Implications of Rollins possibly hitting the DL

I received a number of e-mails today asking me if I thought the Phillies would entertain the idea of Freddy Galvis coming up from AA to play SS should Rollins go on the DL. My immediate reaction was “no chance”, and even after I started to actually think about it more, and wonder if it was plausible, my response is still the same; no chance. Galvis turned 20 in November, and though he reached AA last year, his career batting line in the minors is .235/.284/.288. Yes, his glove is big league ready. Yes, he wouldn’t be expected to carry the slack for Rollins offensively. But he’s not ready to hit major league pitching, and despite his solid start at Reading, I don’t know many people who thought he was even ready to hit AA pitching, let alone MLB pitching. While its likely that he’d be very good defensively, the Phillies signed Juan Castro because they believed he could legitimately hold down SS if something happened to Rollins. Galvis doesn’t have to be placed on the 40 man roster till after the 2010 season. Calling him up now adds him to the 40 man, and it would burn up his first option year. It just doesn’t make sense.

Bocock would seem like the most logical choice to fill the bench MI spot. Galvis is where he belongs right now, getting regular AB’s and trying to adjust to AA pitching.

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  1. I’d rather they brought up a bat and filled SS in an emergency with Polanco (Dobbs at 3B).

    Probably leaves them too thin in the IF for a manager to be comfortable, though. A good compromise would be Cody Ransom or Wilson Valdez, who can both hit a little, which is a lot more than Bocock.

    Mayberry is the current rumor–I wouldn’t mind that at all, honestly, but I can’t see Charlie dealing with the infield depth problem that would arise.

  2. I read an interview with Pat Gillick several years ago when galvis was at Williamsport. Gillick said they were having a meeting and the question came up about “what if” Rollins got hurt. Gillick said the consensus then was that Galvis was the best defensive replacement in the system and that was the foremost concern for Gillick then

  3. While Bocock makes the most sense from a roster management perspective, I would rather see either Ransom or Valdez. Valdez is batting .400, which I think is a mirage, but he could be a capable defensive back-up for Castro if he got hurt. Ransom would give the team the flexibility of having a back-up SS, plus a RH bat off the bench with the capability of running into a HR. When Rollins comes back, DFA those guys. If someone claims them, more power to ’em.

  4. I’m with PC. Bring up Mayberry as an extra RH bat. If Castro is injured, use Polanco and Dobbs that game and bring up someone for the next game.

    Francisco/Mayberry from the right side and Gload/Dobbs from the left gives the Phils formidable pinch-hitting late in the game. They can send someone dangerous up on both sides of the plate in two different innings and still have Schneider left.

  5. If they are comfortable with playing Castro everyday for a little (which should be the case since why else did we sign him) then it makes the most sense to bring up Bocock to avoid 40 man roster shenanigans. If they want someone to spell Castro here and there then they could go with likely Valdez or Ransom. I guess it depends on the severity. Grade 2 calf strain isnt too bad, but if Rollins were to miss more than 2 weeks, they could go in that direction over Bocock. If he can come back sooner, Id protect Valdez from waivers in case there is a major injury down the line

  6. It’s easy take Bocock off the 40. What is someone going to claim him. And sorry to disagree but all the others have already failed to hit major league pitching,so I go Glavis.
    I said all winter this would be an injury year so let see how it plays out.

    Note if Palanco plays short who plays third that is the problem with being thin. Glove or stick? Stick or glove?

  7. The Phillies aren’t going to bring up an OF to replace Rollins so I’m not sure what that is even being discussed.

    I agree with PhillyCuban that if the thought is that Rollins will only miss 15 games then Bocock will get the call since he can be sent back down without clearing wavers and it’s unlikely he will ever see the field anyway.

    If the injury is more significant, then they probably go with Valdez and take the chance that he clears waivers when Rollins returns.

  8. Anonymous: The talk of bringing in an OF to replace Rollins makes plenty of sense. If Werth is hurt, but does not need to go on the 15 day DL, it is better to bring up Mayberry. Polanco would be the teams’ emergency SS.
    If Werth needs to take 2 games off, what is Bocock going to do for a 24 man team?

  9. Dobbs can hit but he was extra poor at third this spring. Why would Bocock have trouble clearing waivers.

  10. Perhaps there’s another GM out there with a fetish for no-hit SS? Losing Bocock to waivers would not upset me very much…its not as if he’s a prospect.

    Valdez and Ransom are far more likely to be picked up of waivers than Bocock.

  11. My guess is Ransom over Valdez due to the added flexibility but it really doesn’t matter that much because the guy will hardly play. Galvis is an interesting thought but he needs AA at bats and doesn’t need to lose a service year for two weeks of work. Bringing up Mayberry to sit makes no sense because Polanco backing up at SS with Dobbs at 3B is not an option for a winning team.

  12. The theory with Mayberry is as follows:

    1. He’s a decent RH bat.

    2. He’s on the 40 man

    3. If its a short-term injury, Castro wont need an off day anyway and Mayberry can pinch-hit. If there were to be an injury to Castro, Polanco could finish out the game at SS (as he’s started 81 games there in his career) and Dobbs could take over 3B. Then they call somebody up after that game.

    Its a long shot but the Phillies have surprised me before (like in 2008 when they called up Brad Harmon for a bit due to an injury).

    If it were me, I’d go with Valdez.

  13. with polanco switching to 3rd this year, i doubt they will move him around much at all on defense.

    15 day dl for rollins …. bocock, castro starts at SS
    60 day dl for rollins …. galvis, galvis starts at SS

  14. Phil, they aren’t gonna call up Galvis and start his clock…its not gonna happen. If its the 60 day dl (which it wont be), they’ll call up Valdez or Ransom.

  15. Castro is the starting SS if Rollins goes down both short term and long term. Galvis just isn’t ready for the majors. There is no way his glove is good enough to carry his bat at that level. Starting him every day would yield the same results as well, the Giants starting Bocock in 2008.

  16. The notion that the Phillies would start Galvis at SS is plain silly. They didnt pay Castro 750K to start a .240 hitting, AA player on the ML team. The thought of calling up Galvis to be the emergency SS makes no sense either. Galvis is a developing player that needs as many ABs as possible. Why would they call him up to sit on the bench for 2 weeks?
    The Phillies are trying to win games. Freddie Galvis is not going to outplay Juan Castro (or Valdez) on the ML level.

  17. Mike77,

    If Werth is going to miss a few games then Gload, Dobbs, and Francisco can easily cover the OF for that period. Prior to Rollin’s injury, Castro hadn’t seen the field and Bocock would be in the same boat.

    The point with Bocock is that he DOESN’T have to clear waivers since he has options. Its not a question of if it matters if he is lost or not. Valdez DOES need to clear waivers.

    The funny point with Mayberry is that he has hit .211 in 57 career ML at-bat while Bocock has hit .143 in 77 abs. While Bocock has shown little, Mayberry hasn’t been much better.

    IF you are advocating adding a bat to the bench then Dewayne Wise or Ransom would be a better option.

  18. This reminds me just how much injuries suck when you don’t have high minor league depth. Alas the phillies are 6-1 and don’t really have a very hard schedule. No Sox, Yankees or Rays…. This might cost us 1 win over the next 15-20 days.

  19. Stop crying about AAA depth. Every team in the league has the same problem when injuries occur to star players. The Yankees replaced A-Rod with Cody Ransom for a month last year. They survived.

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