Box Score Recap – 7/15/2014

A light night on the schedule, as GCL was rained out and all the other stateside leagues were on scheduled off-days or All-Star Breaks. What a comeback to the SAL for Yoel Mecias – three walks, two hits and seven strikeouts in five scoreless innings, plus he got five outs on the ground. Dylan Cozens hit two home runs, (12, 13) to make a pretty good night of it himself – he was 4-5. And I guess I’ll recognize that Mitch Walding had three doubles, giving him 10 in this last 10 games. The man’s got it going on right now. Maybe time to push him to CLR and let Zach green get back to playing third every day.

And speaking of Green – this one falls in the “hmm…really” category – Zach Green stole his seventh base, and so did Carlos Tocci. Tocci’s played in almost twice as many games, and been caught nine times. Green’s been caught once.

Hmm…really? Hmm…

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-15-14 boxscores

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  1. I know that his average is still at like the same as last year, but Mitch Walding has already improved from last year. Here are his stat lines
    2013 LWD SAL .224 115 402 50 90 18 2 1 42 115 57 121 6 7 .323 .286 .609
    2014 LWD SAL .229 70 245 16 56 17 1 2 30 81 24 76 1 3 .297 .331 .627
    He almost has the same number of extra base hits this year as he did last year. However in 150 less PA.

    1. That’s a positive way to look at a 0.92 ISO from a player repeating a level. His K% has increased to 27%, and his OBP is under .300… but he has managed a few more doubles.

      1. And I am a fan of Walding and hoping he pours it on here in the 2nd half. Love his swing and athleticism.

        1. Can you give me an example of where I’ve even spoken poorly about Walding, let alone “trash talked him” as you so eloquently put it (without putting your name to it of course)??

      1. Yeah ik. I’m not saying he is doing good. I’m just saying he has improved a little bit but it’s not too encouraging since he’s repeating a level. However the last 10 games he is hitting .378 with 11 extra base hits. In the second half he is hitting .264 with 14 extra base hits. He is hitting a lot better lately

        1. He needs at least a month at a high level to get me interested. There were a number of times people would say things like “Anthony Hewitt may finally be getting it. He’s blah blah blah for his last 10 games.”

          You need sustained success and not small sample size.

          1. Speaking of Anthony Hewitt, has he been picked up by anyone- perhaps independent league team?

        2. Absolutely he is. Even though he’s repeating Lakewood, he’s still age average for the level Would love to see a strong 2nd half from him. Leave them no choice but to make him the 3B next year @ Clearwater. I’m sure that HMart can’t hold that position down for a 4th straight year.

          1. SSS. He has never had one consistently productive season. His ISO is not going to cut it for a 3B.

    2. Yes, a little better, but an OPS of .627 just isn’t nearly good enough and a pickup of only 18 OPS points while repeating a level also isn’t good.

  2. Really!!! Green knows how to steal a base. I’m sure he’s not faster than Tocci but at 6’3″ 210 pitchers might not pay as much attention to him. His lefty/righty splits are a little turned around. He hits for higher average and with much more power against righties. It seems a lot of these guys in A ball and lower don’t hit lefties that well. Maybe they haven’t seen many of them and it takes some time to figure them out.

    Dan Child’s been dropped to Lakewood from Clearwater. At the beginning of the year, I was pushing for Child to move quickly through the system. First setback for him after performing very well last year in A+ right out of college.

  3. From Baseball America Prospect Report (they pick one pitcher and hitter of the day, every day). This was something via email Kevin Goldstein did eons ago when he worked for BA and they’ve continued his legacy by providing daily updates:

    PITCHER OF THE DAY: Yoel Mecias, lhp — low Class A Lakewood (Phillies)
    It was a light night in the minors, as you can see from our shorter-than-usual report. Mecias, the Phils’ No. 23 prospect entering the season, pitched five scoreless innings for Lakewood Tuesday night. He was making his first start at the level after he made four rehab appearances with the Rookie-level Gulf Coast League following Tommy John surgery last summer. Mecias, 20, held Hickory to two hits and three walks while striking out seven.

    HITTER OF THE DAY: Dylan Cozens, rf, low Class A Lakewood (Phillies)
    Cozens, who began the year as the Phillies’ No. 22 prospect, tied career highs with four hits and two homers in a 4-for-5, three-RBI night. The 6-foot-6 lefty hitter, once recruited as football defensive end by Pac-12 schools, batted .188 in June, but told that he’s trying to stay back more on offspeed pitches. Since he made the adjustment, he’s hitting .377/.404/.642 this month with four homers. For the season, the 2012 second-rounder is at .246/.302/.424 in his first season of full-season ball.

