Post Season Report Card,— Middle Infield

Lehigh Valley

Andres Blanco, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .235/.301/.346 in 413 AB’s; 10 HR 40 RBI; 6/11 SB; .208 vs. LH, .247 vs. RH, .260 with RISP; 9%bb/17% k rates; .253 with 5 HR and 22 RBI post all star break. 119 games at SS with 18 errors (.964); 4.05 R/F. He did pretty much exactly what was expected…hit around .230, was ok defensively, and not much more.  Grade: C+. 2013: Another organization.

Cesar Hernandez, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2006; .291/.321/.404 in 532 AB’s; 2 HR 57 RBI; 21/36 SB; 6%bb/12% k rates; For Lehigh Valley: .248/.270/.298 in 121 AB’s; 0HR 6RBI; 5/8 SB; 3%bb/9% k rates; .296 vs. LH, .234 vs. RH; .111 with RISP. 132 games at 2B with 20 errors (.967); 4.45 R/F. Hernandez had a very good season in Reading and his adjustment to AAA was moving along as expected.  I am not quite as enthusiastic as some about Hernandez. Grade: B; 2013: Lehigh Valley with the potential of a September Phillies call up.

Jake Opitz, 26, SIgned as a free agent in 2012; Opitz was signed late in the season as a late season fill in on the Reading roster and made it to Allentown for a few games.  Less than 25 AB’s, and I wouldn’t expect him back. Grade: Inc.


Miguel Abreu, 27, SIgned as a free agent in 2012; .280/.298/.362 in 378 AB’s; 4HR 33 RBI; 6SB; 2%bb/8%k rates; .325 vs. LH, .258 vs. RH, .284 with RISP. .257 since August 1. 18 games at 2B with 1 error (.986); 24 games at 3B with 3 errors (.943); 28 games at SS with 6 errors (.953); 26 games in the OF without an error. Abreu showed a good deal of versatility for Reading this year and was a valuable player on the RPhils team.  Grade: B+. 2013: Could be back, but could be gone just as easily as a minor league free agent.

Troy Hanzawa, 26, Phils 16th round pick in 2008; .249/.296/.322 in 413 AB’s; 0HR 44 RBI; 4SB; 6%bb/15%k rates; .234 vs. LH, .255 vs. RH, .306 with RISP; Hit .211 since July 1. 120 games at SS with 19 errors (.963); 4.16 R/F. 7 games at 2B without an error. The first half of the season for Hanzawa was exceptional, the second half…not so much.  He has a decent glove, poor bat and AAA talent at the very best. Grade: C+. 2013: He could end up in Lehigh Valley, depending upon what occurs with the Michael Martinez and Freddy Galvis’s of the world, if not possibly Reading, possibly another organization.  How is that for hedging my bet.

Harold Garcia, 26, Signed as a free agent in 2004; Dont forget Garcia who put up very good numbers in both 2009 and 2010 before missing most of the last two seasons injured.  If he has recovered, I would think he would be back in Reading to prove himself once again in 2012.


Albert Cartwright, 24, Acquired from Houston in 2010; .257/.324/.384 in 404 AB’s; 5 HR 40 RBI; 16SB; 7%bb/21% k rates; .240 vs. LH, .268 vs. RH, .216 with RISP; Hit .280 since July 1. 99 games at 2B with 16 errors (.962); 4.06 R/F. After missing 2011 injured, Cartwright had a decent year with the bat but needs considerable work with the glove, Showed some good speed as well.  The clock is ticking for a 24 year old at High A.  Grade: C+; 2013: Reading

Edgar Duran, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2007;   .253/.310/357 in 403 AB’s; 7HR 49 RBI; 10/20 SB; 6%bb/16% k rates; .242 vs. LH, .260 vs. RH, .265 with RISP; 121 games at SS with 18 errors (.964); 4.02 R/F. Nice progression for Duran who had a better bat with more power than he had shown during his previous time in the organization. Prior to this season he has never had a season where he hit higher than .235. Good glove. Organization thinks highly of him. Grade: B-; 2013: Reading


Alejandro Vilalobos, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2009; .279/.318/.366 in 265 AB’s; 1HR 21 RBI; 5%bb/11% k rates; .317 vs. LH, .256 vs. RH, .188 with RISP; .314 since August 1.  66 games at 2B with 7 errors (.978); 4.64 R/F. Good year for Vilalobos who hit well and fielded better. He has shown solid progression since hitting .285 in the GCL in 2011.  Grade: B+; 2013: Clearwater

