Phillies Select Two Players during Rule 5 Draft

MLB concluded their 2018 Winter Meetings with their annual Rule 5 Draft.  The Phillies didn’t lose any of their players and selected two players, one from each phase of the draft.

The Phillies selected SS Drew Jackson from the Dodgers during the major league portion of the draft.  He is a 25-year-old, selected by the Mariners in the 5th round of the 2015 draft out of Stanford.  He slashed .269/.360/.399/.760 with 15 HR for the Dodgers Double-A affiliate (Tulsa) in the Texas League. A SS most of his career, Jackson played a majority of his games at second base in 2018, and saw some time in CF.

They turned around and traded Jackson to the Orioles for international pool money.

The Phillies selected RHP Gilmael Troya from the Yankees during the Triple-A portion of the draft.  He is a 21-year-old, signed by the Yankees as an international free agent on July 22, 2014 out of Venezuela.  In 4 seasons, Troya managed to advance only to the rookie league level.  In 2018, he posted a 2-0 record and 1.63 ERA in 38.2 innings with 18 walks, 55 strike outs, and a 1.11 WHIP.  But, it was his second full season with Pulaski in the Appalachian League.

Troya will be placed on the Lehigh Valley Roster.

Of some interest (to me anyway), two former Phillies’ farmhands were selected today.

With the second pick in the MLB phase, the Royals selected RHP Sam McWilliams from the Rays.  McWilliams was the Phillies’ 8th round selection in the 2014 draft.  He was traded to Arizona for Jeremy Hellickson in November 2015..

In the second round of the Triple-A phase, the Indians selected 1B Wilson Garcia.  He played last season with the Clearwater Threshers in the Florida State League before being traded to the Orioles in May.



14 thoughts on “Phillies Select Two Players during Rule 5 Draft

  1. Can’t help wondering if the Phillies truly want Troya to start at LHV.
    Seems like too high of jump for a 22-year old who has been facing a majority of hitters one to three years younger than him for the last two years and just pitching the last four years in rookie level baseball.
    Unless they see him as an asset that is ‘house money’ and are willing to let it all just play out …all risks aside for him, and getting hit hard by more experienced professional hitters.

    1. Troya pitched out of the bullpen all last year, so I’m pretty sure they just picked him to pitch relief, not start.

      1. He didn’t mean start as in starting pitcher, he meant start as in begin. I think! And yes he needs to stay on the AAA roster or be offered back I believe.

        1. Troya would not have to be offered back to the Yankees. Only players drafted during the major league phase of the Rule V draft have that restriction. He was selected in the minor league phase of the draft so he can be assigned to any of the Phillies minor league teams and the Yankees would not have any rights to him.

          1. According to MLR 5 (b), a player selected during one of the two phases of the Rule 5 Draft must be placed on the Reserve List in the same classification of the phase in which he was selected.

  2. Yankee’s had him on AA roster and during the AAA draft we drafted him. He will probabley end up on the Lakewood roster.

  3. I am surprised that Deivi Grullon wasn’t selected. The scouting report on him coming into last season was great defender, but weak bat. He had a really good offensive season in AA as a 22 yo. Good contact rates and 21 homers. He had a 33% CS rate defensively too. For a 22yo catcher, that is a really good power/defense profile. I would think, with the league as starved for catching as it is, someone would have taken him, if nothing else, just to get a closer look in spring training.

    But good news for us, we keep him in our system for another year. If he puts up similar numbers in AAA, then we might have a really good prospect on our hands.

    1. It is surprising he was not selected.
      Of the 13 teams selecting this year, 12 could be considered in the rebuild stages and he would not be a risk as a back-up.
      The Phillies are probably the only team of the 13 that would be a little past that particular stage….though DBacks and Mariners , along with the Phllies were right in the hunt come August for a play-off spot, and all three collapsed in their last 50 games of the season.
      And now it appears, the Mariners and Dipoto and DBacks and Hazen decided to tear it down and start fresh.
      And I think Klentak did make a little nice move, that could prove more beneficial than a Rule 5 player selection……..using the draft to accumulate more int’l sot money for a young 16-year with potential come July.

      1. Romus … that international money Klentak got from Baltimore is for the current J2 period. They can spend it now through the end of June.
        BTW … Klentak has traded for more J2 dollars than the 1 million the club lost when they signed Carlos Santana and Jake Arrieta last winter. He got 500 thousand dollars for Elniery Garcia and miraculously received 750 thousand dollars for Jack Zoellner. I’m going to guess the team probably added another half million for the rule 5 draft and trade on Thursday. The extra international cash should aid in their attempt to sign Taiwanese LHP Lin An Ko.

        1. Hinkie…hope that is the case.
          Also, I am encouraged with Klentak’s initiative and creativity now in this area of talent acquisition…though the Ben Lively fiasco DFA disappointed me, since he was really a $500K minimum int’l return just waiting to happen.
          But if Matt K can continue to take advantage of the surplus farm talent to keep that pipeline flowing from the start, then I will be happy.

  4. I am all for additional International Slot money but what have we really done with all the international money we have spent? I’d love to see an article about the money spent and the international prospects we have developed. I’m not saying it is all a waste, but we keep hoping and wishing on some of these players and the overwhelming majority do not even come close to panning out. I hope I’m wrong, but Sixto has already started to break down. I remember stressing about Cole Hamels after his minor league bar fight. I just don’t understand how the braves, nationals, cardinals, and yankees seem to get this area much more right than we do. It is not only about targeting the right players, but about development as well. I am not saying they all have to be stars or even super-stars, but developing low cost major league players can really be the exact recipe to fill in the rest of the roster around our big money free agents. We need more legitimate major league talent in our system.

    1. “….braves, nationals, cardinals, and yankees seem to get this area much more right than we do.”…and do not forget the Red Sox.
      Scouting, money, excessive money incurring penalties (2012 thru 2016) and willing to bend the rules a little, and when you get caught suck it up, ie Braves and Red Sox.
      In the past it was a lot easier fort hose teams to get what they wanted…..since the latest CBA it is more equitable playing field….not entirely, but better than In the past.

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