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As Cliff Lee is about to be traded again…

With rumors swirling that Cliff Lee is about to be traded again, I’m sure the discussion of that trade, in comparison to the trade the Phillies made with the Mariners in December, will find its way into every discussion on this site. So I’m going to cut that off at the pass right here. I’ve already discussed the trade here before, in great detail, but it seems there are still a number of misconceptions about the deal, and a lot of yelling and shouting that seems, to me at least, to be very misguided. Find out why I feel that way below.

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Trade Discussion, Week of July 20th

I know that Halladay mania has swept this site, and most of Phillies fandom, and that’s fine, its something legitimately exciting and definitely something worth talking about. But it has started to invade every other corner of this site, and in sticking with my past preferences, I’d like to fence off all the trade talk into one spot, and this is going to be the spot. I’ll make sure this post stays on the first page of the site so its easy to find, but please do not post your trade chatter in other discussion topics. Thanks.

Sell the farm, stand pat, or something in between?

Everyone knows my general stance on discussing the big league team here, but I’m going to make an exception in this one post. I believe, as the caldendar rolls over, the Phillies have a bunch of really tough choices to make regarding the rest of this season. I believe there are three real options to choose from, hence the title of this posting, and I’ll go through the decisions that have to be made below the fold, and then I’ll post a poll for you to have your say.

Update; 7/7 – The Blue Jays have reportedly said they will listen to offers on Halladay. So this topic is again very relevant. I’m bumping it back to the top so that the conversations don’t spill over into other discussions. Thanks

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Trade chatter, 5/28

I’m sure with the latest news on Brett Myers, everyone is going to want to start speculating on the trade front. The Phillies rotation has been awful this season (but better over the last 2 turns), and if Myers goes down, it leaves a big hole in the starting 5. There have been lots of reports that we’ve kicked the tires on just about every pitcher out there who might be available. Feel free to discuss that here. But I wanted to try and gauge the pecking order right now. So, list the 5 prospects you wouldn’t want to see traded, with #1 being the guy you want to hold onto the most, and #5 being our 5th most valuable guy, if that makes sense. My quick reaction list would be…

1. Dominic Brown
2. Kyle Drabek
3. Lou Marson
4. Michael Taylor
5. Carlos Carrasco

Weekly trade talk discussion

For those of you who can’t resist talking about potential trades and the big league club, use this post for the rest of the week and keep the chatter out of the Top 30 voting posts. Also a note on the Top 30 voting. I thought that I wouldn’t need to babysit, and that people would just vote once. But apparently that’s not the case, so from #8 forward, I’ll have to restrict voting based on IP addresses. Thus, once your IP address votes, that’s it. If you are using broadband and a static IP, that shouldn’t cause a problem. If you use a dialup service, it might, or it might not. Sorry for the trouble, but its not my doing.

Who are the untradeable prospects?

With the Phillies need for a left fielder, as well as possibly another starting pitcher or reliever, there will be trade rumors over the next month, heightening at the GM meetings. We discussed this back in June, but I thought maybe now would be a good time to re-visit the conversation. So, do we have untouchables now, and is the list different than it was in June? Go.

The Blanton Trade, revisited

At this point, I’m not sure if I should even devote a post to wrapping up Lehigh Valley. Happ pitched well, he made it to Philly, and at this point, he’s a finished product. Jason Jaramillo struggled early, hit for a decent average in the 2nd half of the season, and isn’t much of a prospect at this point, barring a big turnaround. Carlos Carrasco was promoted from Reading and pitched real well over a small sample. There ya go. So instead of devoting this space to Lehigh Valley, I figured I’d just mention a few things regarding the Joe Blanton trade.

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