  4. Light night on the card but it was a good 1 for LWood. I said a couple days ago Cozens has a legit chance at being a 20/ 20 guy this year. Hard to believe with his avg and K rate. If he can adjust , we may have something special here.

  5. In all seriousness, is there a chance that Larry Greene doesn’t last the season?

    1. I doubt that. As long as he continues to be in shape and not cause trouble in the clubhouse, he’ll be around until he figures it out, until his six years are up, or when he calls it quits, I’d guess.

      1. Brad, thanks for the response.

        However if he’s only been here 3 years, has shown up out of shape twice, and continues to hit under the Mendoza line @ Low A – what value is there in sending him out there everyday? Unless they’re just going to leave him in Lakewood for the next 3 years?

        1. Which twice has he shown up out of shape? Just once, 2013. Unless you’re counting 2011 when he was drafted. Not sure he would have played that year anyway. Roman Quinn was in shape and he didn’t play. Remember the GCL season used to end about 2 weeks after the signing deadline. Lots of guys didn’t get on the field during their draft year.

          I don’t think they will keep him at Lakewood. They will likely promote him, and if necessary, at some point, play him from the bench or at 1B while they work on whatever they can to try to get him working at the plate. They did the same with Hewitt, and if Greene works hard (a report from Mitch Rupert or Jay Floyd, can’t recall, sorry guys, says that the team claims he finally “gets it”), there’s little reason to cut bait on a big investment like that. If he’s blocking people with real futures, they will move him to whichever place doesn’t have those guys. If he gets tired of it and shuts down, they’ll release him or he’ll ask to be released.

  6. Cozens is a good prospect. Tocci is not a good prospect.

    Here is my argument:

    To be a productive MLB hitter, you have to do at least 1 of 3 things.
    1. Hit for power
    2. Have very good speed
    3. Have a great hit tool with great approach

    2 of 3 makes you a very good good MLB hitter and all three make you Trout.

    Cozens is on pace for a 20-25 season in his first full season. While he is likely unlikely to be a 25+ base stealer in the bigs, it does show that he has some speed. But his raw power is what makes him a good prospect. He has shown an ability to take a walk. But you would like to see his k% come back down to where it was in WPT. The open question is whether his hit tool puts him as a .240 hitter or a .270 hitter. If he is the latter, with his power, he will be a good mlb player. I have seen him play 8 games, and he has a very strong arm. His routes can improve. But his arm is strong and accurate.

    Tocci, on the other hand has zero chance of having power or speed and I just don’t see him developing even an above average hit tool. He has a very poor walk rate (about half of Cozens’ walk rate). And a high k rate for someone with zero power. His defense is superior to Cozens’, but his arm is only slightly superior. I have seen Tocci play about a dozen times.

    My point is not to bash on Tocci. I hope the kid turns out to be great. But his hype is misplaced, a la the “baby aces” of a few years ago. The age difference between the two guys is 9 months, but the tool difference is enormous. And I just don’t see how Tocci can become above an above average mlb hitter in any of those 3 criteria. Cozens is the guy we should be hyping.

    1. I’m not one to think that Tocci will become anything more than an AVG MLB player, but you’re being a bit harsh on an 18 year old with excellent defensive skills and good speed. That being said, I do believe him to bit a bit over-hyped. He has plenty of time. Let’s check back in 3-4 years

      1. I think we are somewhat optimistic on what an avg. ML player is. Tocci does not fit the criteria one bit. There is time and stranger things have happened but we r pushing uphill now

    2. You make a persuasive arguement in illustrating the potential of comparing skill-sets of both Cozens and Tocci.
      Further, I cannot see physically how Tocci can get bigger or stronger, whereas Cozens has the frame to add another 10/15 lbs of muscle without any ill-affects on his speed.

      1. I fail to see how Tocci, an 18 year old kid, wont fill out physically, while Cozens, a year older and already physically mature by all reports, will add 15-20 lbs of muscle. What are you basing such absolutes upon?

        1. For one…..former football players know how to lift and increase muscle mass more then a wiry baseball kid from Ven.who played baseball all year round…which is a good thing but Tocci is the wiry kind of guy that finds putting on meaningful weight difficult
          Now a kid from Ven can be taught how to nutrient themselves and lift to gain, but obviously this has not happened to date….unless you have seen for yourself that Carlos has added 15/20 lbs of muscle, and incidentally he has been under ‘program control’ for three years now!
          Just my opinion….I spend daily hours in a gym with athletes of all shapes and sizes and observe their development.