Carlos Perdomo, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2007; .251/.304/.312 in 199 AB’s; 1HR 12 RBI; 7SB; .268 vs. LH, .242 vs. RH, .137 with RISP, 6%bb/6% k rates;38 games at 2B with 4 errors (.976); 18 games at SS with 5 errors (.940) Perdomo missed the last 7 weeks of the season injured and his place in the organization may be precarious after spending parts of the last 3 seasons in Lakewood. Abysmal numbers with RISP. Grade: C; 2013: Reserve in Clearwater.

Tim Carver, 23, Phils 19th round pick in 2012; .210/.293/.282 in 181 AB’s; 1HR 14 RBI; 8SB; 9%bb/12% k rates; .230 vs. LH, .200 vs. RH, .137 with RISP. 49 games at SS with 16 errors (.923); 3.90 R/F. It wasn’t pretty for Carver with the bat or glove after being drafted in June,  At 23, he doesn’t have any time to waste.  Grade: D; 2013: Will have to fight for a job in Lakewood.


Roman Quinn, 19, Phils 2nd round pick in 2011; .281/.370/.408 in 267 AB’s; 1HR 23 RBI; 30/36 SB; .347 vs. LH, .256 vs. RH, .323 with RISP; 9%bb/21% k rates; .291 since August 1. 66 games at SS with 27 errors (.911); 4.17 R/F. Clearly needs work at SS but a very good year nonetheless for Quinn who has the potential to be a game changer with his speed.  Grade: B+ 2013: Starting SS, Lakewood

Tyler Greene, 19, Phils 11th round pick in 2011; .195/.252/.300 in 293 AB’s between Lakewood and Williamsport; 4HR 26 RBI; 4SB; Hit .211/.246/.312 in 218 AB’s for WIlliamsport; 7%bb/39% k rates; .204 vs. LH, .213 vs RH, .162 with RISP; .230 since August 1. 51 games at 2B with 12 errors (.942); 3.82 R/F; 34 games at SS with 14 errors (.910); After playing well in fairly limited GCL action in 2011, this year was a major step backwards for Greene.  More striking than any number is the 39% k rate which is very problematic. After playing SS at Lakewood and struggling both in the field and at the plate, he was dropped back to Williamsport and played 2B.  Grade: D-; 2013: Lakewood

Gustavo Gonzalez, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2009; .174/.222/.202 in 213 AB’s between GCL, Williamsport and Lakewood; 1HR 19 RBI; 5SB; 4%bb/18% k rates. 47 games at 2B with 10 errors (.953); 19 games at SS with 6 errors (.913);  After a successful 2011 in the GCL, Gonzalez had his troubles this year. Will be 22 when the 2013 season starts. Grade: F. 2013: Questionable whether Gonzalez comes back to the organization next year.


Jairo Cardozo, 18, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .209/.237/.256 in 86 AB’s; 0HR 4RBI; 2/6 SB; 13%bb/19% k rates. .185 vs. LH, .220 vs. RH, .167 with RISP. 23 games at 2B with 1 error (.989); 5 games at 3B without an error; 3 games at SS without an error. Little to nothing going on with the bat but a solid year in the field.  Grade: C-; 2013: GCL

Francisco Silva, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .241/.375/.329 in 79 AB’s; 1HR 9 RBI; 6SB; 12%bb/14% k rates; .273 vs. LH, .228 vs. RH, .286 with RISP. 14 games at 2B with 4 errors (.945); 18 games at SS with 3 errors (.944); Not much of a sample size for the 21 year old in the Rookie League.  Grade: C-. 2013: Williamsport or gone.

Angelo Mora, 19, SIgned as a free agent in 2009; .271/.309/.342 in 155 AB’s; 0HR 8 RBI; 14/19 SB; 5%bb/20% k rates; .308 vs. LH, .261 vs. RH, 2.00 with RISP. 32 games at SS with 6 errors (.958); 8 games at 2B with 2 errors (.933).  Mora played as regularly as anyone for the GCL Phils and was solid.  Should be in WIlliamsport in 2013. Grade: B.

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  1. Mora would appear to have the potential to develop into a solid player at some point. Age is with him at this point. Tyler Greene on the other hand, needs to comeback in 2013. K-rate has to be lowered.

