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Post Season Report Card–OF, Lower Half

A last look at the Outfielders in the lower half of the organization…next up is Starting Pitchers, coming at the end of the week.


Aaron Altherr, 21, Phils 9th rd pick in 2009; .252/.319/.3402 in 420 AB’s; 8HR 50RBI; 25/33 SB; .291 vs. LH, .233 vs. RH, .238 with RISP; 8%bb/22% k rates; .279 Post All Star Game. 90 games in the OF with 1 error (.996); 9 OF assists; Altherr had a decent year, after a real rough stretch in May. Still has the potential to be a nice combination of speed and power.  Very good in the field. Grade: C+. 2013: Clearwater Continue reading Post Season Report Card–OF, Lower Half