General Discussion – Week of 8-7-14 – That Guy Who Used To Be Named A Different Thing Was Traded Edition

Since there are things to discuss, specifically the Roberto Hernandez trade, here’s a fresh thread. Also, VSL was rained out, so we should get Ranger Suarez tomorrow on regular rest.

Also, hey, while I have ya – I wrote a thing on Nola and Biddle at Crashburn Alley –

Enjoy, if you’re so inclined.


92 thoughts on “General Discussion – Week of 8-7-14 – That Guy Who Used To Be Named A Different Thing Was Traded Edition

    1. Cubs certainly have the system. Although, I doubt deal gets done. I think the 2 you mentioned are good starting points. I’d prefer Baez, though. That is assuming they won’t trade Bryant. I think this is more the Cubs getting a free 48 hours to talk to Phils and let them know maybe they’ll be interested in the offseason. They may be able to lay the groundwork down now for that.

      1. I agree that Hamels will most likely not be traded this season. To headline any Hamels to Cubs trade, the Phillies would need to receive one of Bryant/Russell/Baez. I can see the Cubs being too hesitant to trade Bryant and I’m wary of Baez’s strikeout numbers, so I’d realistically take Russell.

  1. I can’t imagine getting anything back of any value for Hernandez. Then again, Phils weren’t gonna bring him back. In that case u could argue getting something is better than nothing. All in all we really can’t officially judge the trade til we find out who the PTBNL are. Maybe they put Pederson on by accident. Nah that couldn’t happen.

    1. How about pitchers Yimi and Onelfi Garcia? Not top ten in their system but have some promise.
      Relief pitcher Jose Dominquez hits 100MPH, with very good K/9 ratio, but is wild. Maybe the fear factor of the batter keeps his K rate climbing.

  2. Roberto Hernandez to the Dodgers for 2 PTBNL. Joc Pederson? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Getting a couple of pieces of org filler, most likely.

  3. So I have heard rumors about possibly trading Hamels to the cubs…here would be my trade proposal:

    1.) Addison Russell or Jorge Soler (#3 or #6)
    2.) Pierce Johnson (#11)
    3.) Dan Vogelbach (#12)
    4.) Paul Blackburn (#18)
    5.) Corey Black or another pitching prospect just outside their top 20 (#20 or +)

    All of these guys are top 20 guys so it would be a big return in prospects, but they aren’t their best. Cubs are very deep in their farm so they have depth to trade from. What do you think too much? too little? or is this the porridge that is just right. Let me know what you guys think.

    1. tough crowd…lol

      I am assuming people don’t like this because Baez and/or bryant is not on the table. I do not know what that would surprise you. A team that has so much depth to choose from can make their top two untouchable because they have enough other prospects to get the deal done. Russell and Soler should be above average players. so getting one of them is what starts the deal for me. Russell could possibly be moved to second and we could have him and Crawford up the middle for years to come. Maybe you could swap out a couple pitchers on the list and acquire another prospect in their top ten, possibly a guy like Billy McKinney instead of Johnson and Black. It is clear teams aren’t interested in giving up their top prospects for Hamels. If he can be traded in the offseason and gets more prospects then thats great and I’ll be the first one to say that I, the fan with no GM experience was wrong. I just think you can’t move a big contract like that and get all the prospects you want. I do not want to rush trading him or give him away, but at the same time I would hate to see him get hurt like Lee did and then we lose our best trade chip. Vogelbach is ranked as the #4 first base prospect in baseball. The three pitchers are all putting up good numbers for the cubs, as are most of their other prospects. I trust their scouting department more than I trust ours. A move like this brings back a solid guy who could be above average and a few guys who could become very good regulars. Add that to Hamels contract off the books and the team is heading in the right direction.

  4. Even an A Ball guy is at least a Lottery ticket. If it is cash considerations, that is a waste of a trade.

    1. If I was Montgomery and I heard what Stark, an independent source, said about RAJ and the Phillies, I’d plan to fire RAJ at season’s end. Its time to find a young mind from outside the organization to lead it forward. Does Epstein have any more assistants we can hire??

      1. Trade Hamels for 3 of their top prospects, top executive type under epstein and some top people from their development team haha. The later two could be exponentially more important to a fourth and fifth prospect from them. Do it

        1. One of their best statisticians too. I like the idea alot too of brining on Joe Banner to negotiate contracts and come up with a long term plan for salaries also.

