78 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 1 Aug 2011

  1. 1. OF – Domonic Brown (LHV-9/13/87) – (.346) 2 for 6 with a run, BB, SB (2), 3 K
    2. RHP – Brody Colvin (CLW-8/14/90)- (2-6, 4.25) – 5 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 3 K (loss)
    6. C – Sebastian Valle (CLW-7/24/90) – (.308) – 0 for 3 with a BB, 3 K
    7. LHP – Jesse Biddle (LWD-10/22/91) – (5-7, 3.20) – 5 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 3 K (loss)
    12. 2B – Cesar Hernandez (CLW-5/23/90) – (.258) – 0 for 4 with 3 K
    15. OF – Aaron Altherr (WIL-1/14/91) – (.272) – 1 for 4 with a 2B (9), K
    17. C – Cameron Rupp (LWD-9/28/88) – (.266) – 0 for 2 with a BB, K
    18. OF – Jiwan James (CLW-4/11/89) – (.281) – 2 for 3 with an RBI (24), BB, SB (21)
    23. RHP – Michael Schwimer (LHV-2/19/86) – (7-1, 1.76, 9 SV) – 1 IP< 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K (save)
    27. OF – Miguel Alvarez (LWD-8/27/89) –(.263) – 2 or 4 with a 2B (15), SB (14)
    28. OF – Kelly Dugan (WIL-9/18/90)–(.297) – 1 for 4 with 2 K


    1B – Cody Overbeck (LHV-6/5/86) – (.221) – 1 for 3 with a 2B (7), K
    2B– Cody Asche (WIL-6/20/90) – (.197) 0 for 1
    2B – Carlos Valenzuela (GCL-9/18/90) – (.328)- 1 for 2 with a BB, K
    3B – Travis Mattair (CLW-12/21/88) – (.250) 0 for 3 with a run, BB, K
    3B – Maikel Franco (WIL-8/26/92) – (.274) – 1 for 3 with a 2B (12)
    3B – Harold Martinez (WIL-5/31/90) – (.260) – 0 for 4 with a run, K
    3B – Willians Astudillo (VSL-10/14/91) –(.369) 2 for 4 with a run
    SS – Edgar Duran (LWD-2/10/91) – (.255) 0 for 3 with a BB, K
    SS – Tyler Greene (GCL-12/1/92) – (.313) 0 for 4 with a BB, 3 K
    SS – Jair Morelos (VSL-2/2/94) – (.278) – 0 for 1
    OF – Zach Collier (LWD-9/18/90) – (.260) – 0 for 3 with a BB
    OF – Anthony Hewitt (LWD-4/27/89) – (.238) – 0 for 4
    OF – Kyrell Hudson (WIL-16/6/90) – (.264) – 1 for 4
    OF – Herlis Rodriguez (VSL-6/10/94) – (.278) – 1 for 2 with a K
    OF – Pedro Miranda (DSL_7/6/92) – (.293) 0 for 1 with a K
    LHP – Mike Zagurski (LHV-1/27/83) – (3-0, 2.27, 10 SV) – 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K (win)
    LHP – Joe Savery (LHV-11/4/85) – (2-0, 3.86) –1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, BB, K
    RHP – Colin Kleven (WIL-4/15/91) – (2-4, 4.38) – 4.1 IP, 3 H, 5 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 2 K (loss)
    RHP – Colton Murray (WIL-4/22/90) – (0-2, 3.95) 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, K
    RHP – Jonathan Musser (GCL-12/19/91) – (1-4, 4.84) – 3.1 IP, 7 H, 7 R, 6 ER, 3 B, K (loss)

      1. He was a 16 year old kid (now 18) that the Phils signed out of the Czech Republic. Obviously very raw, but has good size and a decent arm. More of an oddity as a signing because of where he was from than anything else. I wish him the best!

    1. Hmmm. Well, good luck to him. He’s definitely talented. Maybe he seemed bored b/c he was getting called up.

    2. Does this mean we are giving up on another Singleton? That would be Steve. Good for Franco. He has been a good run producer. Lavin deserved to go to Williamsport. Having a good yr there and was like 5-6 yrs older then some of the guys.

    3. Woah. Was expecting Martinez. Pretty big sign of confidence in Franco; can’t wait to see how he responds.

    4. Impressive – he won’t turn 19 until the end of the month. His stock is certainly on the rise.

      Colvin’s, however, isn’t. He’s really struggling. I wonder if he stays in Clearwater next year

      1. Yes, I had the same thought about Colvin this morning. He might have to earn his way to AA next year (of course, if he tears it up in Spring Training then he will probably get the promotion).

