Daily Archives: March 20, 2010

New message board in the works

I wasn’t happy with the board I created last year, but I found a new free site, the setup is much better (I think) and hopefully it will prove much more useful during the season. This board, unlike the last one, is much more customizable, as it utilizes the phpbb software. I am, however, unskilled when it comes to updating/editing the appearance of the board. So, if you have experience working with phpbb and know how to alter the code to change the colors/board header and you’d like to help, please send an e-mail to phuturephillies at gmail dot com. I’m also looking for someone to offer their services to design a banner/header image for the site, so if you have those graphics related skills, also do send me an email, Id greatly appreciate it.

For now, you can check out the board here and sign up. Its just a skeleton setup with basic rules, but you’re free to join, play around and discuss. As I figure out the ins and outs and hopefully work with someone I can improve the aesthetics and features of the place. My hope is that it provides useful during the season and gives another outlet for the good discussions that generally spill across multiple articles here. I know its common sense (and I noted it in the rules there), but please only sign up with your name from here, it will create far less confusion and its just common sense. Thanks.

Thoughts on David Herndon

Had my first good look at his in today’s game against Detroit. Though his minor league peripherals weren’t amazing last year, he generates a good amount of groundballs, and seeing his sinker today, its not tough to figure out how he does it. He also snapped off two nice sliders on the outer half to RHB, and then threw a softer slurvy type breaker on the inside corner which just missed. Without radar gun readings on the tv screen, it looked like he was able to add/subtract a bit on his sinker. The Phillies have to decide what to do in the bullpen, and it could be really tough to keep him. With the two injured pitchers out, the locks are

Madson, Baez, Contreras, Durbin

Bastardo is a near lock as the only healthy lefty.

That leaves Herndon and Mike Zagurski, the latter hasn’t thrown much at all. Zagurski has one option left, I believe, so he could be sent to the minors without losing him to waivers, while Herndon has to stay on the 25 man roster. Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer are battling for the 5th spot. Kendrick has options left, Moyer obviously doesn’t. When Lidge and Romero come back, it could set off a chain reaction which will ultimately lead to Herndon getting squeezed out. If the Phillies like him enough to think he could help later in the year, they’d have to work out a trade for his rights with Anaheim.

Thinning Ranks

Three more Phils were sent from Major League Spring Training to the Minors late yesterday.  SS Brian Bocock, 1B Andy Tracy and Relief Pitcher Ehren Wasserman all were re-assigned to Minor League camp, leaving the Phils with 35 on their roster.  Both Wasserman and Tracy are expected to be on the Lehigh Valley opening day roster with Bocock’s assignment a bit more of a question mark depending on the Phils needs throughout the system.