Daily Archives: August 15, 2011

2011 Draft signing deadline is today

Since people seem to be posting their comments/links in two different places, instead, post everything here. When the deadline has passed and we know who has signed, I will update the draft picks page appropriately.

From what I’ve heard, the Phillies will get Quinn and Walding done, and probably nothing else. Then again, they’ve surprised before, so I’m not writing anyone/anything off until the deadline arrives.

Larry Greene Jr signs
Roman Quinn signs (per his facebook)
Jesen Dygestile-Therrien has signed, no bonus disclosed.
Mitchell Walding signs for $800K.
Braden Shull and Jonathan Knight also signed.

Domingo Santana selected as the PTBNL in the Pence trade

As tweeted here.

My snap judgment is, I’d have rather it be someone else, because Santana has a ton of upside. The rational part of me says that this is fine, because Santana is a super high beta prospect. He has obvious upside, but his K rate is a huge red flag. Massive. I wish him the best and hope he turns in to a star. Pence hasn’t missed a beat with the Phillies, and the Astros package now represents almost all upside, with the exception of Zeid. This could end up being a massive hit for the Astros, or a stunning miss. Santana was looking like a good bet to remain in the Phillies top 10, so it is unfortunate, but it won’t break the farm system. At all. Anyone labeling this a disaster is just looking for attention or to try and create drama.

Astros fans, check out Santana’s player profile page here.