Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

Zagurski Optioned

Left Handed Relief Pitcher Mike Zagurski was optioned to Minor League camp today, leaving Antonio Bastardo as the last man standing in the competition for the LOOGY poisition in the Phils bullpen.  Zagurski came on strong at the end of last season pitching in Reading after missing a good deal of time recovering from surgery.  Bastardo, 24, pitched very well in the Minors last year before coming up and making several spot starts for the Phils before being shut down with shoulder problems.  Bastardo seems to have recovered from his shoulder issues and spent the Winter pitching in the DOminican League.

Breakout candidates for 2010

I figured a post like this (and one looking at guys I’m worried about) would be a good topic as the season gets close. I’m not really sure if “breakout” is the word I’m looking for, but basically I’m putting together a list of 6 players (3 position players, 3 pitchers) who I feel will take steps forward in 2010. Either this means they are rebounding from a poor season, or they are going to surpass expectations this season. I won’t include guys on my Top 30 list, since I obviously feel highly about those guys anyway and I’ve discussed many of them at great length. I’m going to use this piece as a way to talk about a few guys that I maybe haven’t given as much time to. So check below and we’ll get started.

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