  2. I have been driving all day. Here are some notes from the game. I have a bunch more, so feel free to ask questions. Tomorrow I am seeing Reading, Wednesday the Crosscutters in NYC (away game), and then back up north to do it again.

    Notes from August 1, 2011 Crosscutters game

    Maikel Franco – 3b
    There is something about his attitude that struck me the wrong way. I got to the game about 3pm and he sat about 40 feet from me and played with his phone for hours while the rest of the team was working out and warming up for the game. Maybe he was recovering from an injury, but he started at 3b. The game started at 7pm. The situation just seemed odd to me. I also think he is a little on the tubby side.

    Baseball clearly comes naturally to him, but he has a little bit of Randy Moss/j-roll in him. For example, after a K when the ball was being thrown around the horn he flipped the ball over to the SS behind his back (only for it to fall on the ground). Or, while everyone else is focused in the batter’s box, he seems aloof and disinterested in getting his timing down.
    As far as on the field, he made a confident call on a pop to 3rd and generally looks comfortable – no doubt he is talented. At the plate, he seemed to swing at every pitch. He did rope a fastball for a double after getting down 0-2. On his next PA he grounded out on the first pitch.

    Kyrell Hudson – CF
    I really like him. In many ways, the opposite of Franco. When he was in the batter’s box, you would think he is facing a 3-2 pitch in the bottom of the 9th in the world series – the guy is all business. Like Franco, there is a smoothness about him that makes you think he has a chance.
    The highlight of the night for the Crosscutters was his laser from CF to throw out a runner trying to score from 2nd. I’m not sure what scouts give his arm, but this was an absolute one-hop bomb. The grass at the stadium is really long, so it’s not like the ball got to him fast. It was a dynamite throw.
    At the plate, he hit the ball hard 3 out of 4 times. In the first, a line drive right to the centerfielder. In the third, he hit a lazy fly ball to right after trying to bunt and failing. In the 5th, he tried again to bunt and failed. This time he hit a line drive up the middle for a single. In the eighth he hit another hard ball but it was right at the pitcher. He could have easily been 3-4.

    Aaron Altherr – OF
    He was the Crosscutters “player of the game” for what it’s worth. He, like Hudson, hit the ball hard a few times. He roped a double in the first, hit the ball even harder in the third for a line out to right. His third hard hit ball was in the fifth, but right to the 2b. And then he struck out in his last at bat. He is 6’5 and looks like he weighs about 185.
    Other notes: Dugan had a few ugly swings, Taylor Black seems like the kind of guy you want to root for, and the Crosscutters dance team will not be confused with the Lakers Girls.

    1. Franco was promoted after the game so it is possible that he knew he was headed out after the game and was spreading the word. He’s also 18 he could just be acting like an 18 year old.

      1. This is definitely possible. I don’t want to act like I know his inner workings after seeing him for all of 6 hours. Seemed a little cocky/confident to me, but he’s doing something right if he is getting a promotion.

        1. The team knew Franco was being called up, but he wasn’t told until after the game.

          I’ve never gotten the cocky feel from him. He’s always been a happy, energetic kid who works hard despite his natural talents. When the team takes BP in the batting cage like they did today the players aren’t required to be at the cage until their group is hitting, which is probably why he was sitting around while other guys were hitting.

          But that’s just my opinion.

            1. Don’t shoot the messenger. We are all on the same team here. I’m just trying to help. A little happy-go-lucky/j-roll isn’t the worst thing in a player. Mitch: Did you get a chance to see that throw last night from Hudson?

            2. Jared, not trying to discount what you saw, just offering a different opinion. I did see Hudson’s throw, great throw. Gave Clark a great hop to sit and wait for the hit the never really came. I’d say Dugan probably has the best outfield arm on the team. I think Hudson has probably the weakest arm of the three outfielders who play regularly, but it’s still at least a tick above average. I’m sorry you really didn’t get to see Hudson play center field last night and how easy and effortless he can make it look. Hopefully you can see him run one down in the gap or to the track in Brooklyn.

    2. Funny when I saw Kyrell last year once for W’port at Tri-City, I thought he acted disinterested and was kind of full of himself. Glad to hear maybe repeating a level was a wake-up call.

