Michael Schwimer cameo on ESPN

With the bases loaded and two out, Michael Schwimer was summoned in to try and put out the fire. And sure enough, he did, striking out Gregor Blanco on what looked like a hard slider on the outside corner. The ESPN gun had him at 91-93, and the slide came in at 85 mph. Congrats to Schwim.

David Herndon threw a messy scoreless inning, but in fairness to him, Laz Diaz (and his awful strike zone) was behind the plate and appeared to squeeze him a number of times.

40 thoughts on “Michael Schwimer cameo on ESPN

  1. That was a nice slider for the K…good outing.

    Made staying home from work completely worth it.

  2. You could just see Schwimer’s advanced approach at work. On 2-0, he shook off Sardinha a couple of times, stepped off the hill, and I immediately thought back to what he wrote in his “Between the Ears” piece — no one expects you to shake off a bunch of signs and then throw a fastball. That’s exactly what he did to get to 2-1, then another fastball on the inside corner to get to 2-2. Blanco hadn’t seen anything but fastballs yet, so he was absolutely frozen on the backdoor slider for strike three.

    Congrats to Schwim — this pretty clearly shows that the organization likes him, and he did nothing to dent his “fireman” rep.

  3. the camera angle was so off to the right that you couldn’t see the movement from a right hander’s slider.

  4. i appreciate all the support… does anyone have any video they can send me?… i will be doing a daily diary blog entry about this but would like to see some video if at all possible… thanks again for the help and support

  5. Congrats on your appearance Michael. Have you considered contacting Dan Stephenson in the Phillies’ video department?

  6. Great job in trying circumstances, Mike.

    We surely will need you at the bigs level…soon enough.

    Not getting ahead of things…but are you expecting to continue yr blog here through this season? Hope so.

    It would be even better to hear from you as you make the big club. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    Best of luck.

    P.S. Ultimately get it all published??? Secondary to a good ML career, but it’s a thought…or are you ahead of me? You’ve shown that college writing, and more, were in yr resume.

  7. What a thrill that must have been. Very cool! Schwimm, good luck on having a great year in Reading and maybe you’ll get the big invite for next spring. You’ll have lots of fans here.

  8. The name on ESPN is the same as on every roster I have ever seen, and the title to this thread, and to Michael Schwimer’s sign in name above.

  9. Not that the English language makes any sense (just think of how many different ways to pronounce the letter combination “ough”), but I think that with the “i” being a short vowel sound, there is a natural tendency to double up the “m.” (i.e somebody who swims is a swimmer).

    Or it could be that people want to add the extra “m” because they think, “Mmmmmmmm, this guy is good.”

    – Jeff

  10. Funny you mention Laz Diaz. I hate that guy. He’s a mockery of the profession and why he is still allowed to call MLB games makes me wonder if he has something on the front office.

  11. Agreed, Marfis – there’s a whole generation of “Friends” fans for whom, subconsciously, that last name is irrevocably and permanently spelled with two “mm”s.

  12. Astros announcers said DeFratus was warming up should they go extra innings, but Dobbs got another walk-off hit.

  13. Tough outing by Bastardo today. I’m not so sure if it’s a lock that he’ll make the team out of ST.

    What other options do they have from the left handed side?

  14. Well, there are several LHP on the market still…and there are always the last minute trade options as always. I wouldn’t be stunned if either happens. I also wouldn’t be stunned if Bastardo makes the roster as the only option standing…regardless of how “rough” his Spring has been.

  15. Zagurski and Escalona, but they’ve already been sent down. I think the Phillies have firmly established their opening day pitching staff with Halladay, Hamels, Blanton, Happ, Moyer, Kendrick, Baez, Madson, Contreras, Durbin, Herndon and Bastardo. The only questions are which of Moyer/Kendrick starts and which goes to the bullpen, and who goes down when Lidge and Romero return.

    Bastardo’s fine. His 7.71 ST ERA might raise some eyebrows, but he also has a 13:2 K/BB ratio. The Phillies will not panic based on a poor outing.

  16. While I wish I had your optimism Alan, I’m not so sure if I’m really ready to put my faith in Bastardo as the 8th inning LOOGY. That’s a tough spot to put a rookie (essentially) in.

    I wonder how many calls they’ve placed to Scott Eyre over the past few days.

  17. Don’t think you will see Bastardo as an 8th inning anything. Baez/Madson will pitch the 8th/9th innings (at least until Lidge/Romero return) and Bastardo will be facing 1-2 batters in the 6th-7th innings.

  18. Bastardo was called upon in a huge spot in the Divisional Series and was able to get the job done. He’s performed in the minors, started and done well in the majors and played in the postseason. What more does he need to prove?

  19. It is very interesting how little support Bastardo gets from the posters here. While every other potential relief pitcher such as Zagurski, Mathieson, Rosenberg, Stutes and Schwimer are touted as parts of a potentially great bull-pen. Bastardo has accomplished more than all of them combined.

  20. I think the biggest knock on Bastardo is the injuries. I mean I ranked him #12 and outlined that I was just really worried about his health. He hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy, so its tough to count on him. For those same reasons, I ranked Mathieson in the back end of my list. He has a plus fastball and two average secondary pitches. As a reliever, I think he can be dominant, it just limits his ultimate value as a player.

  21. Alan – I guess I come from the “let’s bring them along slowly” camp, which I guess say’s how conservative I am in general.

    Ideally, I’d like Bastardo to start the year as the 6th/7th inning lefty guy, preferably to start innings. As he proves himself in that role, then let’s move him into the “comes into the 8th with 1 out and a runner on 2nd and 3rd” role. Right now, I can’t say with confidence that I’d want him in the latter role right out of the gate.

    I’m actually a big Bastardo supporter, I’m sure there are tons of comments from me on that thread from last year when he pitched against SD.

  22. The young guys in this organization need to see someone make the parent club. Please no more trades for players who will play no matter how bad they do. No Brunlett or So types this year and its fine with me. If Bastardo fails he will be replaced but a FA with pitch forever.

  23. mike77,

    Bastardo ran away with the MLB impact poll taking 59% of the vote. Not sure where you are coming up with the anti-Bastardo bias, but the numbers don’t prove that out.

  24. Bastrado ran away with that poll because he is the only logical candidate and he should have received 90% of the vote. There is nobody in the high minors that should be expected to produce more for the Major League team than Bastardo.
    And excuse me, but didnt Mathieson get voted as the better prospect in the reader poll?
    I was not really refering to either of those polls with my comment though. I was refering to some posts that I have seen recently touting some of the other bull-pen arms as great pieces to the ML bullpen after 1-2 innings of good work. At the same time, every shaky inning that Bastardo has had this spring has brought on calls for bumbs like Joe Beimel and old men like Mahay.

  25. There aren’t any good lefties remaining on the market, they’ve all been signed. I think the Phils are prepared to go into the season with Bastardo and are assuming that JC will be back sometime in April. Barring injury, certainly not a given, JC coming back will send Bastardo back to LHV. The interesting situation is who will go down when Lidge comes back and when might that be because his early results in the minor league games are not good. If Herndon keeps putting up zeros, he’ll stick around. He or someone else could go on the DL or Kendrick could go back to LHV for awhile but those are the only options. One thing is certain and that is that there will be several injuries in the bullpen during the entire season and pitching depth is always good.

  26. If I don’t give Bastardo much credit or enthusiasm, it’s because he seems to already be a lock to make the team. So why bother being interested in him now? It’s like watching the race for the Phillies first baseman this spring.

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