    2. “Most GMs Stark has talked to had some dealings with the Phillies, but don’t quite understand what went on”


  5. The Phillies have tended to do ok in some of these below the radar trades in past years–I’m thinking about getting Gabriel Lino for a hobbled Thome or Nefi Ogando for McDonald. Not super-prospects, but guys who were intriguing at the time (and in Ogando’s case, might still turn into something). So before we reflexively write off the return on this deal as filler, let’s see.

    1. I would guess that the phillies scouted the dodgers quite a bit lately. Maybe they did see a couple players they thought had potential, but weren’t thought highly of by the dodgers. Hopefully they will find a diamond in the rough because they have been a huge let down this past month in regards to trades and moving forward.

  6. word is that both are lower level prospects and Phils will pick from pool. Any names of A guys I can hope for?

    1. I was interested in a HS pitcher named Scott Barlow when the Phillies made the Victorino or Blanton deal, but it had turned out he had TJ surgery after getting shut down. He came back last year in short-season ball and didn’t really pitch that well, this year he’s in low-A with a 4.50 ERA and a K/9 approaching 9.0. He’s a righty who throws in the low 90s and was getting it up into the mid 90s before the TJ and still getting stronger.

    1. Anyone know if Jason Marquis is close to coming back? Bad timing for his injury. Starting Sean O’Sullivan is such an indictment of our upper system. Sad….

  7. I’d like to get that Belanger kid from Ogden. Lefty hitting first baseman. Arizona high schooler. 3rd round pick. Real good hit tool. High OBP. Frame to develop more power.

  8. I’m assuming Hamels doesn’t get dealt, but if they deal him in the offseason to the Cubs, I’d set the bar very high. We don’t NEED to trade Hamels and the cubs are looking to contend quickly with the guys they are bringing up.
    Let’s assume they aren’t trading Bryant. I’d ask for 2 of the next 3: Baez, Russell, Soler.

    Let’s go with Russell and Soler. Then I ask for Edwards but would settle for Johnson and I want one of the following: Schwarber, Almora, McKinney. If they gave me Edwards, I’d settle for Vogelbach

    1. I was going to say Schwarber can’t be dealt because you have to wait a year after signing his first contract… but since you said offseason than if the Phillies wait until Dec 11th he could be listed as a PTBNL. A PTBNL has to be delivered within 6 months of the trade so he could not be a part of any deal right now (he signed June 11th 2014).

      Of course I don’t think Chicago is going to be eager to send that high of a draft pick they just gave $3m to and have him be the 3rd part of a trade.

    2. Russell and Soler alone is a pretty good haul. Anything else beyond that is going to be low A guys. Those are two of the best prospects in all of baseball and would be 1-2 in our system.

      Hamels costs too much money to bring back the type of haul everyone around here (including Ruben wants). I’d personally wait until 2016 to deal him. At that point he has two years left on his contract and we have a better picture of how close we are to contention.

      1. I have to be honest here…I don’t get the argument that he “costs too much money”…really good pitchers cost a lot of money and they help a team get over the top to a championship, and that is what we are really shooting for here right folks? thats how you sell t-shirts, tickets, memorabilia and create a positive image for your ball club. I’m tired of the “he costs too much money” argument…especially for Hamels who is an elite pitcher in his prime who you know will be under your control for the next 3 years. You are selling yourself short if you think he isn’t worth a top prospect in the system plus another two in the top 10.

        1. Most teams don’t give up 3-4 prospects AND take on nearly $100 million in salary. When teams give up those kinds of packages its for cost controlled young players with the talent level of Cole Hamels.

          And we’re not talking about just any prospects here. Addison Russel is a top 10 prospect in all of Major League baseball and Jorge Soler is 53rd on’s top 100 list and may be higher on some lists, I don’t know.

          Russell would be our #1 prospect and Soler would be our #4 prospect with both possibly contributing next year. Asking for another top prospect or two just become silly at this point.

          EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this message board would balk at trading JP Crawford, Aaron Nola, and Maikel Franco for Cole Hamels and his salary if the shoe was on the other foot.

          1. Absolutely they would “balk” but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t go through with it if you sold them in the right way. I absolutely understand what you are saying when it comes to Addison and maybe you are right we don’t get him…but Jorge Soler and 2 other top 10 prospects isn’t unheard of. Look, Cole Hamels isn’t quite Roy Halladay…but he isn’t all that far off and there aren’t any better pitchers out there on the market. If you want to push your team towards a World Series title and you think you need a legitimate ace on your team then you will make this trade.

