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Mike and Tommy and Darin

Ok, the Mike Piazza line always gets me.  The notion is this – Piazza was passed on by every team 61 times before the Dodgers took him at the end of the 62nd round.  Scouts failed to get it right on Piazza and only by “friend of his dad Tommy Lasorda” did he even get a chance. And from that, proof that scouts don’t always recognize talent, and that, in this case, Darin Ruf, (or really anyone else), might just be better than scouts think.  Let’s look at the story, from what I know of it.  Continue reading Mike and Tommy and Darin


I am going to to make things more exciting during this off season, putting up polls fairly often to keep the conversation going…

Feel free to respond in the comment section about ideas for polls you would like to see.

Have fun, and PLEASE be respectful.  First poll is in the post below. Sometime in January, I will put up a post with cumulative poll results.

Box Score Recap 8-31-2012

Clearwater win puts them into a three-way first place tie.  Cameron Rupp with 4 hits and 4 RBI. Lehigh Valley loses but stays alive – their “unmagic” number is 1. Reading falls, and Brody Colvin’s line looks very bad again.

Maikel Franco ends with a .989 OPS for the month of August.  And his K rate for the year looks like it will come in under 15%. Truly impressive for a guy who just turned 20. Would like to see him walk more, but I’ll take 7+% with as much power as he’s shown.

And on the “things looking up from the bottom of the abyss” front – Tyler Greene finished August with a K Rate under 30%, a BB rate above 6%, and a .670 OPS. A sign of something good to come? Perhaps. A small sample? Undoubtedly.

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