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Phils Sign Fogg and Taubenheim

The Phillies announced the signing of two pitchers today, Ty Taubenheim and Josh Fogg.  I am not quite sure where Fogg fits in after being released by the Mets but the 33 year old Fogg  may be fighting for the last job in the Phils pen or be headed to Lehigh Valley.  Last year pitching for Colorado, Fogg was 0-2 with a 3.74 ERA in 24 games (1 start).  He had an uncharacteristically good WHIP of 1.13, as opposed to his WHIP the rest of his major league career which hovered between 1.45 and 1.55.  Fogg’s signing could certainly have some impact on Rule 5 pick David Herndon, who has had an extremely impressive Spring, giving up his first earned run yesterday. Fogg is a veteran of nine major league seasons who has a career mark of 62-69 with a 5.03 ERA and 1.46 WHIP.

Taubenheim, 27, was a 19th round pick of the Brewers in the 2003 draft.  He has spent the last two seasons at AAA Indianapolis (Pirates), starting 38 games   Last season, Taubenheim was 7-9 in 26 games (19 starts) with an impressive 3.65 ERA.  He walked 37 and struck out 63 in his 106 innings of work, with a WHIP sitting at 1.36. The 6’5 righty has seen Major League action in ’06, ’07’ and ’08, most prominently with the Blue Jays in 2006, appearing in 12 games.

News and Notes

Some info on the Lehigh Valley and Reading rosters, with most information coming courtesy of Jeff Schuler, the Lehigh Valley beat writer for the Morning Call.  The following players were transferred from the Lehigh Valley roster to the Reading roster: Pitchers Mike STutes and Jason Stephens, Catcher Kevin Nelson, 3B Brandon Pinckney, 1B Brian Stavisky, and OF’s Kevin Mahar and Mike SPidale.  SS Ozzie Chavez who was re-assigned by the Phils to Minor League camp was assigned to the Reading group. Continue reading News and Notes

SONAR Top 30 prospects lists posted

If you head on over to the SONAR Scores archives, you can check out the top 30 lists churned out by SONAR, as well as notable players in each org who didn’t make the top 30 and how they scored. Again, these lists are simply a readout of a formula, they do not take raw tools/projectability/signing bonus/how much scouts love the prospects into the mix. The lists should prove interesting when comparing them to the lists from the other big prospect outlets. This essentially concludes my work on the 2009 data. 1 year won’t be enough to tell us how valuable the system is, but it will be very interesting to go back and look at these lists/results in a year’s time and see how players played, which guys SONAR was high on that succeeded, which guys fell flat, and which guys SONAR pegged as overrated who struggled.

Note number 2. I recently started a new job, and my job will keep me off the grid for most of the day during the week. Gregg is in charge when I can’t get to the computer to post a newsworthy item, and though I shouldn’t have to say it, please be respectful. I’m planning on writing a daily wrap up piece every night that can function as the next day’s general discussion, gregg will have his affiliate report for Lehigh Valley once a week, and I’ll also be working on some other projects for the site, but I won’t have access during the day, so behave yourselves.

12 Released by the Phils

The Phillies released twelve minor leaguers today as Minor League rosters begin to take shape with one week to go before opening day.  Those released from the organization include:

Pitcher Joe Bisenius–The Phils 12th round pick in the 2004 draft who went from legitimate prospect status to the list of releases over a period of three years.  He suffered from injuries, control issues and inconsistency which led to his ultimate release. Continue reading 12 Released by the Phils

Roster Cuts

OF John Mayberry, Jr, was optioned to Triple A Lehigh Valley, while Catcher Dane Sardinha and SS Ozzie Chavez were re-assigned to Minor League Camp today by the Phils. Mayberry was a good Spring, hitting .289 with a homer a 6 RBI’s in his 38 AB’s. Sardinha hit .154 this Spring.  Chavez  hit .200 in his 25 at bats and will fill a middle infield spot in Reading or Lehigh Valley depending upon needs.

Notes: Harold Garcia, who played almost exclusively at 2B last year in Lakewood, played SS in the High A game yesterday.

Yohan Flande was hit hard in the AA game, giving up 7 runs over 4.2 innings.

Scott Mathieson threw 2 scoreless innings, without allowing a hit in the AAA game.

Updated Minor League Workout Groups

Thanks to reader “TJ” for supplying me with the latest update, which came on March 23rd. Click here to see the image. I uploaded it to Google Photos and checked it on another browser, but if you have trouble viewing the image, I’ll also upload it to another external source. Check below the fold for more.

Continue reading Updated Minor League Workout Groups

Lakewood and Clearwater roster discussion

I’m short on time today, but I wanted to post an open discussion thread on the Lakewood/Clearwater rosters, since we did something similar for Reading and Lehigh Valley a little while back. So, what do we think the starting lineup and pitching staffs will look like?

Also, someone started an NCAA-style tournament of Phillies blogs, and phuturephillies has advanced to the Sweet 16, and it looks like my next matchup is today, so go here and vote if you want to.

Michael Schwimer cameo on ESPN

With the bases loaded and two out, Michael Schwimer was summoned in to try and put out the fire. And sure enough, he did, striking out Gregor Blanco on what looked like a hard slider on the outside corner. The ESPN gun had him at 91-93, and the slide came in at 85 mph. Congrats to Schwim.

David Herndon threw a messy scoreless inning, but in fairness to him, Laz Diaz (and his awful strike zone) was behind the plate and appeared to squeeze him a number of times.

SONAR scores, the pitchers

I’m back with the promised pitching numbers spit out by good ole SONAR. Unlike the position players, where it was appropriate to cover each position individually, I’m going to break down all of the pitchers together. But instead of 25, I did a chart of the top 100, with brief thoughts on a few, and more detailed thoughts on some of the interesting rankings. I recommend you checking out my revised SONAR post from a little while back, which talks about the way the system was tweaked. Most of it had to do with the position player aspect of SONAR, but I updated the weightings for the pitching formula, as well as fixing a few bugs with park factors and age factors. I’m going to first present the chart for all Phillies pitchers, then present the Top 100, split into 3 separate charts to make it easier to read. Check below for more..

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