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Weekly Notes Column; April 25th/26th

Welcome to the latest edition of my weekly notes column. Inside you’ll find some of my thoughts on the past week’s games, some general thoughts on the season so far, some draft talk, and whatever else comes to mind. Before I dig in to this week’s column, I wanted to point out a few things on the site. First, I’ve just added a “Technology Guide” to the top left of the site navigation, right under the rules/faq. This is what I referenced last week with regard to RSS feeds and other cool ways to follow the Phillies minor league teams. I put it together in one big post and linked it, so it should be easy to find in the future if you wanted to look something up. Second, I’ve begun to do some cleanup on the left side of the page under the “Prospect Features” subsection, making sure our legit prospects have tags, and moving some of the guys who really aren’t prospects anymore down to their respective categories underneath. If you see that someone is missing and you think they should have a category for themselves, make a note of it on the Reader Entries page. Thanks. You may have also noticed that I’ve re-arranged the pages at the top of the site, and added a page called “Live Events”. This page is currently just a placeholder, but I hope to have more info on this later. I also referenced the “Stats Shop” page last week. This is going to be my place to post cool statistics stuff when I have it, including Game Scores, estimated pitch count information, and then probably full gamelogs as well. For now it just contains the Game Scores stuff, but it will be expanded as the season progresses. I’m continually looking for ways to improve the interface here, to add new features, and to make the site better. If you have suggestions, please email me at sweptaway at gmail dot com. Now, let’s get to the notes for the week…

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‘Pigs Weekend Update

A look at the Lehigh Valley weekend.  As usual, a full report on the ‘Pigs coming each Thursday.

Friday–Lehigh Valley opened their 4 game series in Scranton with an unusual game, where starter Andrew Carpenter (1-2)was on pitch count (presumably around 40) and was removed after two innings, giving up 3 runs on 3 hits in the Lehigh Valley 6-3 loss. AFter Scranton jumped ahead 3-0, Lehigh Valley got one back in the 3rd on a Rich Thompson RBi single, but Scranton added 2 in the sixth and one more in the seventh to put the game away.  The ‘Pigs scored two in the 8th to make in respectable they key hit being a Andy Tracy RBI single.  Reliever Brian Gordon threw four innings in relief, giving up 2 runs on 4 hits. SS Brian Bocock’s rough start continued, committing two errors(3,4). Continue reading ‘Pigs Weekend Update