Daily Archives: March 24, 2010

Michael Schwimer cameo on ESPN

With the bases loaded and two out, Michael Schwimer was summoned in to try and put out the fire. And sure enough, he did, striking out Gregor Blanco on what looked like a hard slider on the outside corner. The ESPN gun had him at 91-93, and the slide came in at 85 mph. Congrats to Schwim.

David Herndon threw a messy scoreless inning, but in fairness to him, Laz Diaz (and his awful strike zone) was behind the plate and appeared to squeeze him a number of times.

SONAR scores, the pitchers

I’m back with the promised pitching numbers spit out by good ole SONAR. Unlike the position players, where it was appropriate to cover each position individually, I’m going to break down all of the pitchers together. But instead of 25, I did a chart of the top 100, with brief thoughts on a few, and more detailed thoughts on some of the interesting rankings. I recommend you checking out my revised SONAR post from a little while back, which talks about the way the system was tweaked. Most of it had to do with the position player aspect of SONAR, but I updated the weightings for the pitching formula, as well as fixing a few bugs with park factors and age factors. I’m going to first present the chart for all Phillies pitchers, then present the Top 100, split into 3 separate charts to make it easier to read. Check below for more..

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