Box Score Recap – 8/7/2014

Maikel Franco was 3-5 with a home run (10). His season OPS approaches .700, his wRC+ approaches 90, and I think we sometimes forget, he is still one of the youngest players in the league. Cubs prospect Javier Baez’ recent promotion makes him 2014’s youngest National Leaguer. Maikel Franco’s only about three months older than Baez. Just some perspective. And here’s a note for you – the last Phillie to be the youngest National Leaguer in a particular season was Larry Christensen in 1973. The Braves and Dodgers have had the youngest six times a piece since 1990.

Also for LV – Ethan Martin went three strong innings backing up Jo Jo Reyes, and Hector Neris ran his scoreless streak to 15 innings, (16 if you count that one in the bigs the other night). At AA, Chris Bootcheck, Kyle Simon and Colt Murray combined to throw a two-hit, two-walk, 14k shutout. Mercy. Kelly Dugan was 2-3 with a double and a walk, and Jake Fox (17) and Aaron Altherr (10) went deep. Dugan’s taking no prisoners right now – he’s OPSing .946 over his last ten games. He’s been on base in all but four games since July 1. And it was just one of those days for CLR – Mark Leiter got shelled, and the bullpen behind him did the same, allowing 18 Daytona runs. Art Charles hit his 14th home run and Herlis Rodriguez was 3-3. I imagine we’ll see Charles in Reading next year, and he may hit a ton of homers in that environment.

Andrew Pullin was 3-6 with his eighth home run of the year, and Zach Green was 2-4 with two walks as Lakewood lost in 12. Cord Sandberg went deep (4), his first in a while, and Jia Tromp was hit in the jaw with a pitch, but X-Rays were negative, per Ian Catherine (@IanCatherine27) on Twitter relaying from Jan Hernandez, who got a text from Tromp. Jose Pujols went deep for the second straight game (5) and catcher Jesus Posso hit his first – @statsking wrote up here last week (behind BPro’s paywall). Franklyn Kilome was strong over six innings, getting nine ground ball outs. And the VSL championship series finale was postponed by rain. We should get Ranger Suarez today on regular rest. We’ll see how it goes.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-7-14 boxscores

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  1. Ranger Suarez with 3 k’s already today, go VSL Phils !!!

    I don’t really follow the VSL or DSL, did he sign or a lot or is he just flying under the radar? I assume with the numbers he’s put up he’s going to be stateside next season, if so should be interesting to see what he can do.

    Also could someone clear up what happened with Watson? Sorry I don’t get to follow as close as I’d like but I was under the impression that he was working out and getting ready for a rehab assignment but now I hear he’s done for the year. I assume there was a set back, or did he re-injure? Sucks that he’ll miss a full year but maybe it will be good for him to rest up the arm as I am under the impression that management was concerned about his innings before the injury.

    Hoping to hear some good news on Adam Morgan as I really liked what I saw from him and can’t wait to see how he does upon his return.

    1. I never heard anything about a setback with Watson. I think they’re just being careful with him. There was word a month or so ago that Morgan would get back to pitching this year, but now that’s not going to happen. Not sure what the reason for that is.

  2. Tim Zier and Tromp are buried in numbers of players. Each should be in Lakewood where they are blocked. Hopefully there will be a solution soon. Grenny Cumana is another good hit; good field Venezuelan shortstop. Cuicas is no slouch either. In spite of many at-bats, Franco is almost at .250, which seemed impossible earlier. If they bring him up, it should be briefly. He needs to get his game ready for the majors. Henry Santana, the only unheralded DSL outfielder, has been their best outfielder. DSL has a lot of pitcher with low ERAs. It is probably the low amount of innings they throw. GCL’s top of the batting order is terrific. They supply lots of on base opportunities for the 4-5-6 hitters. Kilome is excellent. With Ramos and Garcia, he makes good, young talent. Venezuela is beginning to pay off.

    1. If you are going to see late season promotions it should happen any day now to make it worthwhile but I think it’s more like guys stay where they are. Zeir and Tromp will start for LWD next year

  3. Neris needs to be in the majors. As a rule 5 eligible guy, we have to see if he can continue this success. It would be ashame if a team plucks him and he become a decent reliever because the phillies wont move aumont off the 40 man. The dude is a big leaguer at this point imo. Dugan has nothing left to prove at AA. This organization really has a hard time being realistic about veterans, both in the majors and in the minors. I know some guys are good organization guys, but they should never hold back a guy who might actually be something. Neris needs to be in the majors, Dugan in AAA.

    I also 100% agree that Charles is a perfect candidate for 2015’s “older non-prospect who kills it at reading for half a season and gets some fans excited that he might actually be for real.” lol. We need a name for this guy. My sugguestion: The Rizz, in honor of the one and only Matt Rizzotti. Art Charles could be 2015’s Rizz.