      1. I think you’re right on with your assessment last year. He seems to be a completely different kid this year. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that he’s still just a 20-year old kid. I talked to him for a feature last week and I think he learned a lot from his struggles last year. I still think he’s got a world of talent and a world of potential. I think he’s legit, but that’s just me.

    3. Funny when I saw Kyrell last year once for W’port at Tri-City, I thought he acted disinterested and was kind of full of himself. Glad to hear maybe repeating a level was a wake-up call.

      Jared, I am also attending the Cutters game at Brooklyn tomorrow. Sitting in Section1 Row J.

      1. I changed my mind. Going to the Brooklyn game. If you email pop, he can give you my email and we can meet up. Or, I can search in row j.

    4. Jared, my buddy was the field umpire last night at Williamsport. Did he make any lousy calls that I can harass him about???

  3. Singleton is 3 for 3 with 2 doubles for High A Lancaster thus far for the Astros. Great for him.

    1. Not sure I want to hear about Singleton. Among the players in the Pence deal, he is the one guy I really hated to lose. He is simply very advanced for his age and has all the makings of becoming a really good MLB hitter.

    2. Yeah, I root for all of our guys after we trade them. Great for him and I hope Cosart pitches well in AA for them this year.

    3. everyone prepare for Singleton to put up freak numbers in that league and ball park.

      The cool thing about the trade was Cosart is not playing about 6 hours from his hometown and Singleton is playing about 3 hours from his hometown.

      1. We need to cut the cord and move on. We are fans getting to see the best years of pro baseball in philly. Losing prospects is just part of trying to win it all now. We still have plenty of guys to root for. Back to topic. Cant wait to see Schwimer get promoted. Just a matter of time. Hopefully?

        1. I’d expect we could see a move today. Can’t see the Phillies going into the game with Lidge, Perez, and Herndon as your only available relievers in a game started by Kyle Kendrick in Coors Field.

  4. Semi-Off topic, but anyone notice that the Giants have a negative run differential for the year?

  5. Manuel said that the team needs a new bullpen piece. Manuel scares me because he has kept tooting his horn for trades for a while now. He has said that he doesn’t care about the future. I don’t want the Phillies to operate this way. You have to give up young talent guardedly, with an eye to present needs as well as the future. Manuel might be gone in a couple of years, but I’m still going to be a fan. Anyway, Manuel said that the bullpen piece might come internally. Could we be seeing Joe Savery or Aumont soon in the bigs?

    1. I am thinking that he doesn’t want to over burden Bastardo and Madson for the remainder of the season. It seems that Stutes has hit a wall of sorts and is giving up a few runs here and there. Lidge is still working his way back and Contreras is a big ?.

      Hopefull the five names above will be ready and capable for the post-season, but for now Charlie would like another card to play.

      1. The more good pitchers he has the less a chance of a damaging brain freeze, Soon every decision will be right. 🙂
        I just wish he doesn’t fall in love with the starter going too long into the game. Cheese it is a seven game lead now,

        1. “You’re killing me Smalls…”, okay, okay, okay. I must admit after further consideration my premature hatred for the Pence deal was prolly more due to my lack of love for Rube and my fanhood of Singleton than anything else. I never disagreed that the deal makes the team better in the regular season but my concern was about October (and still is) and as you have mentioned before about Pence’s recent batting slump. Still, watching the highlights of the games its tough not to root for Pence and he seems to have brought an energy boost to the lineup which has been lacking in my opinion for quite some time.

          1. The Phillies averaged 5.52 runs per game in July. Rollins, Ibanez, Ruiz, and Brown all had a very good month after struggling in previous months. There was nothing lacking about the Phillies offense at the time of the trade deadline.

            That doesn’t make the Pence deal bad of course. Ruben filled a hole in the lineup for the next two plus seasons. The deal did very little to impact the current season though, imo.

    2. Manuel always says he doesn’t care about the future, but you have to take that with a grain of salt. It is the manager’s job to get on the field and win the game that day. That’s his focus and that’s what it should be. By the way, Manuel also said that he believes the Phillies’ missing bullpen piece might very well be in the minors. He knows how close Schwimer and Aumont are.

      For all his talk, Charlie actually encourages young players and puts them in if they play well. Bastardo, Martinez, Stutes, Mayberry and even Herndon have all played a lot this year and, if you remember, he was the guy who pick Carlos Ruiz from obscurity, noticing his talents and playing him over the more experienced veterans. He is just very focused on performance and winning, as he should be.

