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The GCL was rained out this afternoon.  The Threshers were rained out tonight.  So, I went looking through the org rosters and happened upon Julsan Kamara.  He’s the young kid we signed out of Germany who started in the DSL after graduating high school.  Kamara went 2-3 today and pulled his average up to .204 for the season.  No big deal until you realize started the season 0-21.  He followed that up with an 11-33 in his last 10 games.

Kamara is 18-years old (he turns 19 in December).  He’s 6’3 and weighs 205 lbs.  His slash is .204/.386/.259/.645.  He has 9 walks and 21 strike outs in 54 at bats, only 2 XBH among his 11 total hits.  He also has 10 RBIs, all in the last 10 games.

Just thought I’d share this info on one of our international signings.


4 thoughts on “Just Julsan

  1. Although he started 0 ‘fer 21, he had a .350 OBP. I was afraid at the time that he couldn’t get the bat off his shoulder. I’m sure a lot of that break in period was cultural adjustment. The guy’s got size and youth on his side. On the negative side. he’s not from a baseball hotbed.

  2. I always wonder how these non-hotbed players get scouted and discovered. If I recall correctly there was also a Czech pitcher in the system some time back, and there’s been a number of Australians over the years. I’m guessing the teams don’t have area scouts in Germany or Australia? Since the elimination of baseball as an Olympic sport there isn’t much impetus to develop the game in overseas. But I guess they make their way here somehow.

    1. The kid is the next Chase Utley!.
      That is…he hasn’t seen a pitch he will back away from…check out hs HBP rate.

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