92 thoughts on “Freddy Galvis promoted to Lehigh Valley

  1. Dude’s progress this year at the plate is clear. If he goes on a hot streak for the next month, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Sept. so the big club can get an idea if he’s totally outmatched vs big league pitchers.

  2. Galvis is going to be pretty young for LHV. I’m looking forward to see if he’s up to the challenge hitting wise.

    1. No, he was dropped from the 40 a little while ago. They still could move Blanton to the 60-day DL if they need a spot, however. I assume at a minimum they will bring up a 3rd catcher in September and there are only 2 on the 40-man.

  3. Personally, I still resign Rollins and hope he takes a two year deal with a club option for third. Galvis in LHV for a year and half would be due diligence for the Phillies. Rivero is batting well, but his fielding percentage at 3B is terrible for the big leagues. Could this be a result of him playing SS for most of his career? If he gets it together a 3B, you could see stop gap for Polanco in a few years. But, I see some of this year’s draftees making the move first.

    1. There is almost zero chance of Jimmy taking a 2 year deal. He’d easily exceed that on the open market.

      1. You are correct. If push comes to shove you guarantee the 3rd year. That is the cost of keeping your core together and keeping the leadership on the team. That would put Utley, Rollins and Howard at 35 years old in 2014.

        I don’t mind some of the younger guys taking a year to apprentice. This is a dynastic situation which should be handled tactfully. Utley, Howard, Rollins, Ruiz, and Victorino are core players until the end while you bring in the young guys.

        1. Is it at all possible to sign him for three years, and trade him in that last year? I don’t want to resign Rollins but it is looking more and more like a necessity. There’s no one playing shortstop anymore anywhere in baseball.

          1. At that point, he will have 10/5 no trade rights, so he could only be traded if he wanted to be traded.

          2. I agree, especially with the risk for injuries. Some injuries can be at the cost of a long season, while others are signs of age.
            As long as the Phillies have some younger talent waiting in the wings to step up. Mayberry, Brown, Galvis, Valle, and hopefully some others. RAJ has stated the importance of bringing in one young player per season. This year the system has brought a lot to the big club and next year will not be different.

    2. Crap, I’m going to the game tonight and now I won’t get to see their best (only?) prospect who projects to be a possible everyday starter on the MLB level. I’m also looking forward to seeing Harper for the Sens. Do they have any other highly ranked prospects that I can look for tonight?

      I think J-Roll will re-sign for 3 years plus an option with the Phillies at 10-12 mil a year unless a west coast team offers him 5 years.

  4. I am not going to toot my own horn but yesterday I said I could see Rivero at 3b for Phils in 2013! ok TOOT TOOT!

    1. Rivero has to significantly improve his glove to be considered a major leaguer. Just one mans thoughts. He makes the routine plays look diffiuclt.

      1. Are we all talking about the guy who had a .603 OPS in AA last year? Who as a 23 year old, has merely held his own, in that same AA? In a hitters ballpark? With a near 3/1 k/bb rate? In his 3rd go round at that level?

        As our 3b in 2013? Color me skeptical.

    2. Rivero was soundly booed at Reading at a game I attended last week for poor play at 3B. He did hit a homer in the game, but he didn’t look like a MLB 3B to me.

  5. Even if Galvis has limited success at AAA, he will be exposed to what he has to do this winter.
    Note to Freddy : You have come a long way in a year.

    1. I was informed by a commenter a few weeks ago, Freddy not eligible for AFL—–he is Valenzuelan citizen and probably play at FIL or winter ball down there.

  6. I’m a bit surprised by Galvis’s promotion. Not that he hasn’t has a solid season but I would prefer for him to finish the year at Reading. In any event, congrats Freddy. And stick to that offseason strengthening program

  7. I like it. The brass probably has a lot of the same questions that we all have, so let’s see what the kid is made up in the last month of the season. if he sinks a little, you have an idea of just how much work he needs. If he comes in and adjusts cleanly, it gives you an idea that his improvement this season warrants the rekindled excitement.