            In the Roy Halladay trade we did not trade Dom Brown, but we did trade some of our top prospects in Travis D’Arnaud, Kyle Drabek and Michael Taylor (three guys who were top 10 in our organization) and 2 of those guys were top 100 prospects. I’m not saying that it is a simple thing to do and maybe we don’t get the top 1 and 2 guys in the system, hell maybe we can only squeeze 1 top 100 guy out of them and 2 guys who might profile as either lottery tickets or solid major league players…but I can’t see how it is out of the question because “teams don’t do that”. Come on man you play the game to win the goddamn world series not to compile as many lottery tickets/prospects as possible and Cole Hamels is a sure fire thing who can anchor a rotation…those don’t just grow on trees.

            That is also part of the point I am making here…we don’t have to trade Cole Hamels and we should be “blown away” by the offer we get in order to relinquish control of him. Don’t settle for the return we got for Curt Schilling…lets look for a haul like the Indians got for Bartolo Colon (Cliff Lee, Bartolo Colon, Brandon Phillips)…obviously that was being in the right place at the right time but I just personally hate the money argument…

            1. They didn’t have to trade 3 top prospects for Halladay. Two would have been more than sufficient. The third prospect, who I consider to be d’Arnaud since he was seen as the third guy in that group at the time, was basically sold to the Blue Jays so the Phillies could get $6 million back in that deal.

    1. Im shocked people still watch this crap…id rather watch that shitty lizard lick towing show then this lifeless team

      1. I don’t know about a towing show that exploits people who can’t pay there bills and are having a hard time in there life. To me repo people are worse than pond scum for bowing down and working for the capitalist pig banks. But yeah I have long since tuned them out and tried to get my money back from MLB TV

        1. Yeah i just feel giving up on the big club until the seasons over is my way of rebelling against amaro…looking at jp crawfords batting line is more enjoyable then watching the big club

  9. 3 hits given up by Phillies bp in 13.2 vs Astros. WOW! It felt like watching 06(?) to 08 Phils tonight for an inning. Forgot how fun they were to watch then. It seemed like they had a chance to win every game with that offense

      1. Am I wrong? How so?

        Set aside the fact that Hamels is unlikely to get that kind of haul from any organization – the Cubs aren’t the type of organization to undervalue prospects. Getting one of the top guys and a couple guys in the 10-20 range of a very good system would we a huge win.

        Two things are clearer than ever after the past months:

        (1) Amaro’s biggest problem was overvaluing his veterans and undervaluing other team’s prospects. A secondary problem, also shared by many around here, was the insistence on “major league ready” talent.
        (2) One outlier aside (from a team that would not have trade for Hamels even if he had been on the market), the deals made and not made just confirm the growing reluctance of major league teams to trade good prospects for veterans. Argue if you will that it is an over reaction, but that’s the market.

        1. Interesting, when you mention Amaro’s trait for ‘undervaluing other team’s prospects’, I am wondering if that has any bearing from his recent burnings from the Lee trade to Seattle and the Pence trade to the Giants and the disappointing returns to date!

          1. I did think Amaro’s “prospects are just that, prospects” comment last week was an admission of what we’ve long known. Another way the Phillies are differing from league trends

        2. LarryM, I usually agree with you, but in the case of Hamels, I would have to get a huge haul. Or else, I would just keep him. He is not one that is overvalued in terms of prospects. An Ace Pitcher has a value that requires a Farm System changing haul. I understand the reluctance to part with young talent, and I think the Rays took a lousy deal for Price. But, the alternative is keep Hamels, and that is where I fall. Dom Brown was a top prospect. So was Drabek and Michael Taylor. I want Keith Law and the others to say the team overpaid to get Hamels or I would keep him.

          1. Before you say the Rays took a lousy deal for Price, remember after next season Freidman would have lost him becasue they could not pay what he would have demanded, so he would be a ;rental deal; for little to nothing in July 2015,or the club would have to QO him for year to get any compensation if he walked.
            More or less, money seem to play a big factor in the Price trade this year.

            1. That is a factor, I know, but I don’t think any of us would have been happy with the return. The Rays seem to be the only team high on Adames, Nick Franklin is okay and Smyly is a #4

            2. If Amaro got the return like the Rays got for David Price there would be riots and hangings at CBP figuratively.

          2. I hear you – and am not saying that is an irrational position. I disagree with it, but it is rational. But IMO that’s pretty much the same thing as saying “I want them to keep Hamels,” full stop.

