Daily Archives: April 12, 2010

Rosenberg to DL

As speculated, something wasn’t right with Reading reliever BJ ROsenberg, and it was specifically his right lat.  Rosenberg has been hit hard in both outings this season, and his last three if the exhibition against the “Pigs is included. He was placed on the DL today with a right lat strain according to Reading Phillies Media Relations Director Tommy Viola.  Schwimer and Stutes should be seeing most if not all save situations for the time being I would think.

Sunday/Monday notes column, 1st edition

My goal is for this post to become a recurring weekly feature, where I kind of work on a longer piece and post it sometime Sunday night/Monday morning, kind of just going over some things I’ve noticed, some trends I might see developing, and things to watch for as we progress through another minor league season. As the draft gets closer, I might throw some draft tidbits in there, and just basically a bunch of other stuff. I know that my output here has been sporadic, sometimes its a whole lot, sometimes its not much, and I want this to serve as my weekly reminder to make time for the site and stay involved. Gregg and everyone else do a fantastic job here, and I’m eternally grateful, but just as a parent sometimes gets jealousy of the bond with the nanny/caretaker, I sometimes feel like I need to be a responsible parent to the baby I’ve created here. So lets get started…

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