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Implications of Rollins possibly hitting the DL

I received a number of e-mails today asking me if I thought the Phillies would entertain the idea of Freddy Galvis coming up from AA to play SS should Rollins go on the DL. My immediate reaction was “no chance”, and even after I started to actually think about it more, and wonder if it was plausible, my response is still the same; no chance. Galvis turned 20 in November, and though he reached AA last year, his career batting line in the minors is .235/.284/.288. Yes, his glove is big league ready. Yes, he wouldn’t be expected to carry the slack for Rollins offensively. But he’s not ready to hit major league pitching, and despite his solid start at Reading, I don’t know many people who thought he was even ready to hit AA pitching, let alone MLB pitching. While its likely that he’d be very good defensively, the Phillies signed Juan Castro because they believed he could legitimately hold down SS if something happened to Rollins. Galvis doesn’t have to be placed on the 40 man roster till after the 2010 season. Calling him up now adds him to the 40 man, and it would burn up his first option year. It just doesn’t make sense.

Bocock would seem like the most logical choice to fill the bench MI spot. Galvis is where he belongs right now, getting regular AB’s and trying to adjust to AA pitching.

Quintin Berry to the DL

The recent questions about the lack of playing time for Quintin Berry have been answered as the Reading OF has been placed on the DL with an infection.  No immediate information as to who will replace him on the Reading roster, but I would suspect it will be either Brian Stavisky, who is currently on the DL or Steve Susdorf, who is currently down in CLearwater.

Box Score Roundup; April 12th

Welcome to the box score roundup. My goal is to publish just a bare bones recap of the night’s action every night and then have that serve as the springboard for discussion during the following day. As always, I ask that you keep the discussion on the site prospect relevant, but I’ll basically just create one of these per day, you can use it to talk about the previous night’s action, and then if side conversations break off relating to prospects, so be it. Gregg is going to put up new posts during the day if something newsworthy breaks, as he did today with the BJ Rosenberg to the DL post. I’ll write posts during the week if something major happens and I want to give my spin on it, and as I mentioned last night in my weekly notes column, I’m hoping to have a long piece once a week. We should have affiliate reports for the 4 full season affiliates throughout the year, hopefully Jeff pops in from Clearwater every once in a while, and lots of other stuff. But for now, let’s get to the box scores, check below…

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