    1. Neris is already on the 40 man roster. He pitched in a game earlier this week and got the win.

      1. you are correct, my bad, but he should still be in teh bigs, as they are going to have to decide on whether or not to protect him or drop him. If he keeps pitchign like this it is an easy answer, but lets see him do it in the majors.

        1. They may already have decided and aren’t worried about it – if they like him enough to bring him up now, it could be a foregone conclusion that they’re going to keep him around.

  4. I know that he is hitting only .267 but Andrew Pullin is a guy who I think deserves a little more praise. His walk rate has increased from 3.2% last year to 8.4% this year. While his strikeout rate is 18.2% on the season. I know that he is struggling on defense, but his bat is holding up pretty good for his first full season.

    1. Reports are though that his defense has really improved, he’s just a little raw which is understandable considering this was his first full season at the position.

      Definitely one to watch at CLW next year

    2. Pullin is my guess to replace Chase someday in Philly.
      Unless they try Asche again at second , when Franco bumps him off third.

      1. Asche doesn’t have great hands but at the same time, I’m not sure he couldn’t convert to 2B. It would be worth another shot. Meanwhile, Franco was just voted the best defensive 3B in his league. I think they need to leave him at 3B. If he finishes the month on the pace he’s on, he may stay in Philly, starting in Sept.

  5. Strikeout and Walk rate for some of the Phillies pitchers in the 2014 draft.
    Aaron Nola- 8.48% K rate 1.5% BB rate
    Matt Imhof- 8.68% K rate 1.93% BB rate
    Chris Oliver- 5.07% K rate 12.04% BB rate
    Brandon Leibrandt- 10.42% K rate 1.47% BB rate
    Sam McWilliams- 3.44% K rate 1.37% BB rate

    1. Liebrandt is the one that is really impressing me. He was considered to be a little bit of the reach, but right now I’m liking the pick

      1. Yeah, he’s been really good. He only throws in the high 80s, and his rep is as a command/control type guy, but he’s listed at 6’4″ and 190 lbs. So, that makes me wonder if he might be able to coax out a little more velocity at some point.

      2. And he gets big time “he is Charlie Liebrandt’s son” points from me. Charlie Liebrandt just flat out knew how to pitch and, I think, really helped Tommy Glavine progress (living on the lower outside part of the strike zone – Liebrandt was Rembrandt when it came to that pitch). In fact, I don’t think he ever threw in the high 80s. So if the kid even gets 60% of what the Dad can pass along, he’ll be way ahead of the game. I’m loving this pick.

        1. Sorry it’s Leibrandt, not Liebrrandt.

          Anyway, I forgot just what a good pitcher Charlie Leibrandt was. He pitched to a 34.4 bWAR for his career, even though he didn’t get good until he was about 28, and had a few 6 WAR seasons. If the son’s like the father we are looking at a very good player and how can you not love what we’ve seen thus far?

          1. Someday, having Liebrandt and Leiter in the same rotation would be something for the traditional baseball purists to talk about.

          2. Hopefully its not similar to the Ken Brett and Mike Maddox factor…. and yes, there have been others….

  6. Dugan looks to be about 2 games away from getting back over 300. That would be a terrific turnaround for him even though there’s not much power. I said the other day that Galvis’ big day might mean that he fixed something in his swing but I wanted to see his nest game. Nice job Freddy with 2 great games in a row. Pullin bounced back from a terrible slump with a great game. That Lakewood lineup will move up to CWater next year almost in its entirety, except for LGJ. Franco keeps improving, let’s go kid! Anyone notice that Martin pitched 3 innings? First time all year? Could he be getting stretched out?

    1. Dugan highly underrated – probably the most likely OF prospect to become a regular. He just needs to stay healthy

  7. Am I the only one that gets a Matt Holliday vibe from Cozens? Big dude. Power. Can steal bases. Both seemed to have K issues in the minors.

    1. Probably not, but at this rate Collier might. Good God he’s going nuts (2 more homers tonight!). Who saw this coming? I sure as heck didn’t.

      1. And J.P. Crawford totally rocks. Two homers for him too. He does everything well. Just amazing.

    2. PYW – absolutely. I think he’s earned a taste even if he has no chance of breaking with the team next spring. Let him take in the environment for a few weeks, maybe pick up 20 ABs at the major league level.

  8. Maikel Franco’s last 130 PAs…….44 Hits, .352 BA, 5 HRs (18 XBHs), 28 RBIs, 17Ks (13%), 5BBs (4%).
    These last three weeks at LHV should be very interesting if he continues with the hot bat.

    1. Franco was recently voted the top defensive third baseman in the International League by the managers.

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