            I also think there is a question f exactly what a “huge haul” means in this context. Let’s say you got what I posited above, plus say someone in the 5 to 10 range. Not at all likely IMO, but still less than some people are dreaming about above. Yet IMO that would qualify as a “huge haul” and be well worth doing.

            1. That was me. I’d add that even the first deal I proposed might well be considered an overpay by the “experts,” depending upon who the headline player is The second certainly would.

    1. He was hit in the chin in the first inning (I assume by a pitch). He was taken in for x-rays, and appear antsy they were negative. I assume we will hear more today.

      (Am I the only one who always has to pause for a moment when I hear that an x-ray is negative. The word ‘negative’ has a negative connotation, but in this case negative is positive). Okay, that makes little sense, but you get the gist.

    1. He is still really really young . Auspicious yes ,damming no. He will need to change his approach somewhat to live up to his potential much like Franco is how I view him but with a higher offensive ceiling . However both probably end up at 1st base in 7 to 8 years

      1. Franco certainly has an aggressive approach, but comparing it to Santana is not entirely accurate. Santana’s best ever K-rate in a full season of minor league ball was 28.2 percent. Franco hasn’t exceeded 15 percent since rookie ball. He’s aggressive, but makes way better contact.

    2. BTW….a meaningless thought….but concerning Santana…..on the HD close-in shots, facially he appears to look a older then 22-years old, especially when I compare him to older players like Asche or Cesar Hernandez.

    1. Actually, there are more global observations to be made. It’s about what the strategy and game plan is going forward for the Phillies and how that translates to what is going on on the field.

      You can agree or disagree with what the Sixers are doing, but they have a game plan and how the coach uses or doesn’t use players is entirely in lock step with the long-range plan of the the general manager and the organization.

      Now I look at the Phillies and wonder – what are they trying to do, does what they are trying to do make any sense, and how does the utlization of talent on the field match with that game plan (assuming a game plan exists)? And, honestly, I look at what the general manager and the field manager are doing and I’m befuddled. It often looks like the only thing that Sandberg is trying to do is to put a team on the field that can win on that particular day, taking into account typical stuff like resting veterans and players who are in a slump from time to time and playing the hot hand.

      But from an organizational standpoint, given that the team is in last place and has essentially no chance to get back into the race, how does this make sense? How does the team that Ryne is putting on the field further the long-term interests of the team. In truth, I don’t think it does. In fact, I don’t think it even serves the medium range interests of the team.

      The examples are plentiful. For instance, Sandberg seems to have decided that his best three outfielders are Revere, Byrd and Sizemore. If you are trying to win one game, he might be right. But he’s at the point where he’s pretty much only playing those three guys. He’s also decided that he’s going to start Howard virtually every game. By doing this, he is getting no extended look at Darin Ruf and he’s ensuring that Brown cannot continue to develop.

      Not only that, but it was noted – and rightfully so – that Sizemore is a free agent after the season is over and by playing him a lot, the team is just increasing the amount it will have to pay for him if it wants to retain him. So the Phillies will play him, increase his market value at their expense, perhaps not re-sign him and simultaneously retard the development of two of their more important young players. Does this make sense to anybody? If it were the Sixers or Eagles and they were playing a guy this much in a similar situation, I’d assume the team was on the cusp of signing the player to a longer term deal so it might make sense. But do I assume this with the Phillies? Absolutely not – I assume that exactly the opposite is true. I assume that they are giving him an extended try out, are not negotiating with him, will allow him to increase his value and will lose him to some team like the Cardinals, Cubs or As next season and that when the dust settles we’ll still have no idea if Darin Ruf can play a corner outfield position competently or hit like a corner outfielder and we’ll continue to wonder if Dom Brown is a one-season wonder. In other words, I assume they are not handling the matter strategically and will get burned as a result.

      That’s a pretty sad state of affairs because, in my view, what often separates a bad GM from a good GM and a good GM from a great GM is sound planning, strategic thinking and attempting to gain an incremental advantage whenever that is possible. Billy Beane’s team is successful because he consistently finds and exploits incremental advantages – the As are a winning team, in large part, due to decisions that have created an aggregation of incremental advantages carried to the logical extreme.

