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Phillies Reach Agreement on Deal for Segura

Finally.  One of the deals we have been expecting down in Clearwater has come to fruition.  It looks like the Mariners will continue “selling high” and send SS Jean Segura to the Phillies for a package that will include SS J.P. Crawford.

The Phillies will send additional players to complete the trade, but those names haven’t been released yet.  Apparently, the Phillies swung talks away from Scott Kingery, who was an early target of the Mariners.

News of an impending trade was first reported by Ken Rosenthal and later announced as completed by Jeff Passan and Bob Nightengale.  I’ve expected that this deal would go down since earlier in the weekend.  The only concern was who would be packaged with Crawford.

Now, we can wait and see if Patrick Corbin takes “stupid” money to NOT play in New York.

I’ll keep adding to this as more facts become known.  But for now, here’s a place for you to talk about the trade.

Deal reported consummated, just waiting for Segura to waive no-trade clause.

Ryan Givish reports that Carlos Santana is part of the deal.  Mariners still save $20M.


Domingo Santana selected as the PTBNL in the Pence trade

As tweeted here.

My snap judgment is, I’d have rather it be someone else, because Santana has a ton of upside. The rational part of me says that this is fine, because Santana is a super high beta prospect. He has obvious upside, but his K rate is a huge red flag. Massive. I wish him the best and hope he turns in to a star. Pence hasn’t missed a beat with the Phillies, and the Astros package now represents almost all upside, with the exception of Zeid. This could end up being a massive hit for the Astros, or a stunning miss. Santana was looking like a good bet to remain in the Phillies top 10, so it is unfortunate, but it won’t break the farm system. At all. Anyone labeling this a disaster is just looking for attention or to try and create drama.

Astros fans, check out Santana’s player profile page here.

Phillies agree a deal for Hunter Pence

Here is your place for instant reaction.

The deal is apparently Jon Singleton, Jarred Cosart and 2 players to be named later, per Ken Rosenthal. I’m going to write up a long analysis of this deal, from all sides. I’m sure you want to react quickly and say how much you love it or hate it. So do that here. And then check back later if you are curious for my take on the trade.

Phillies trade deadline primer

Its that time of year. With the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline fast approaching, lots of rumors will start popping up. You’re going to hear a lot of stuff that is true, isn’t true, is half true, and everything else on both sides of the spectrum. With 30 MLB teams all looking to improve their teams either for now or later, lots of rumors will swirl. The Phillies, especially recently, have been very active at this time of the year. Two years ago, we had Clifton Phifer Lee round 1. Last year, we stole Roy Oswalt away from Houston. Who will it be this year? That’s not my focus here. Instead, I wanted to talk about the Phillies prospects who will probably be mentioned in deals, look at which guys we should hold on to, which guys we should trade, and what is going to happen. Check below the fold for all of the specifics.

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My analysis of the Oswalt trade

So, here we go. I have to admit, sitting down and thinking about blockbuster trades is a lot more fun than analyzing 6 year minor league free agents. And though you can call Ruben Amaro Jr a lot of things, passive isn’t one of them. Which is entertaining for everyone, me included. If you’ve just stumbled out of your cave and missed the news, the Phillies today acquired Roy Oswalt from the Houston Astros for 3 players, including big leaguer JA Happ and two prospects, Anthony Gose and Jonathan Villar. You’ve likely read lots of analysis already, but I’m going to slant mine toward the prospects side, as always, so if you’re interested, you can check below. I know the most common response to this thread will just be to use it as another sounding board for your personal take on the deal, which is fine, but I’d hope you at least give my breakdown a read before launching into your own take. With that said, check below and we’ll get to work.

Update 7:34 PM –> It was a long day. If there are typos, try and get past them. If I made any errors, I’ll correct them at the bottom of the post after you point them out. Thanks.

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Phillies acquire Roy Oswalt for Happ, Gose and Villar

According to Ken Rosenthal’s twitter feed, the deal is complete. The Phillies give up LHP JA Happ, OF Anthony Gose, and SS Jonathan Villar in exchange for Roy Oswalt and cash, believed to be in upwards of $11M.

There are plenty of places to read about Happ. If you want to read about Anthony Gose, check here, and you can also check out my Top 30 prospects from this past winter to read about Jonathan Villar.

In my midseason Top 15, I ranked Gose #5 and Villar #13 in the system.

I will provide full analysis of the deal later this evening, so if you want to hear my take, check back later. In the meantime, use this post to discuss the deal.

Phillies and Astros agree on a deal for Roy Oswalt?

This link does not come from ESPN/Fox/SI or any of the big sites, but it appears to be legit.

If Oswalt approves, and the prospects the Phillies are giving up are named, I will provide the analysis here. Should be an eventful 24 hours or so. In the meantime, discuss away!

1:27 AM –> All the big hitters now picking up on the Fox Houston story. We’ll see in the morning.

10:37 AM –> Rumors flying. One indicates its Happ, Worley, and Rizzotti for Oswalt + Cash. Another indicates its Happ, Worley and Singleton for Oswalt + Cash. I won’t have analysis on the trade until its agreed upon and the names are confirmed from all parties. I’m aiming for thorough, thoughtful analysis, not sloppy and fast analysis. But my initial thought is that either deal is a win for the Phillies, and I’ll have a ton more later.

1:32 PM –> Strongest rumor yet is that it is Happ, Worley and Gose for Oswalt plus cash. What a massive win for the Phillies.

3:05 PM –> The deal is done. Take all discussion of said deal to the new posting. Thanks, management.

Trade Chatter, July 19-25

If you must discuss potential trades, please do it in this post and don’t clutter other discussions with off topic comments. In my opinion, the Phillies should be protecting their top 10 or so prospects during the deadline, deal for a few rentals and make a run at squeezing into the playoffs. No sense trading any of our above average prospects for 1 year rentals when we need a lot of things to go right to just make the playoffs at this point. But, discuss away.