    1. BTW, LHV is suddenly the most interesting place to look for box scores each night for the rest of the month for me.

  8. Does anyone else think Ryne Sandberg may have something to do with this? I know he was a second baseman but certainly any infielder could benefit from what he can teach. The Phillies may see the writing on the wall and know that Ryne may have a big league job next year so this is a chance to expose some youngsters to the teachings of a HOF player. Just a thought.

      1. Sandberg a hof major league second baseman, and a very good ss when he played in Reading.

        1. This is pure speculation, but I think Sandberg may take over a coaching spot with the big league club next year to learn the nuances at the big league level and then take over when Charlie retires. I don’t know when that will be. And it may be similar to the Fredi Gonzalez thing, where he leaves because Cox wasn’t quite ready to retire, then he returns. I think Sandberg still holds the Phillies in very high regard, seeing as he took a lateral move to coach the Phillies AAA team this year after coaching the Cubs AAA team last year.

    1. I think they have to give Ryne a position on the team and a lot of money as the heir apparent.

  9. Well, personally I’ll miss watching Bocock’s slick fielding and strong arm. (I wondered how much longer we’d be seeing him) I hope a change of scenery opens new doors for him soon.

  10. Poor Reading, they lose two young guys w/ some promise…and in return they get Ozzie Chavez and Steve Singleton…

  11. Nice for Rivero and Galvis… Ozzie Chavez is back with Reading and we now have a Singleton @ Reading (Steve that is). I was hoping they’d move Barnes up. I didn’t give Mattair much chance for promotion. Franco now at Lakewood.

  12. I think the big league team definitely wants to see what they have in these two. They need to figure out what Galvis might become because it will very much effect their decisions regarding Rollins and how they would replace him if he leaves. Rollins will start out asking for a 4 yr deal and I don’t want to give 4 years to him. It will come down to whether Rollins wants to win or wants the extra money.

    1. I hate this new Philly mentality that if a player doesn’t sign with the team, they don’t want to win. There are plenty of teams out there that win, namely the Yankees and Giants who have beaten us in the playoffs the past two years. That’s the same crap Werth got last year and is the opposite of what people gave Lee. He took more money per year by signing with us, then the stretched out contract with the Yankees. News flash, Lee will be making $20 mil per season from here on out. Rollins won a championship and signed a below market deal with the Phillies. Of course he wants some kind of long term contract as he is approaching his mid thirties. I could see him sign with the Giants since it is close to Oakland and they need a decent short stop.

      1. Fans just want players to love the team as much as they do (i.e. unconditionally.) Of course, that’s not gonna happen since it’s a business, but who cares? For the average fan, it’s a coping mechanism for losing their favorite player (I loved player X, but he didn’t want to sign here to win, so screw him!)

        Since the average fan has no control over who we sign, how much $, how long they sign for…who cares how they deal with it?

      2. Actually Lee will be making $25 per year from here on out.

        Congrats to Galvis. What a year he’s having.

  13. Interesting night for debuts….Galvis and Rivero, plus another start for Mathieson, Wright’s debut at Lakewood I think?, Buchanan debuting at Clearwater, etc

  14. I seriously doubt Galvis will have any effect on whether or not the Phillies sign Rollins. It might come up in negotiations but I don’t see any interest from the Phillies in making Galvis their starting SS in 2012. Considering his age, I could see the Phillies keeping him in AAA for 2 more full seasons.

  15. If Galvis is on fire for a month, they may decide to go get a one-year SS to fill in the gap. If he’s lousy, they may try harder to bring back Rollins. The team should be good enough to carry a low OPS guy at short for a season if he’s a true pro in the field. Not sure who that might be.

    1. It does not even need to be someone as good as Rollins. (So it could be Galvis or MMart)
      It is all about balalance.

      If they save $10million by playing a young one there, they may be able to spend $10 million elsewhere which improves the team further. Especially if it does not force them to sign a contract that is really bad at the end.

      That being said, I expect Rollins and the Phils to work something out.

      There are some really nice Threads over at PhilliesCandyStriper analying their current budget allocations and roster commitments for next year and the what they can afford to spend to fill each of the spots and what filling each one with different salaried players would mean to filling other positions.

  16. I believe that the Giants are licking their lips at the free agency of Rollins. They lack a shortstop and a team leader with experience; he fits the bill perfectly.

