.

Clearwater Threshers: July (So Far)

Well, so far the month of July has not been kind to the Clearwater Threshers. The team has a 4-7 record on the month, and has been outscored by a margin of 78-38. The team went scoreless in four consecutive games from July 6th to the 9th, although one of the games was called due to rain after 3.5 innings of play. (Over that four game streak the team was outscored 29-0.)

The team had ended the month of June on a hot streak winning the final six of the month, and then won the first two of July to extend their winning streak to eight games. Unfortunately since that time the team has fallen on hard times losing seven of the last nine games by an average margin of nearly eight runs.

Some good news can come from the fact that Freddy Galvis has returned to action playing with the Gulf Coast League team, and has hit .400 in four games. It is expected that Galvis will return to the Threshers roster when the team returns to action at home after the MLB All-Star break this coming Wednesday night.

Needless to say it has been the pitching staff that has suffered the most for the Threshers lately, although the offense has been mediocre at best.

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