      Too often, Amaro’s regime has been about transactions and decisions that result in incremental disadvantages (and large and material disadvantages) carried to the opposite extreme. So what do I mean by that? When you overpay a player, that is an incremental disadvantage or even a material disadvantage. When you trade good young talent for older experienced talent that does not have a long shelf life, you typically incur an incremental disadvantage (and sometimes’s its worth it because it gives you an opportunity to win a title, but, generally, the team receiving the young talent is the winner). When you prematurely sign a relief pitcher and lose a first round pick that you clearly did not need to lose, you definitely experience an material disadvantage. When you fail to use even the most elemental statistical tools as a means of evaluating players, you incur either an incremental or material disadvantage. When you fire literally the greatest baserunning coach in the majors and perhaps major league history (Davy Lopes) – a man whose coaching probably added at least a win a year for the team, if not more – because of some arrogant pissing match, you sustain an incremental disadtange. When you fail to provide young players with an extended opportunity to play on a truly bad team because you are trying to win that day, you definitely incur an incremental disadvantage. When you don’t know how to assess your own talent and talent on other teams, again, you sustain an incremental disadvantage.

      Now, this year, I think they’ve been a little bit better, but, boy, they still have a long way to go. Fortunately, the team has money and, in the long run, that can hide a number of poor decisions (althought it cannot mask utter incomepetence as the 2014 team has shown).

      1. Catch – re Sizemore and your comment “So the Phillies will play him, increase his market value at their expense, perhaps not re-sign him and simultaneously retard the development of two of their more important young players. Does this make sense to anybody?”

        I couldn’t agree more. Sizemore is an interesting story. I haven’t heard if they’ve exposed him to waivers but it would be ideal if they can get a top 30 (org level) prospect for him ahead of Aug 31. Else, what’s the point? Maybe there has been a suggestion of a 1yr contract to be signed before the end of the year. Not that I would be game for that, but a 1yr / 2mil deal with likelihood of regular playtime next year would probably be appealing to Sizemore with little risk to the Phillies. Should he regain his form, he would be a valuable trade piece ahead at next’s year’s non-waiver trade deadline. Otherwise he’s auditioning for every team in baseball at the expense of the Phillies. And as much as I despise DBrown (the player, not the person) the team is much better off by having him in the lineup everyday.

        To sum up my thoughts, they need to have a plan with Sizemore, either to trade him ahead of Aug 31st of risk guaranteeing him a 1yr/ deal slightly above the major league minimum. Otherwise it makes little sense for him to be taking up a roster spot, let alone getting regular ABs

        1. Maybe trade Byrd for a prospect and move Sizemore over to RF for this year with the one/two year ‘veteran minimum’ type contract for the first year, my guess 2/3M, and increase it in the second year about 75%.
          He may balk at anythging less then two years on the open market since he is approaching 33-years old.

          1. No worries he will get three years with fourth year option. I ruben wants him. We should name ruben. 4 more years ruben.

        2. And, yet again, Sizemore is in the lineup with Byrd as Brown and Ruf languish on the bench. I hope to God they are the cusp of deal to trade Byrd and are either going to trade Sizemore or sign him soon – otherwise, this is just a dumb ass way to proceed.

          1. I guess if they were to move Byrd tonight he would be taken out of tonight’s game.
            So, it would appear Byrd is here to stay until the offseason, unless there is something more in the rev waiver procedures/regulations that allow him to move later in the month.

      2. Not that I agree with all of it, but I think the front office has had a plan since it became apparent the team was in decline:

        -replenish the system through the draft and a fairly aggressive int’l presence.
        -keep veterans in place unless they get blown away by an offer.
        -fill roster holes w/ veterans on shorter term deals that don’t negatively impact team long term.

        It seems like they value continuity over potentially quickening a rebuilding process by trading away veterans. There is some merit to this, depending of course on what they were offered for some of the older guys. Even though most (all?) fans hate the F/O, players do genuinely seem to like playing for the organization. That will come in handy when we have money spend in two years.

    1. No, I think there is no chance of that happening. I doubt, even if he does well, that he’ll even get promoted to Lehigh Valley. They are trying to put him in situations where he will succeed and bolster his confidence. Promoting him to the Phillies could have exactly the opposite effect and, frankly, I see no evidence that he is ready for such a promotion even if his confidence was not in question.