    3. We still need to give this a bit more time, but I’m cautiously pessimistic about Tocci too. But it is worth noting that the age difference between these guys is not 9 months, it’s 15 months (end of May 1994 versus end of August, 1995), which is an important difference in terms of development This is Cozens’ age 20 year and Tocci’s age 18 year – it’s a huge difference in terms of developmental expectations and time frame.

      That said, as noted above, I’m not sold on Tocci yet either. He’s going to have to fill out a lot or improve his hit tool a lot to be a factor, and neither development appears to be anything more than speculative at this point.

      As for Cozens, yeah, I like him a lot. Even before this last streak, even when his stats were not very good, it seemed like he was always doing something positive. And, since you’ve seen him, I think you’ll agree that, as a big man, Cozens is more Jayson Werth than Adam Dunn (maybe, when he fills out more, he’ll be more like Mike Morse, but he’s not a heavy framed guy). He may slow down, but he’s pretty fast and athletic now and doesn’t look like a guy who’s going to get big and fat. He’s definitely in the top 15 prospects for the team right now, probably even close to the top 10.

      1. Obviously, if he hits like this for another month, he’ll definitely be in the top 10.

        1. Agreed, legit power, with decent speed (for his size) as well an avg hit tool is a legit prospect. Obviously the next couple of months will show us whether this is a blip or if he is truly turning the corner.

      2. Based on my eye test, I think Werth is an interesting comp, but not sure he will be as good as Werth. But I agree he is not Adam Dunn. Here is his statistical comparison to Werth at low A:

        Werth Cozens
        Age 19 20
        XBH/AB 7.6% 9.6%
        HR/AB 2.0% 3.7%
        SB/Game 0.18 0.18
        SB% 77.8% 84.2%
        K% 22.5% 27.7%
        BB% 10.5% 7.5%
        OPS 0.751 0.726

        You can see he comps very favorably to Werth with a few exceptions. Werth was a year younger, had a better walk and k rate. But Cozens has more power and is a better base stealer.

        1. Cozens is also about as big as Werth is right now. When Werth was 19 I’m pretty sure he wasn’t 230+ lbs. For that comp to work, Cozens is going to have to keep from getting much bigger and losing athleticism, which seems unlikely.

            1. Yeah..he does not look bulky. i can’t see why the Phils would let him get bulky either. he is just a big kid. big frame.

        2. I’m just comparing their body types. Werth was a hyped prospect and top pick. It’s highly unlikely, even if he does quite well, that he would be as good as Werth – who has now accumulated almost 30 WAR in his career, even though he lost about of his prime years to injury. That’s a true best case outcome for Cozens.

    4. I hear your argument, V1, but all the hype around Tocci has always been speculative and based on projection. Everything that has been said about Tocci has always been followed with the caveat of “if he adds strength”, or “if he gets bigger”. I don’t think anybody by any means is saying Tocci is a finished product as an 18-year old.

      I’ll take my chances on an 18-year old kid who plays superior defense and hits .252 in the Sally League. I have yet to hear any of the Phillies coordinators I talk to, and they’re all usually pretty honest with me, say anything disparaging about the skill set. They constantly say just give it time and he’ll be fine. And I’m willing to give him the time to see if he fills out and adds even a modicum of strength, because if he does, then he becomes a totally different player.

      Maybe he never does fill out and add the strength necessary to be the player he was projected to be. But you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

      1. Of course we will give him time. No reason not to. My point is we hype the crap out of him and not very much about Cozens. And I think Cozens is a far superior prospect. We don’t need to wish for Cozens to develop speed or power. He has both now. But I am excited for the post in 5 years that said “I told you so” about Tocci. I truly hope to be wrong.

        1. Suck it V1 Tocci just went deep!!!!! Just having some fun no offense intended. i really like both guys a lot and think they both get beat up for not having a typical build.

          1. is there a way to delete a post? i want to take back everything that i said this morning about Tocci. clearly he has some raw power he is now tapping into.

    5. Your observation is spot on. All the talk about Tocci being a plus runner is false. He has instincts but no real pure speed. I used to think maybe with added strength he could get faster, it happens on occasion with guys that have nice strides, but not in this instance. I’m done responding to cozens k rate! If the guy hits them over the fence I will live with it,give the guy a break. He is a large human with a big swing he’s going to strike out

  7. Can Larry Greene get any worse? I know he’s a former #1. I know it’s hard to release a former #1. But he’s starting to block other guys. Tromp or Sandberg could be moved up. Herlis Rodriguez could be playing more. My 24 year old daughter was a good hitter in HS softball a few years ago. Can she be picked up and play for him? He had one massive tool coming out of HS. The ability to tear the cover off the ball when he hit it. He’s shown zero tools and now he’s blocking other guys. If you want to keep him, put him in the GCL and get him the best hitting coach money can buy. Break him down and try to rebuild or release him.

