Daily Archives: July 20, 2009

VSL Update – July

This post will serve as a quick mid-season update for the VSL team.  We will follow up at the end of the season with a more complete prospect list and review.

The VSL Phillies are currently in 6th place out of 7 teams in the VSL with a 21-33 record.  The team is a relatively young team offensively, and has consequently had some trouble scoring runs.  The offense was helped immensely by the mid-season addition of 2 more experienced players (Luis Martinez – sent down from GCL, and Rudney Balentien – previously in the DSL).  The pitching staff, on the other hand, was a little older and contains fewer prospects.  Its best pitcher (Ely Izturriaga) was also promoted to GCL. Continue reading VSL Update – July