SONAR Top 30 prospects lists posted

If you head on over to the SONAR Scores archives, you can check out the top 30 lists churned out by SONAR, as well as notable players in each org who didn’t make the top 30 and how they scored. Again, these lists are simply a readout of a formula, they do not take raw tools/projectability/signing bonus/how much scouts love the prospects into the mix. The lists should prove interesting when comparing them to the lists from the other big prospect outlets. This essentially concludes my work on the 2009 data. 1 year won’t be enough to tell us how valuable the system is, but it will be very interesting to go back and look at these lists/results in a year’s time and see how players played, which guys SONAR was high on that succeeded, which guys fell flat, and which guys SONAR pegged as overrated who struggled.

Note number 2. I recently started a new job, and my job will keep me off the grid for most of the day during the week. Gregg is in charge when I can’t get to the computer to post a newsworthy item, and though I shouldn’t have to say it, please be respectful. I’m planning on writing a daily wrap up piece every night that can function as the next day’s general discussion, gregg will have his affiliate report for Lehigh Valley once a week, and I’ll also be working on some other projects for the site, but I won’t have access during the day, so behave yourselves.

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