    I’m not saying he was a stupid pick. He was a HS All-American. The pick was made. It didn’t work out. I don’t want to hear the Phils should have taken Bradley or a pitcher. The 39th pick is a lottery ticket. He could have been huge but in this case, he’s not. Move along…nothing to see here.

    1. It looks like he’s started to eat up Hiciano’s time too. Hiciano had a poor June but I don’t know if it’s possible to make an argument that he’s not a better prospect than LGJ. It’s one thing to let a high pick that’s not working out hang around, but it’s another to let them interfere with the development of other players.

      1. Yes, he’s getting in the way with all due respect. He’s depriving Hiciano – I superior prospect in my view – from getting at bats and may be impeding Tromp’s promotion.

        And by the way, it’s not just an “in game” thing. I saw Greene in ST last year and he looked awful, even in BP. By contrast, Cozens was launching the ball all over the place (Cozens easily has 70 raw power).

    2. I have to say it was a stupid pick; at least one that shouldn’t have been made. This was a kid who, by his manager’s recent statement, never took the game seriously. He put off signing until the last day, saying he wanted to enjoy his summer. There is no excuse for not knowing what kind of kid you are drafting with your first pick.

  8. Brad,
    Will Mecias reach a velo of 92/93 after his TJ surgery?
    A few years ago, as an 17-year old, he sat around 89/91 and touched 92/93..
    Any reports on his velo last night?

    1. Romus, this should help answer your question …

      1. Thanks for the info. Looks like he has not lost anything and could possibly pick up a few mph in the future.

    1. Same names others are talking about: Grullon, Sandberg, Tromp, Brown, et. al. I really like Aaron Brown. People are going to love the way this kid plays the game. He’s got to figure out something as far as plate discipline, but good lord is he fun to watch.

      I really like Derek Campbell. The kid is just a ballplayer. Reminds me a lot of Carlos Alonso, and even if he never makes the big leagues, guys like that are good to have in the organization. I think Matt Shortall is an interesting player. He’s got a ton of power, maybe the best on the team. He’s interesting to watch at the plate because he just takes some rough-looking swings when he gets jammed sometimes. I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe he gets moved to catcher. He started his career in college there, and he said the Dodgers among other teams said they were going to draft him as a catcher. But he’s athletic enough to stick in the outfield should that be the case.

      I also like Emmanuel Marrero. Very good defensively with a better bat than the likes of Malquin Canelo or Edgar Duran, but not really a power guy. So not sure yet what his ceiling will be, but he’s fun to watch.

      Pitcher-wise, I really like Calvin Rayburn. He’s 6-foot-5 and comes from an extreme sidearm angle from the right side at 89-92. His breaking ball is a little loopy for me. If he could find more of a sharp-breaking slider, I’d really like his potential.

  9. Just want to say I love this site bc people share information about our farm system, and also articulate their opinions on prospects, something that is hard to find. I hope people don’t stop commenting on sites like this because bloggers make fun of them on twitter. it would be a shame.

    1. finally Lakewood gets an arm, now if drew Anderson could only get back, they would have some descent pitching to match there potent offense

  10. Tocci just hit his first professional HR. Boy is mashing…. kidding…. sort’ve

  11. Yes Carlos “outta here” Tocci has 1st Hr . Lately he slg has gone up and in the 10 days he is 4 for 4 in sb. There a rumor that he gained a pd. The German went 2 for 3 , Derek Mr double Campbell now leads the GCl in Doubles. Hmmmmmm never mind our pitching,

  12. Wait… Why would you promote Walding to open up a spot for Green? Why not just promote Green instead?

    1. because Walding has run out of time at Lakewood and Green hasn’t (due to injury). Plus Walding has some momentum here that he badly needed to justify the move.

      1. When your reason is essentially “because one guy has more ABs at the level”, then you should probably find another reason.

        1. Because Green is a better prospect than Walding and should be playing 3B, but he’s not ready to move up. Walding is a fringe guy who needs to start showing something on the field or risk being pushed aside. So if they deem Green ready to return to 3rd base, that leaves them with a few options for Walding: 1) Put him on the bench 2) move him to another position 3) let him play 3B somewhere else.

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