  2. The Phillies have so many holes to fill next year. It looks like they are going with the current expensive pitching staff one more year. To fill many of the holes they probably need to make trades. Their farm system has many promising players, but they are a few years away. Would the Phillies once more trade some of these prospects to get established players to try and make a run in 2013? Or have they learned their lesson from past history

    1. The way I see it, the Phillies have 2 major holes. A true leadoff man and a RH power bat. Depending on the FA market, I could see them singing one and trading for one. I’m fine with that so long as 1) they don’t make a long term commitment to any 3B that isn’t of all-star quality, and 2) any trade packages don’t include Morgan/Asche/Franco/Quinn/Greene/Martin/May/Biddle.

      1. How exactly would you get a power bat or a leadoff man without trading any of those guys? Ruf and Cloyd for Matt Holliday?

        Nobody on the farm is untouchable. Biddle is the consensus top prospect, and will have to be in any deal. Probably one of Franco or Asche goes too, and maybe another upper-level starter (Pettibone, Morgan, or Martin).

        Minor leaguers are assets. RAJ has shown he knows how to trade high on guys. I expect he’ll do it again this offseason.

        1. Dont be a smart ass.

          Guys like valle, pettibone, Gilles, etc have value. The club owes huge money to 4 or 5 players long term and will need several positions filled from within, including pitchers.

          1. They have value – but not much, not enough to even think about getting the type of player you want. Not close. Maybe in combination with one, more likely two, of the players you consider untouchable, but not with just those players, even all of,them.

            It’s rational to argue (though still debatable) that the team should look at the long term and forgo major trades this off season. But the have your cake and eat it too approach of wishing for a major trade acquisition while not trading any of their good prospects is magical thinking at its worse.

            1. I still do not begin to understand Ruben. I would not put it past him, if for example, Nolan Ryan and the Rangers falter again this fall, and then inquiry about Cliff Lee’s availability, that he would move him for prospects and then take the money from Cliff Lee’s contract, and go after Josh Hamilton. He has been known to do things in the past that have come to surprise and shock the Philadlphia phaithful.

  3. Who are the names the Phils must protect on the 40 man roster this offseason, or risk losing them to the Rule 5?

    1. Trevor May, Jon Pettibone,Darin Ruf, Zach Collier, Gabriel Arias, Julio Rodriguez, Leandro Castro, D’Arby Myers, Jiwan James, Anthony Hewitt, Austin Hyatt, Edgar Duran, Juan Sosa, Colby Shreve. My bet is they protect Ruf, May, Pettibone and maybe Rodriguez

    1. Didn’t see that. Had him on Reading’s DL to start the season, and haven’t seen anything contrary to that since.

      1. I could be wrong. Just recalled some sort of announcement or post that they said goodbye to him. Remember feeling sad, because I think, healthy, he could have been a decent second baseman.

    1. Baseball players (both major and minor leagues) who are on a disabled list cannot be released during the season. They can only be released during the season if they have fully recovered and have been put on the active roster.

  4. The thing to me is sometimes we can say guys have no value. but look at gose,toronto fell in love with him and really keep trying to get him until they did. Your never know if a team values a prospect more than the scouts or other teams. some teams fall in love with a guy and will over paid.that being said, right now i really believe we have to get a big righthanded bat to play right or left or center. cant go into next season with these outfielders we now have. It would be the same thing as this year,poor offense. and really being hurt by lefthanded pitchers.if its by trade sure we will have to give up some nice prospects and probaley one or two young relievers, i love de fraus.and still think he is going to be real good, last night you saw him hitting 94 which i talk about last week. he was only at 91-92 this kid imo is the real deal.aumont has suprise me.i have been his biggest doubter. but the kid is throwing strikes. diekman is still a mystery, but has great potential. so if two of these kids help, along with papabon, and we get back heardon, are bullpen. maybe doesnt have to go outside for help and gives us more money for that righthanded bat.

  5. I think Hernandez may end up like Theriot. Some speed, decent avg, no power. Hernandez may end up a better fielder (but just limited to 2B). Theriot has started for multiple teams years after year so he certainly has some value

    I still hold some hope that Garcia might be a useful utility guy. Again, I’d rather have him with some options then vet FA types, since it is easy to send him back and forth to LHV.

    Duran might be a good field guy with a below avg bat but slim pickings until Quinn.

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