      1. True but it also took three years to correct a very fundamental flaw in Chooch’s swing.
        Every time I warm up to Cholly he does something really dumb like pitching Lee in the eighth. And you try to make any sense of it ,only to get a headache.

        1. Yeah, he leaves starters in too long and he sometimes makes some very odd game day moves. But he listens to his bench coaches a lot more these days and so the really bone-headed decisions have been reduced to a great extent.

          1. bueno and better players
            Who do you think goes down when Roy II comes back?
            NOTE resign Madsen now but even the bench needs to go young next year.
            If they can put up with Gload they can put up with the Rizz.or Susdorf or Overbeck

            1. Could see them sending Francisco down and/or out. Mayberry has passed him as the primary RH Pinch hitter off the bench.

    3. Fortunately, Charlie Manuel is not the GM.

      Also, I can’t see Joe Savery on the big club anytime soon. One of the other relievers in AAA, maybe, but not Savery.

  6. I attended both games of the Iron Pigs Doubleheader Tonight in Scranton.

    Here are few notes on the games.

    Oswalt-Looked like himself same velocity, his curveball was great, and looked in control. His two Earned Runs were both the ccause of terrible umpires calls one which resembled the Pirates/Braves game a week ago.

    -Dominic Brown showed some good things and bad things in LF today. He misplayed 2 balls, one that he jumped in to the wall late and one where he missed one in the gap by 3 feet but Rich Thompson backed up nice and held the runner to second. He made an amazing throw from the corner of the wall on one bounce which beat the runner home by 2 steps but the umpire called him safe. His hitting was alright struck out 3x though in his 8 PA.

    -Mike Zagurski-Pitched the 7th of the first game and forced extra innings and earned the W. He pitched very well except a ball hit to 408 sign in CF that was caught though which nwould be out in many ballparks.

    -Schwimmer- A great proformence in the 8th for the Save in game one. 2 K’s with his nasty Slider. He used his cutter very effectively. I wish he was on the Major League roster.

    Kratz- Defense was descent needs improvement but he hit the ball hard everytime including a big hit which tied the game in the 6th which was a 2-run double that was a screaming liner off theLF wall.

    Moss- continues his power streak with his 20th HR in the 8th which was the Game-winner. He missed two HR in earlier ABs which were hit against the wall.

    Edell-Started game two and looked bad no control every ball hit was hit hard.

    Savery- Looked pretty good he started off shakey but ended up settling in very nicely.

    Heilman impressed me the most after coming off a bad game the night before came out and absouluty shut them down. He looked like himself 2 or 3 years ago when he was the Mets set-up man. He was nasty wiith his slider.

    1. Thanks for the report JT, this is great stuff. Good to hear about Oswalt and Heilman. I wonder if Moss will get the call when rosters expand.

    2. I have a feeling Schwim would be up by now if lefties weren’t hitting .289 against him.

  7. Good to see Minarik debut here, even if it’s an otherwise unremarkable outing.
    H-Mart’s BABIP is normalizing. Poor outing for Kleven.
    Nice game for Alvarez.
    Another crap outing for Colvin though. I wonder if he repeats Clearwater. His K rate is not good, and while his walk rate isn’t awful, it’s not good enough for that K rate.
    Schwimer had a nice outing, and Oswalt’s rehab start is good to see. Overbeck doubling is welcome.

  8. I hate to be negative but every night i check all the box scores and there is just nobody hitting at all. No power or HR’s except from guys that are not prospects (B.Moss, D.Ruf). It hurts to lose our best hitting prospect i thought Singleton could be special. I still hear a quote in my head that i think Buster Onley was told by a scout “Hes the best 18 year old hitter since Manny Ramirez” We really need to get some hitting into this system Tyler Greene was a great start.

    1. Agreed. I really think Singleton was poised (and is poised) for a bust-out year next season so I think we sold while his value was wasn’t maximized. To put things in perspective Domonic Brown was a full 2 years OLDER in his Lakewood season than Singleton was. Singleton won’t be the age Brown was at Lakewood until next season when he’s likely to be at AA.

      Phillies really need to spend some money on premium bat prospects because as you pointed out there’s almost nobody with any power in the farm system. Valle’s power has disappeared this year. I’m sure Clearwater’s park and the FSL has something to do with it, but to just have what 3 or 4 HR’s on the season is really poor.

