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Updating My Top 30 Prospects – 2 August 2011

Since I started the site, I’ve always resisted doing a re-ranking of my top 30 prospects mid-season. There are multiple reasons for this. First, when I sit down to do my offseason top 30, I look at a lot of statistics, I do a lot of thinking about which guys should go where, I try and talk to people who know more about prospects than me, and then I put everything together and come up with my best list. I start thinking about it in October, and the list eventually gets submitted in December for the Maple Street Press Phillies Annual. Its a long process, I move guys around constantly, but its a rewarding process. A number of people, people whose opinions I greatly respect, have suggested to me that I should do in-season Top 30 updates. I’ve resisted, but I think that if I do it properly, its something that can be done, and something that hopefully people here enjoy. Check below for the update

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