    J-Roll has come more alive this season at the plate than the past 2 seasons…maybe with extra caution and effort and pre-season work. He still can go in the hole and fire to 1st base and his short-stopping overall has been good, steady. There may be a slight less area he covers physically, but his well earned knowledge of his own field placement for certain hitters and situations are solid and more than make up for that.

    Suggest he be signed for 3 yrs w an option for 4th would allow Galvis 2 seasons at LV to hone up. Rollins at SS for SF is a big fear for with Posey back (but maybe not at catcher) and with Rollins’ ability and knowledge, the Giants would be much stronger.

    1. I would even offer a 4 year deal with a 5th year option if Rollins is open to moving to 3rd sometime within the contract years. Give us the same thing as Polanco in years 3 – 5 at 3rd base and hope that Galvis is ready in 2 years.

  17. Tonight should be a very interesting game to attend in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Rivero and Galvis of course making their AAA debuts. Manny Banuelos of the Yankees is also making his AAA debut on the mound.

        1. im in sec 128, row g. Ill be the idiot without friends holding a notebook and pink pen.

    1. Alan, I live near Trenton and have seen quite a few Thunder games. I have not been impressed with Manny Banulos of the Yankees as he does throw hard but is wild abd had problems with locating his off speed pitches. Every game he gets to the 5th or 6th inning and is around 100 pitches and is pulled. I am not a scout but I just do not agree with his hype.

  18. I think everyone just needs to relax on Rollins.

    I think its fairly certain he’s going to get at least 3 years, probably 4, and maybe even 5 from a desperate team. Hes on pace for one of the best years of his career. I’m sure the Phillies have every intention of trying to re-sign him, but if someone throws a ridiculous contract at him, I’m sure the Phillies have other ideas. I don’t think a rookie just promoted to AAA is at the top of that list.

    1. PP – agree on almost all counts. But there don’t happen to be many options out there. SS ranks are quite thin at the moment. Even those other hypothetical options – and I agree Galvis is not one of them, at least for 2012 – could easily mean a large decline in value from the SS position in 2012. Rollins is projected to get 5 WAR this year. Even assuming a decline to say 4 next year, the population of likely replacements consists of 1 and 2 WAR type players. That’s a big drop.

      I’m not saying they should give him a ridiculous contract, but if my original post wasn’t clear, I would go 3/39. And maybe some sort of vesting 4th year which would depend upon games played in, say, years 2 & 3 of the contract?

      And this point to my one (slight) disagreement with you on theoretical grounds (it became clear that with regard to Pence we were mainly disagreeing about the values of Pence and Singleton). Even a team like the Phillies does not have an unlimited ability to fill holes from outside the organization, and complacency about same is misplaced.

  19. I have this strange feeling MM will be the one year stop gap if rollins demands are too high. Does anyone think .250-7-55 with obp% of .320 and 15 steals would be ok as a stop gap? I think MM is very capable of these numbers and I’d be ok if money was allocated somewhere else.

  20. I rollins wanted 4x14mil. I would like to put that money into other areas of need. I think w/ MM excellent defense and those numbers he woul d be acceptable. I also think those are the numbers we would see from Galvis in his 2nd or third year with slightly better defense as MM is solid!

    1. 4×14 is probably too much, but where is this hypothetical area where you’re going to spend the money, at least in 2012? They are set pretty much everywhere aside from SS and closer. There isn’t a closer in baseball that I’d give that kind of money to.

      MM is a borderline major league player at beast even as a reserve. As a regular, he would be one of the bottom 5 SS in the league. Y. Betancourt is probably better and Betancourt is horrible. No thanks.

      1. The concern though could be that Rollins returns to his 2009 and 2010 (Pre Injury) levels.
        In fact, excluding July, his numbers have been league average.
        Production could be a real issue by the 3rd/4th years of the contract.

        A contract close to what JJ Hardy just received would seem about right.
        Figures like 4×14 would seem extreme.

  21. Mmart hitting 7 HR may be a stretch. He could
    Improve with a second MLB offseason instead of whatever he’s had prior, (college/international hoops, nationals minor league programs, whatever). Galvis bulked up, supposedly, with a Phils strength program instead of playing in VZ winter leagues. Either way, I agree Galvis is very unlikely to be asked to play in Philly next year, but a good start in AAA and he could be seen as a mid-season possibilty, requiring less of a replacement value in FA or Mmart or Pete Orr or whatever they decide.