    2. I agree that there is no one else like Singleton in our system. But heck, he was one of the top 30 or 40 prospects in all of baseball. If there are 30 teams, that means there are only one person like him on every team on average. You can’t expect to trade two such guys and have others waiting in the wings.

      That said, there are guys who are showing promise – not like Singleton, but promise nonetheless. I’m specifically thinking of James and Galvis. Two premium defenders who are starting to put it together with the bat. I’m also encouraged by Franco, Dugan and Altherr.

      I think citing Tyler Greene as our next great hope ignores some other guys who are doing pretty well and still have good potential at the plate.

      Oh yeah, and we have Domonic Brown back in the system!

      1. “there is only one guy”

        The two I’m referring to are Singleton and Cosart.

      2. I’m with you – Dugan has had some encouraging performances over the last month or so. Really starting to swing the bat a lot better.

        And James just makes you want to root for him.

  9. Any chance Moss can be a Sept call up? I like him as a young prospect turned vet minor leaguer that starts to put it together as he reaches his late 20’s. He obviously has power. Always in search of the next Werth.

  10. Houston’s Top 4 minor leaguers courtesy of Baseball America’s Jim Callis:

    1. Jonathan Singleton, 1b/of
    Should hit for power and average, has higher ceiling than Brett Wallace.
    2. Jarred Cosart, rhp
    Showed a 96-97 mph fastball, good secondary stuff during Futures Game.
    3. George Springer, of
    One of the best college athletes to come out of the draft in years.
    4. Jonathan Villar, ss
    Has plus-plus speed and arm strength, must tone down swing and approach.

    1. hehe – so the Phillies are doing a nice job stocking the Astros farm system

      – Jeff

  11. I know there was some chatter on here about this, but I really didn’t think it would happen. Per Matt Gelb:

    Freddy Galvis was promoted to triple A, The Morning Call reports. Will be fascinating to see how the 21-yo handles it. Rollins leverage?

    Keep hitting, Freddy.

    1. Pretty amazing stuff. 21 in AAA is amazing. seems like the guy has been in the system forever and I think maybe we undervalue him because of that. The organization has always been very aggressive with him but this does reek a bit of desperation with the Rollins situation. Though I guess it is entirely possible they are entertaining having him play SS next year. Rollins was an offensive project when he first came up so I guess there is still hope.

      1. It’s impressive but not amazing. He is a very good prospect and now projects to be at least an average major league shortstop – the real question is whether his hitting continues to improve.

        By the way, Jimmy Rollins was not an offensive project – he was pretty much a hot shot shortstop prospect both in the field and at bat and on the base paths. As a 21 year old in AAA, he had 51 extra base hits and a .798 OPS – that’s pretty damned good and a lot better than Galvis. Still, Galvis is improving and may be an even better fielder than Rollins if reports are accurate.

        1. Right now, there’s only one 21 year old prospect who’s seen significant playing time (109 ABs or more) in the International League and that’s Jesus Montero. I’m not sure about the guys who have seen fewer than 109 ABs, but Galvis might be the youngest prospect in the International League.

          I feel “amazing” isn’t out of place, although maybe a tad hyperbolic.

    2. Amazing—all the ‘experts’ predicted Freddy would remain at Reading the full year.

  12. Can’t believe no one has mentioned the biggest news of the day…Valle breaks into double digits with walk #10!!!! Of course, the 3K’s didn’t mix with them so well.

  13. i’d like to see larry green and roman quinn signed. what’s the holdup? they should be playing in the GCL by now. (i’m not necessarily blaming the phillies here. i don’t know what the players’ demands are.)

    1. The assumption is that they are already signed and the Phillies are waiting for MLB to allow them to announce their signings.

  14. LHV is suddenly the most interesting place to look for box scores each night for the rest of the month for me.

    1. It also seems that the Phillies are using LHV as a place for prospects, meaning that our system is beginning to produce at higher levels and will be able to promote AAA players to the majors. The LHV field seems also to be a better test of true power than the mirages produced by Reading; e.g., Freddy Galvis’ first Reading at bat two years ago yielding a home run.

  15. Joe Savery threw 91-92 last night. His peripherals have been outstanding this year. Despite his age, he’s back to being a fringe prospect, as a pitcher. He certainly qualifies as one of the strangest prospects we’ve ever had.

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