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VSL Loses Championship Series

Since I’ve been mentioning it pretty much all week, here’s closure for you – the VSL squad lost today on a walk-off error. Two unearned runs in the last couple innings spoiled a fine performance from Ranger Suarez, who ended the year having given up just one walk and striking out 84 in 88.2 IP. Our main man Jesus Alastre was 2-3 on the day. Nice job by both guys all year, and I imagine we’ll hear from them stateside this fall and next spring.

Here’s a link to the box score.

VSL Phillies Make Playoffs – (update) WIN GAME ONE!

The VSL Phillies finished their season Monday, going 36-32 on the year, to finish two games up on the third place Mariners and into the playoffs against a 45-23 Detroit squad. The two leaders begin their three-game championship series today.

Phillies ace Ranger Suarez pitched Saturday, which I believed would have lined him up to pitch a decisive game three Thursday, but he’s been taking five or six days rest all year, so maybe not. The schedule for the five team VSL is such that teams have an off day at least every five days, so to get a five man rotation going, you’re going to see that extra rest for everyone.

In reality, it may not be a necessity for Suarez to throw Wednesday, if it gets that far, even though the team will have been without an off-day since Friday. Short rest for the first time all year in the last game of the year is probably not wise, and the club used Carlos Salazar as a starter Monday, I believe in an attempt to clear three of their regular starters in order, Victor Delgado, Luis Carrasco and Carlos Indriago to work the series. Delgado will likely start today on six days rest, and Indraigo would be out of turn but on five days rest tomorrow, so if they wanted to squeeze him up, they could, as Carrasco had the weakest season of the three. That might leave room to use Suarez on four days rest for the rubber match, if they really wanted to. Still not sure that’s wise. Maybe using him out of the pen today or tomorrow would be smarter.

In terms of stalwarts at the plate and in the field, the Phils have five guys who played pretty much every day, 19 yr-old 1B Joseph Miranda, 16 yr-old CF Jesus Alastre, 19 yr-old SS Jose Antequera, 16 yr-old LF Luis Mendoza and 21-yr-old 2B/3B Alexander Perdomo. The younger two you might consider prospects, while the rest are a bit old for the league (or way old, in Perdomo’s case). Miranda is the slugger, having led the team with 5HR (tied for 3rd in the league). Alastre got on base at a .409 clip, (league leader) and had 13 steals (tied for eighth), and Mendoza had a very nice year for a guy who won’t turn 17 until Thursday. Perhaps he can celebrate a championship and a birthday on the same day.

Keep an eye out in the box score recap tomorrow for an update on game one, and we’ll go from there.

**UPDATE** – Victor Delgado and closer Alejandro Garcia shut out Detroit. Phillies lead series 1-0. Delgado allowed three hits over eight innings. Mendoza and Alastre each pushed runs across, and 17 yr-old 2B Daniel Romero had two hits and scored twice. Game two tomorrow could be the clincher.

Just Julsan

The GCL was rained out this afternoon.  The Threshers were rained out tonight.  So, I went looking through the org rosters and happened upon Julsan Kamara.  He’s the young kid we signed out of Germany who started in the DSL after graduating high school.  Kamara went 2-3 today and pulled his average up to .204 for the season.  No big deal until you realize started the season 0-21.  He followed that up with an 11-33 in his last 10 games.

Kamara is 18-years old (he turns 19 in December).  He’s 6’3 and weighs 205 lbs.  His slash is .204/.386/.259/.645.  He has 9 walks and 21 strike outs in 54 at bats, only 2 XBH among his 11 total hits.  He also has 10 RBIs, all in the last 10 games.

Just thought I’d share this info on one of our international signings.


VSL Season Kicks Off Today

The VSL season kicks off today against the VSL Cubs.  This year the league has 5 teams as opposed to the 4 it had last year with the Phillies, Cubs, Mariners, Rays, and Tigers fielding teams.  Because of the low number of teams the competition level puts this league firmly behind the DSL in terms of talent.

Here is the roster posted, it could be subject to change: Continue reading VSL Season Kicks Off Today

2013 Early Season DSL Report

The 2013 DSL season started a couple of weeks ago.  This post (like the previous VSL post) will summarize the new players on the roster and provide some clues on which players to watch over the rest of the season.  As with all the Latin American complex posts, observations are based almost entirely on stats, the playing time of prospects, and the prospects’ age.  Playing time is an important variable as the Phillies will naturally give playing time to the better prospects.  Thus pitchers in the starting rotation and hitters at prominent defensive spots (like C and SS) are generally held in high regard. Continue reading 2013 Early Season DSL Report

2013 VSL Phillies – Early Season Update

Both of the Latin American complex leagues have started in the past few weeks.  This post and a subsequent DSL post will look at the new players on the roster and highlight some of the players to watch for this season.

The Phillies won the Venezuelan Summer League last year with a 48-22 record.  The team did have a handful of prospects who have won promotion to GCL and above (Severino Gonzalez for example), though it was not a team with a great number of top tier prospects. They were a dominant team primarily because the quality of the rest of the league was relatively poor.  The league dropped down to only 4 teams because of the political unrest in the country with most organizations sending their prospects to the DSL and even starting a 2nd DSL team to give them playing time. Continue reading 2013 VSL Phillies – Early Season Update

DSL 2012 Midseason Update

This year’s DSL Phillies are off to a good start with a 16-13 record in their first 29 games, good for a share of 2nd place 4.0 games behind the Yankees in the BC South division.  While this year’s Phillies team has no known high bonus players on their roster, they are holding their own with a mostly age appropriate roster.  The average age on offense is 18.7 (compared to the league average of 18.5) and on defense is 19.0 (compared to the league average of 18.9).

The Phillies recently made 5 additional Latin American signings including 2 high profile Dominican players.  OF Jose Pujols is a power hitter out of the Domingo Santana mold ($540K) and C Deivi Grullon ($575K) is a catcher with a strong arm and other tools.  Look for both Pujols and Grullon to make their debut next year either at GCL or in the DSL, depending on how their offseason development progresses. Continue reading DSL 2012 Midseason Update

VSL 2012 Midseason Update

With the beginning of July we are now over half of the way through the 2012 VSL season.  It has been a strange season for the Phillies entry who have dominated the league going 28-14.  The team has a 2.41 ERA overall and a .779 OPS.  They are in first place by 1.5 games.  With all that, however, it is difficult to determine whether the team has any real prospects.  The offense is certainly young, though the best performances have come from older players.  The pitching has dominated though also led by strong performances from the older players.  In spite of these dominant performances it is very possible that the Phillies have a better group of older players than the other teams in the 4-team league.

Continue reading VSL 2012 Midseason Update

2012 DSL Phillies – Week One Update

As we did with the VSL a few weeks ago, this post will summarize the new names on the 2012 Phillies Dominican Summer League roster while also providing some early clues on who the top prospects to watch might be.  As always we lead with the caution that any observations here are based on stats, playing time, and age.  They are not based on actual scouting reports unfortunately unless certain players have been mentioned in interviews with the Phillies minor league staff.

In 2011 the DSL Phillies played in the 8 team Boca Chica South division and finished at 38-33, in 3rd place 8.5 games behind one of the Cubs 2 affiliates.  Many other organizations have started a second VSL team in recent years as they have closed their Venezuelan academies.  The Phillies still field one team in each league.  One interesting note on the Phillies DSL team from last year: they were outscored by 58 runs and still finished 5 games over .500.  Maybe Manny Amador should be considered to manage the big club. Continue reading 2012 DSL Phillies – Week One Update