VSL Loses Championship Series

Since I’ve been mentioning it pretty much all week, here’s closure for you – the VSL squad lost today on a walk-off error. Two unearned runs in the last couple innings spoiled a fine performance from Ranger Suarez, who ended the year having given up just one walk and striking out 84 in 88.2 IP. Our main man Jesus Alastre was 2-3 on the day. Nice job by both guys all year, and I imagine we’ll hear from them stateside this fall and next spring.

Here’s a link to the box score.


7 thoughts on “VSL Loses Championship Series

  1. Funny that it took most of the year for Alastre to finally hit third. Too bad they didn’t win but Alastre and Suarez look promising. Let’s hope scouting reports match the numbers at some point.

  2. Ranger also had a 15/2 GO/FO ratio in the final game. The lefty will be 19 at the end of the month.

  3. This team had a few players who will undoubtedly be given invitations for Fall workouts in Florida: Suarez, Delgado, Garcia, Velis, and maybe another pitcher; plus Alastre, Mendoza, Jimenez, and their young catcher. Miranda may also get a look. Zorilla had been in Florida, but has not done as well as expected.

    Last year’s center fielder, Carlos Duran, has hit over .300 in GCL this year. Herlis Rodriguez has responded well to the challenge of A+ ball after being moved up to get more opportunity to play. Venezuela has been good to the Phillies. Don’t forget Tocci.

    1. And don’t forget Jesus Chavez, who played 2 years in the VSL and has been loaned to the Mexican league. I believe he’s actually Mexican but he played in VZ. I’m not sure of the catcher you speak of. They have 2, Acosta and Gamboa. They are both 18 and Acosta has the bulk of games played and ABs. Acosta is in his 2nd year in the VSL and he’s been worse this year than last. Gamboa has been a little bit better but the SSS numbers are screaming.

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