  22. I’m going to get a lot of people telling me I’m crazy and stupid but I think MMart could be the second coming of Shane Victorino at a different position. Love his energy and edge. Also could see Mayberry emerge next year playing as much LF as D Brown.

    1. I just don’t see it, he is a nice bench player but when he started too much he got exposed by pitchers with scouting reports on him and he really cooled off. Energy can only make up for so much. He is going to be a good bench player and that is really all you can hope for from the Rule V.

      1. You can hope for much more from a rule 5- Victorino and Dave Hollins came via that route. Not saying that MMart is gonna be what they are/were, just saying rule 5’s do occasionally pan out to be more than role players.

        1. A few Rule 5 guys——Jose Bautista, Bobby Bonilla, Paul Blair, Johan Santana, Dan Uggla, Darrell Evans and someone named Roberto Clemente. Just to name a few. Right off the ‘trash heap’

  23. I think the Phillies could have a number of different things they can do next year.

    At this point, I’m writing Domonic Brown’s name in to LF next year. But what if they use him to acquire a SS, use Mayberry in LF and bring in a complementary guy to get the occasional start in LF? I’m not saying that is my preferred method of attack, just that it could very well be an option.

    I have no idea what to make of Galvis. He was basically a zero with the bat before this year and he’s exploded. Not to mention I got a negative report on him in spring training, indicating he looked to have lost a step and was putting on weight. Now he’s hitting for passable power for the position and looks like a legit hitter. I have no clue.

    1. I like that sort of thought process. It can be easy to get attached to the homegrown talent and just look at ways to use the guys in house instead of making a trade to upgrade the entire team. I guess that is why we are fans and not GM’s.

      Galvis in AAA for next few years would not be a bad thing. Rollins is a solid team leader and to a degree has earned his right to finish his career in Philly much as Utley and Howard. Not sure what SS’s are available who fit the position and output requirements in the ‘Brown-less’ lineup.

  24. If Rollins does not take 3 years at 9mm per year he will be toiling somewhere else next year.
    If Madson does not take 3 years at 10 mm per year he will be somewhere else next year.
    They will try to buy Hamels out of his last arbitration year at 3 years at 18 mm.

    Mini Mart will be the first option at shortstop. There are not that many good shortstops out there.

    Of course the Phillies could think otherwise.

    And Franco was promoted because they came very close to starting him in Lakewood this year but decided not to.

    1. You have to be joking if you think 3 years 27 million is a fair offer for Jimmy Rollins. He’s the second best shortstop on the market.

      1. Let Rollins go. Hes no longer needed here. I need a leadoff guy hitting closer to 300 like Victorino and not 260 like Rollins. Get a new short shop who can play a little De and bat him 8th. We will be better off I believe.

  25. I can’t find the Galvis story from Philly.com a few weeks ago, but I references above that he stayed in CLR this past winter and did some sort of strength program instead of playing winter ball. So maybe he bulked up and looked a step slow because it was really spring training for him in a way he’d never done before – all muscled up and lacking the sharpness from a winter in VZ. Just a thought.

    1. I rememebr it——he said he did some weird exercises during his training process, but is stronger for it.

  26. 2 hard hit liners by galvis in his first two at bats. One was caught, the second for a single. He also stole 2b and score. Almost made a ridic catch, but dropped it

  27. speaking of others who were promoted, nice debuts tonight for austin wright at lakewood and david buchanan at clearwater.

  28. Quick comments. First off, Rivero made an awful fielding play in the sixth inning. Groundball with two outs, elected to try and get the runner at second out rather than the force at first. Runner from third scored the go-ahead run. Mathieson threw 94-98 on his fastball but his slider was iffy and when he missed with it, he missed high. Aumont threw 95-96, nice fastball but needs to refine his command yet. Carpenter works slow as hell. Missed radar gun readings because I may have fallen asleep.

    Banuelos has great raw stuff but as a commenter said he hits high pitch counts. Still some real talent there when he can refine it. Almost a lefty Gavin Floyd.

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