Clearwater Threshers: July (So Far)

Well, so far the month of July has not been kind to the Clearwater Threshers. The team has a 4-7 record on the month, and has been outscored by a margin of 78-38. The team went scoreless in four consecutive games from July 6th to the 9th, although one of the games was called due to rain after 3.5 innings of play. (Over that four game streak the team was outscored 29-0.)

The team had ended the month of June on a hot streak winning the final six of the month, and then won the first two of July to extend their winning streak to eight games. Unfortunately since that time the team has fallen on hard times losing seven of the last nine games by an average margin of nearly eight runs.

Some good news can come from the fact that Freddy Galvis has returned to action playing with the Gulf Coast League team, and has hit .400 in four games. It is expected that Galvis will return to the Threshers roster when the team returns to action at home after the MLB All-Star break this coming Wednesday night.

Needless to say it has been the pitching staff that has suffered the most for the Threshers lately, although the offense has been mediocre at best.


Steve Susdorf has been one of the few bright spots for the team. He has continued to rake for the offense hitting .403 since his promotion from Lakewood. He has a team high .442 OBP and a .542 SLG.

Tim Kennelly is the only other Threshers hitting above the .300 mark, currently at .301. He recently saw his first action behind the plate since the first month of the season, but unfortunately it was in a losing effort as the team lost 11-0, but he did throw out the only attempted steal by the Manatees in the game.

Michael Durant has had a hot streak going hitting .308 in July and has shown a glimpse of plate discipline with a .438 OBP. Durant has been near the top of the FSL all year in Ks, but looks like (at least momentarily) he may be getting things under control with six walks v. eight strikeouts on the month.

Fidel Hernandez the third-year FSL player earned an All-Star appearance this season, and is hitting .303 for the month, but not much more has happened for the Threshers offense in July.

Micheal Cisco has been the lone pitching standout for the team on the month. He has won three consecutive starts accounting for 75% of the team’s wins in July. He has given up just four runs in sixteen innings pitched in his three starts for a 1.13 July ERA with an overall ERA of 2.48 in his twelve games this year.


Pretty much the rest of the Threshers squad.

Drew Naylor began July strong picking up a complete game shut out to start the month, but lasted just two innings in his latest start for his second consecutive loss. He seemed completely out of sorts in his latest trip to the hill giving up five runs on five hits with five walks and no strikeouts.

Julian Sampson has only garnered one win this season in thirteen starts and owns an ugly 7.91 ERA on the year. Sampson has only made it to the fifth inning or further in two of his last five starts, and has the boo birds out at his home stadium just about every time he takes the mound.

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21 thoughts on “Clearwater Threshers: July (So Far)

  1. Brown has been in the dugout, but still has not made any rehab starts in the GCL. He should be close, but the team is taking his recovery extra-careful, as well they should.

    He should be CLOSE to playing again, but until the team returns home I’ll have no real knowledge of his progress.

  2. I’m certainly not Sampson’s biggest fan~ I personally don’t really see him as much of a prospect going forward with his age being his only positive attribute~ But booing a young player who’s trying to put things together in the low minors is a god damned disgrace. It would be like booing a sophomore college pitcher on a D3 team- Have some respect people.

  3. gettin him ready to come to philly early… if he cant take it at an A ball game in clearwater he’s not cut out to play in philadephia.

  4. If fans are actually booing that’s embarrassing. And anyone trying to justify it is equally as pathetic.

  5. why doesnt he work out his problems at a lower level until he gets some confidence, they keep throwing him out there and hes probably put up the worst numbers i have ever seen from a pitcher in a half season of A ball. I mean a 7.91 era and .336 avg. against cmon. I was surprised he didn’t repeat Lakewood in the first place, was extremely lucky to be 11-4 last year

  6. I agree that the booing is a disgrace, and it is embarrassing to even be there when it happens. I wonder what the so called fans are thinking, but…

  7. The only reason I could ever think to boo in the minors is if a guy was completely (and obviously) dogging it on purpose…aka Manny Ramirez style. Otherwise, its a learning environment, if you’re there to boo, you need to get a life.

  8. Lou’s Fun Fact
    I am going to give Cisco a mulligan for June 23 as his bad game and because that’ss the kind of guy I am.

    The other 7 starts since May 28(40 innings) he has given up
    three(readum 3 runs). That is a 0.67 ERA. And he doesn’t
    even show on the radar.
    Cisco to Reading. Brummett to relief where he had a little success.

  9. I agree NW! cisco’s 3’s are comparable to drabek and flande when they were moved up. He was equal to stutes last year, but they chose to double jump stutes, so i think cisco should be moved up. He has earned it! could he be te ultimate sleeper? we’ll have a better idea in reading.

  10. Note: Brummett is already in relief. Haven’t looked at Cisco much, cause he seems kind of non-descript, Right-Handed, not very large size. Haven’t seen any raving about any of his pitches, much like the MIA Edgar Garcia (who I am inclined to start to think may be Deported). Know there’s a few good prospects at AA and AAA, so maybe there is no room at the Inn right now. Let him plug away for a bit longer, and see what develops.

  11. After checking AA and AAA rosters, it appears that is right. There might conceivably be some openings at AAA. But better prospects at AA in Savery, Drabek, Flande, Stutes , and Worley do not have the level of experience to be eased out of their places as of Now. No room at the Inn.

  12. I believe Brummett got the start in place of Drabek because of the future’s game, not because he is back in the rotation

  13. marfis
    How about Savery. He is little too old to baby.. And we need
    answer for next year. Lehigh shouldn’t hurt him. It would be interestion to see if his “walks rather hits with men on” style
    Pressure is building from below as we hoped it would

  14. Dom Brown making his first rehab start for the GCL Phils this morning. Nice numbers through 5 – 2-3 with a triple and run scored.

  15. I’ll tell you what…

    If I knew this kid (Sampson) & there were some boo birds around me at the time I would take care of it myself!!

    He’s a kid just trying to do his job. He’s no different than any other minor leaguer out there. He even deserves another break I think due of his age. Yes, he probably signed for a pretty penny & the brass want to rush him but is that his fault? No, it isn’t. Boo the brass….not Sampson!! Call up one of those 23 or 24 year olds from Lakewood & send Sampson down to work on some things.

  16. I say they should just leave Sampson where he is and he can work on things while continuing to start at Clearwater. The Lakewood rotation I have as Heitor Correa, Justin DeFratus, Jason Knapp, Trevor May, and Jesus Sanchez. None ready to move up, and none would need to have a lesser role or be demoted. The older pitchers are now used at relievers , and Don’t see the need to move one to start at Clearwater and lessen the playing time of one of the Lakewood Starters. Alot of the things about pitching would apply no matter where Sampson is, and he already did enough at Lakewood to justify his assignment to Clearwater this early season, and he should continue to plow through and see where he stands at season’s end.

  17. Posted this in the Daily discussion, but figured it belonged here too for now:

    Got a note from Scott Matthieson today that he will be joining the Threshers and expects to pitch on Thursday or Friday…FWIW.

    Good to get to see him back in game shape, and hopefully on his final road to recovery.

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