    2. I don’t think there’s any chance DMAR, even if he throw’s a no-hitter each time out. He was given a mental break mid way through the season. A subsequent promotion to the bigs would be in conflict with the very strategy that caused the org to give him the break in the first place. I suspect best case scenario is that he finishes the year back in Reading where he started. I haven’t given up on him as I still think he’ll makes it as a starter in the bigs. I’ll certainly drop him a few spots in the off-season prospect rankings. As of now I would probably go Crawford, Franco, Nola. Biddle would be a consideration for me at no. 4 but it’s possible he drops as low as no. 6

      1. Interesting I actually think the opposite. I think it might be a big boost to his confidence to get him up on the big club and get him around some major league quality pitchers.

        Burnett has really impressed me with his willingness to coach up the young guys he might be a better pitching coach than McClure or anyone else we have talking to Biddle right now.

    3. It would be questionable to me to promote him that quickly after his problems sidelined him for six weeks. I believe that it could do more harm than help at this point. Let him finish up at Reading or Allentown to regain his confidence because we need a totally healthy Jesse Biddle to start the rebuilding/reloading.

    1. Writer still confirms what I hoped was incorrect, that his weight is still at 160 lbs,, listed as when he was signed in 2011.
      I guess there is still plenty of time for him to start to add some weight.

      1. I think the amount of weight/muscle Tocci has to add is overstated TBH. Garry Maddox was like 6-2, 175.

        Tocci does need to get stronger and add some weight, but it’s not like he has to hulk out ridiculously. If he can add a very pounds of muscle during off-season conditioning programs as he advances I don’t see how he could be around 170 to 175 pounds and stronger within the next 2 or 3 years. He’s still only at Lakewood so there’s time.

  10. Do we know who claimed Marlon Byrd? I haven’t seen anything about which team was awarded the claim or whether the Phils have pulled him back.

  11. Corey Seidman, csnphilly writes:today
    “Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti told the LA Times on Thursday that trade talks “accelerated” Wednesday into Thursday. The reason? Colletti wanted to complete a deal before the news broke of Josh Beckett possibly missing the rest of the season with his hip injury.The Phillies could have theoretically gained leverage over the Dodgers had they known about Beckett’s renewed injury. Colletti told the paper he wanted to have the deal done before “Ruben could hold me up for even more.”

    1. Any baseball scout could tell that Beckett was not 100% which I could tell by watching the Cubs-Dodgers game on WGN. That is probably why we got two PTBNL instead of the normal one.

    1. Having about the worst debut imaginable..

      He had a nice season at AAA though. I can’t really criticize that trade because I had higher hopes for Ben Revere and May wasn’t looking like much at the time, but it would have been a nice bright spot had he been debuting for us tonight.

  12. Byrd pulled back from Waivers. No word on who claimed him. Again, I find it hard to believe that nothing has leaked about any offers for Byrd, just what Amaro asked for from the Yanks and Mariners. Remember last year when he turned down some RP named Tommy something for Michael Young? That was all over. Now Bastardo should be able to get you something. I wonder why he wasn’t claimed.

    1. Yep. Byrd opportunity now lost as well. Same with Hamels. Papelbon passed thru waivers unclaimed, unsurprisingly, and Bastardo does not appear to have been claimed either. Barring a closer injury to one of the top 5-6 teams in each league and it would appear that the only player remaining with any chance of returning even a mediocre (e.g. Top 20 team level) is Bastardo. Kendrick wouldn’t get us a bag of balls at this point, neither would Burnett.

      Someone posted the other day that the end of the non-waiver trade deadline does not mean the Phillies were restricted from making trades. Certainly true, but claims to no avail on Hamels and Byrd evidence that it is not necessarily easy to make trades after the non-waiver trade period expires.

      The chances of the Phillies producing a 100 loss season in 2015 continues to increase. I’d say probably a good 20% chance, and a 80% chance they produce no less than 90 losses.

    1. Good for him. Not everyone thinks baseball is the be all and end all of existence and if they did, the world would be in a lot of trouble.

      1. Agree in that Adrian Cardenas is a courageous young man who walked away from baseball to pursue his life’s ambitions. There was also a Oakland player who walked away from baseball to pursue a religious career not long ago. They remind us that baseball is not life but just a entertaining distraction.

  13. Nathan struggling mightily once again and now Soria has been placed on the DL. I wonder if the Tigers have had any internal discussions about Papelbon. Now more than ever they need a reliable closer as Nathan is clearly not the same pitcher he’s been the past few years. I find it hard to believe that the Tigers wouldn’t move a Top 10 prospect provided the Phillies send $8-$12mil their way, provided that is that the Tigers are even interested.

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